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Review: Rocketbook

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The rocketbook wave is one of the world’s first smart notebooks. The basic idea of this smart notebook is to deliver a highly affordable and reusable notebook that can upload any of your hand written notes into the digital world. For just $27 you can get access to a reusable notebook that can be placed in the microwave to completely erase any of the pages. The goal of the notebook is to offer the chance to scan any of your written notes with your phone using a simple QR code and upload your favorite cloud hosting service.

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How To Use IT to Grow Your Small Business

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IT and growth go hand-in-hand – but not always for the right reasons.

Talk to many small business owners about IT and you’ll get the impression it’s an area of the business that’s viewed as a necessary evil. Certainly, there a very few businesses that can live without some form of IT network – but there aren’t many directors or decision makers who like paying for it.

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When it comes to computer printing there are basically two different types of printing technologies that are being used in the printers today; inkjet and laser. Both of them have their pluses and minuses. Each one of the technologies is best suited for a certain type of print jobs. It is extremely important to be sure that you have matched the right type of printing for your needs.

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Is LinkedIn important for networking?

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For current business networking, it’s difficult to imagine a network that could be more successful than LinkedIn. For businesses and individuals, it is purpose-built for use in networking procedures. If your company does not currently have a LinkedIn account or you do not currently have a personal LinkedIn account, you could be missing out on an incredible chance to connect with new people online.

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What is Photosynthesis? New Possibilities

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Photosynthesis is a process that is used by most every plant, algae and a few types of bacteria. At its base definition, involves the process of harnessing the energy of the sun and creating chemical energy as a result. Scientists have long studied the nature of photosynthesis but today they are starting to understand that it could be beneficial in developing clean and renewable energy. Read More →

Top 5 Essential Gaming Gadgets

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As a gamer, or even as a regular computer user, there might come a point in your life when you will want, or need, new gadgets for your already existent computer setup. There is a lot of cool stuff on the market, so we decided to narrow it down to only 5, best and most essential gadgets that you might need for your setup. Read More →

What Makes an Apartment High Tech?

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By now everyone’s aware of the rise of the smart home, but what about apartments? This is a multi-billion dollar industry that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

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If you are hoping to purchase a brand-new desktop computer there were a number of top considerations that you need to keep in mind so that you can get the best performance on the market. Here are some of the top three considerations that you should plan for when you are purchasing a brand-new computer:

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