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Hang Up Light – The Hanger With a Light

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I guess all the good ideas have been taken because we have a bloody hanger here that has a light built into it. According to the seller, this is a great way to get dressed in the dark without waking up your partner since you no longer have to turn on the lights. Really? Read More →

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Winter is coming and you know what that means? Obviously the cold weather and snow! I live in Canada and the folks up here have three things on their mind once winter arrives. Snowboarding, Skiing, and of course ice skating. And if you’re a true Canadian then you need your own personal skating rink in your own backyard! How about that, eh? Read More →

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Bose is quite a familiar name in North America and are well-known for their quality products.  Bose has reached out to the world of crowd funding to get feedback on their latest gadget which also happens to be their smallest product to date. Bose makes some of the best noise-cancelling earphones out there but these are a little different. The Bose Sleepbuds are very compact, comfortable to sleep with all night, and assist in getting you a full night of sleep. Read More →

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By now, everybody has accepted that mobile is a necessity. It is no longer the wave of the future; it is the wave of right now, and industries that have not leveraged mobile are likely falling behind. Read More →

Post image for Keep Your ‘Cup of Joe’ Warm with Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

I tend to increase my intake of hot beverages as Autumn approaches right through Winter. It’s nice to enjoy a hot coffee or tea but what’s annoying is having to get up to reheat my drink. It would be nice if I could finish an entire cup of drink while its temperature is just right but with phone calls, paperwork, interruptions, and viral cat videos; it really is hard to enjoy a hot or even warm beverage.  Read More →

Post image for Bitcoin Trading or Bitcoin Investing: Where Should You Invest Your Money?

For Bitcoin buyers and traders, the market has never been more exciting. For the rest… Well, you’re probably asking what a Bitcoin is.

First things first: Bitcoin are digital currency that are traded on a peer-to-peer market. The system was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and has been growing ever since. Think Bitcoin as a sort of an electronic cash system. Read More →

Post image for Get Money! The Fastest and Most Convenient Ways for the Self-Employed to Get Paid

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to chase up money that we’re owed. This is especially inconvenient when it’s cash that we’re owed for our goods or services. Many people think that small business owners or the self-employed have things sorted. That they’re earning enough to let a little cash here and there slip. In many cases, this is untrue, not to mention unfair. You wouldn’t walk into a store, take something from the shelf and expect it for free or to simply say that you’ll pay later, would you? So why should it be acceptable to use the services or take the goods of a self-employed individual in the same manner? Sure, the self-employed choose their own rates and can have more lenient policies and deadlines when it comes to trading. But kindness shouldn’t be taken for weakness. So, if this is a problem that you find you are regularly experiencing, here are a few ways to sort it out. It’s time to get the money that you’re owed and prevent similar things from happening in the future. Read More →

Gadgets Used To Beat Roulette

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Roulette is one of the most commonly played casino games still to this day. For some people it’s their go to game when playing in a casino, be it online or land based. A lot of people are happy to play casino games knowing that the house will always have the edge and for them to win themselves it’s they’re going to require a bit of luck. For others though, they will look for ways to try and upset the odds, making it easier for them to win.

There are roulette players out there who aren’t satisfied with the odds on offer at casinos so they look for ways to help them win, one of these ways is through the use of gadgets. One of the most common devices used today are what are known as roulette computers. These basically work in the sense that they are said to be able to predict where the ball is going to land on the roulette wheel. This is done through the device being able to measure both the spinning speed of the wheel and how fast it decelerates. Obviously to win really big at roulette, placing a bet on the specific number the ball will land on yields the biggest return.

These gadgets are expensive and the user has to be able to use them properly to stand any chance of them actually being successful in beating the odds to win consistently. They work by the person using them having a hidden button or clicker and each time the ball and zero pass. The wheel speed and ball speed are measured separately and once the roulette computer makes a prediction it is communicated to the user through the use of a hidden earpiece for example.

The capabilities of smartphones has sky rocketed over recent times and these themselves are becoming commonly used gadgets too when it comes to attempting to beat the roulette wheel as demonstrated by the team who won over £1 million from the Ritz. Most people these days have a smartphone capable of the use of apps and developers out there have already begun to make roulette prediction and calculator programs for people to download. With smartphones being so common, it’s not out of the ordinary or unusual in any way to see people use them at land based casinos. Using roulette predictor apps when in online casinos, be it through normal roulette or with a live dealer, nobody will be aware that they’re actually in use.

For some people, winning is everything and due to the house always having the edge, it makes sense for them to look for gadgets or ways to increase their own chances of winning. Some gadgets have proven to work in the past but it’s highly unlikely that they will work every single time, although people have reported winning large amounts by cheating the casino. Smartphones and the capabilities of the apps that are developed for them are more than likely going to be the go to thing when it comes to overturning the house edge in casinos, both land based and online, in the future as people move away from the more expensive standalone gadgets.