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The SoundBoks – Loudest Speaker On The Block

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The days of carrying a boombox around with you took a hiatus for a number of years but they did eventually return. But its reemergence was not the same as it used to be with tiny portable speakers that looked pretty but had no “umphh” behind them. Enter the SoundBoks “portable” speaker.  Read More →

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I just bought my first house, folks. I’m partly terrified, but mostly excited. It’s not a mansion or anything and it needs a bit of work, but it’s the perfect place for me and my two dogs. It’s spacious enough for me (plus one, should I finally find Mrs. Right), has enough room for my buddies to come over and hang out, and it’s convenient to my work. Read More →

The 5 Best Racing Drones Today

Ready to answer the call and become a drone racing pilot? You’re in luck. All you need’s luck, determination and, of course, a drone to call your own. If you don’t already have a drone (or, like most of us here, you want to build up a sizeable collection), we’ve got a few recommendations, in no particular order, that are ideal for competitive drone racing. Read More →

Ehang 184 – Review

There has been a lot of buzz since the introduction of drones in various industries with different types of them being invented. The Ehang 184 is a new and different kind of drone compared to other types because it is the only drone that is designed to carry one person from one place to another.  All you need to do is get in, power it up, on the 12-inch touchscreen tablet display, select your destination then press the take-off button. The automated flight systems in the drone will then take over and manage communication with air traffic control and avoid other obstacles on the way. It will always choose the quickest safe route from your present location to your destination and in case it malfunctions then the fail systems will take over.  You can also decide to hover in one place. Read More →

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When the time comes, you have to show what you have in terms of sales. All businesses are looking to increase sales at the end of it all. As a business owner you have to get results from your campaigns and that means finding a reputable SEO agency to give you the results you want. To increase sales, use the following tips: Read More →

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Most businesses fail due to poor delegation of duties. You have to work as a team. In every business aspect, you will need a professional to handle that professional role. For example, accounting will require an accountant. However, it is expensive for small businesses to have a marketing department. This means that you will have to outsource some of the professional services as it is cheaper that way. Other reasons why you should outsource marketing services include: Read More →

Why do Geeks Make the Best Casino Sharks?

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Casinos are fun and often glamorous places, but they are also businesses, and the old saying that ‘the house always wins’ is a true one. Well, it is true most of the time. Some customers get lucky and hit a good run of fortune, and some of them even know when to quit while they are ahead and go home with more money than they arrived with. Read More →

Why We’re Raving About the Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 is on the way and it just may be hotter than a dog in Hawaii. Drone enthusiasts everywhere have long called DJI the “Apple of drones” due to their sexy lineup of sleek, highly advanced drones. And the Phantom 4 seems poised to continue on the tradition. Read More →