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These days the work landscape is definitely geek-friendly. And the best and most inspiring demonstration of this is when the spotlight shines on digital nomads. These are skilled people who work for themselves from just about anywhere: their bedroom, their favourite coffee shop, the library, the beach — there are no limits. All they need is a laptop or tablet, a reliable wifi connection, and they’re off to the digital races.  Read More →

4 Blog Writing Tips for Tech Companies

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Let’s face it, advanced technology isn’t the most accessible subject in the world. Indeed, while many people are happy to accept new tech and gadgets after a period of time, the average consumer will have more difficulty grasping the value of truly cutting-edge technology. Fortunately, tech startups can use their company’s blog to elucidate their products and services. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on four blog-writing tips designed just for tech-based businesses:  Read More →

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When it comes to business integration, artificial intelligence (AI) draws the line between standard or conventional and advanced or modern. Those relentlessly searching for simplifying applications integration into an enterprise should undoubtedly direct their attention towards integration platforms with capabilities exceeding human capacity. Everyone has witnessed the increased popularity of artificial intelligence, from instant machine translations to self-driving vehicles so the following question inevitably arises: why not benefit from this technological wonder to facilitate digital business transformation? Maybe just gathering every member of the organization and working incessantly towards achieving the same goal, namely business integration, will soon become a thing of the past and humans will rely more on AI. Connecting users, systems and endpoints in multi-organization ecosystems already represents a vital step, making business integration prevalent, but this does not mean that companies do not face challenges or obstacles like costs exceeding the limited budget, deadline extension, complexity, multiple system coordination and high maintenance.  Read More →

Breaking Into The World of Brand Design

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Over the last decade or so, the importance of good branding has become much more critical for businesses. To remain competitive in a world which is filled with loads of companies, even the smallest have to work hard to make sure that they have a recognizable face. Without this, it will be almost impossible to secure customers, and people will find it hard to trust you. Of course, though, you’re not interested in having a brand made for you; you want to start making them. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring what will need to be done if you want to break into the world of brand design.  Read More →

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Everything today is a rehash of an old idea. All the movies coming out of Hollywood are remakes, for example. The same goes for jokes, which all seem to have the same, or similar, punch lines. Creativity seems to be dead, and that isn’t something an entrepreneur will not want to hear. Until, however, you realize one thing: they sell. The all-female remake of Ghostbusters broke records, while Netflix is paying through the nose for comedy specials. Although the idea may not be unique, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a draw. Entrepreneurs should keep this in mind as they are old dogs that do learn new tricks.  Read More →

Why It’s Okay To Change The Plan

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When running a business we are always told to make a plan. This plan is what we follow in order to get to where we want to be. It’s what we write as a direction, and we will refer back to this whenever we need to in order to get back on track. The thing is, things change all the time, so what you may have come up with originally might be different now. Your end goal may have changed, or the route that you thought you wanted to go down is different now. That’s okay. The world we live in is constantly evolving and in order to be successful and stay current – rather than get left behind – is to keep up with it all.  Read More →

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With the revolutions in technology it wasn’t going to be long before the digital world met the medical world and create a perfect marriage. The health tech evolution is developing at a rapid rate and hospitals and physician’s surgeries all over the world are churning out new innovations on a daily basis. From wearable fitness technology to no-touch thermometers, health tech is changing the face of medicine.  Read More →

Soboro Smart Side Table

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This is the next generation of your nightstand (night table, bedside table, day stand, bedside cabinet or whatever you may call it). This is not just a nightstand but much much more. Loaded with smart features, this is your multitasking piece of furniture that will add quality to your bedroom. The features include a locking storage drawer, cooler drawer, wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, motion sensing light, charging and power ports for all your devices. The back of the nightstand has LED lighting controlled by Soboro App so that you can get a better sleep at night. Read More →