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The Best Books for New Tech Companies

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You want to get your new tech company off to the best possible start. You also want it to maintain its good start! But what can you do to give your business the best possible start in its life?  Read More →

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The gaming industry has a reputation as a “boys’ club.” However, recent studies show that women are gaming more than ever before. In fact, 49% of all mobile gamers are women. And yet, women feel underrepresented and sometimes unsafe in these spaces. Read More →

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You and your children should consider public schools for college over private universities. Many highly prestigious state schools will cost you a fraction of what you would pay at a private school. Also, consider attending community college for your AA degree for more affordable education. Read More →

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When it comes to summer, one thing is for certain—kids are going to play and have fun. But, how do you help develop their minds in the process? Below are 8 must have creative toys for kids this summer, that will give them endless hours of joy while fostering their creativity and imaginations. Read More →

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I love having an air conditioner running in my room during the summer months but the annoying thing is that it has to be confined to a single room. Where I live, majority of the homes do not feature central air conditioning because the temperature is so mild. The solution? Portable air conditioners of course! Read More →

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When it comes to food, sometimes presentation is everything. For some people, it’s about the texture. For some, it’s about the taste. And for others, it’s about the presentation and looks. If you or someone you’re serving is primarily into the way food looks then the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board will probably be an essential for your kitchen.  Read More →

Post image for How the internet is creating James Bonds at home

Glitz, glamour, exclusive locations and high-rolling players. This was once the image of the casino – an environment reserved for the select few, where those with money went to splash some cash and have fun. Read More →

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So, you picked up your phone, about to check the notifications and boom—it’s dead. Read More →