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Post image for Boost for E-Cigarettes as Users View them as Healthy Option

People are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes because they see them as far healthier than smoking, but also because they enjoy the variety of flavors available and can also make significant financial savings.

These views were discovered during a global survey on vaping that sought to uncover what people are thinking about the activity and why people are being attracted to it over smoking. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death around the world, and as governments try to get their citizens to stop smoking, many are opting for e-cigarettes instead. Read More →

How to Enhance Web Speed with JPEG Images

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One of the main concerns of any website owner is how fast their web page loads. Page loading speed can make or break your business. You could lose web traffic, not to mention decline in engagement and conversion rates.

Web users can be resentful. Once a website disappoints, it is almost impossible to get the user to return. Instead, according to a study, 13% of them will tell 20 people about their bad experience so they can avoid making the same mistake. Read More →

Post image for During Family Visits, Rental Cars Really Save the Day

My wife and I often laugh about how her parents live on the west coast, mine live on the east coast, and we settled right in the middle of the country. It wasn’t a conscious choice; work brought us here, so we built a life, had kids, and absolutely love it. Both sets of parents, however, accuse us of plotting to move to a place that would put us as far away as possible from all of them. (When I told my mother that if this was the case, we’d have uprooted the family and moved to New Zealand, she did not find my joke funny.) Read More →

Post image for Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Chair

One consequence of the digital age is that we all spend a great deal of our time sitting down and staring at a screen. This applies not only to work but also to our leisure time. The gaming sector generates billions of dollars every year and is something that is enjoyed by people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Read More →

How To Start Your Own Successful Trade Show

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Trade shows are a brilliant way of making valuable contacts and generating leads but they often have a pretty specific focus. The people that attend know exactly what they’re looking for and if you don’t quite fit into the bracket then you won’t do well at a trade show. If your product bridges a gap between a few different industries, or you’re trying something revolutionary, you might not necessarily fit into any existing trade shows. That doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from them like everybody else is though, you just need to put a bit more work in. Starting your own trade show is a brilliant way of making sure that you connect with the right people. Follow these simple tips to make it a success. Read More →

How Big Data Will Help You Save Money

Post image for How Big Data Will Help You Save Money

If a gadget promised you that it could be your personal finance coach, would you listen to it? Is the world ready for the Fitbit of spending? Since 2012 Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) have become buzzwords announcing essential changes in different business sectors, from healthcare to law enforcement. Banking and finances are no different and are ready to embrace the technological advancements. The investment in Big Data is growing every year and predicted to reach over $200 billion by 2020, making this a growing market. Read More →

Post image for The Right Cup – Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

With so many beverages on the market, people forget that water even exists. And when they do drink water, they overpay by buying that bottled stuff when it’s available to them for free or next to nothing from the tap (in countries fortunate enough to have an abundance of water). Until recently, water was my favorite drink. I’ve picked up a terrible habit of drinking sugary sodas and it needs to stop. Not good for my gut or health.  Read More →

Post image for Best Photo Filter Effects Apps For iPhone Selfies

Capturing the perfect selfie is truly an art. Trying to find the perfect balance between the right lighting and flattering shadows along with making the perfect, totally candid face takes practice. But beyond capturing the photo, there’s choosing the right filter, which is pretty much an entirely different rabbit hole in itself. To add that extra something to a selfie I always like to use a filter. Yeah, the in-app filters are okay but there’s a whole world of effect apps that take my selfies to the next level. Here are some of my favorites to use! Read More →