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How Technology Is Keeping You Safer

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Technology sometimes gets a bad wrap. It’s blamed for reducing our concentration, fueling a narcissistic generation, and for distracting us from the important things in life. While there may be grains of truth in all of those things, it’s also true that technology has vastly improved the world in innumerable ways, and it’ll only continue to bring more benefits as we march into the future. In particular, we can be thankful to tech for keeping us safer, both as a society and as individuals. Below, we take a look at some of the key safety features that technology provides. Read More →

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It’s undeniable; we live in the most technologically gifted age of history so far. People back in 1879 thought they held that accolade with the invention of light. But, the things we’ve seen in the last century alone have blown that out of the water. Anyone who has watched a sci-fi film in their time can attest that creations which seemed impossible are now in common use. Read More →

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Tech is a marvelous thing and has helped our society advance by leaps and bounds. After all, just look where we are now thanks to such inventions like the internet! Most of our life is now made easier by apps and online processes. Remember when you had to go into your local bank branch just to make a payment? Well, now you can do that on your smartphone in no time at all. Thanks a lot, internet! Read More →

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Video marketing is one of the leading forms of marketing worldwide where the marketers create video clips to showcase their products and services. Although it is a lucrative way of marketing your products and other services, it is not an easy task to get subscribers to your YouTube videos. First off, there is a massive competition from other marketers, and it is also a bit hard for newbies to establish themselves on the market. Read More →

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For the city slickers who don’t have gardening know-how or lack the backyard for it should consider something like the Botanium. Growing herbs is a lot more simple than growing the various fruits and vegetables available out there. Many people have a “windowsill garden” and there is nothing wrong with that yet some still manage to screw it up. Read More →

The Secret Science of Contracts

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Almost everyone handles a contract at some point in their lives, and business leaders endure the contract process nearly every day. Contracts are everywhere — but have you ever stopped to think about how they work? Read More →

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Crypto currency casinos online are getting more prevalent but is there a big opportunity in the world of physical casinos?

Is the growing $182 billion global casino industry really going to welcome crypto currencies? Well, there are some theoretical advantages that mean the next five to ten years could see this become a reality. No one knows how prevalent crypto currency will be in the global economy, and to a large extent casino adoption will likely be correlated. Read More →

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The business world is ever changing, and things that worked well for businesses a decade ago are probably now obsolete because of new and innovative ways to run your business. There are minds that are constantly working on how to improve ways of life, and some of these can be applied to business. If you’re looking to take a new direction when it comes to your business, then take a look at these unusual upgrades that could not only help your business run smoother, but they could also grow your business too.  Read More →