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The Joy of Mobile Gaming Online

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Playing video games has always been a pastime even through its early stages during the 1970s. Even though they consisted of mere pixels, blips, and monotone sounds, these retro games captivated generations. Now, we receive better benefits when it comes to the gaming department. Games nowadays offer amazing graphics that can compete with a movie. Today’s games have stories and twists that bring you at the edge of your seat. Best of all, games today are easier to take on the road than ever before.

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Fighting Boredom with Mr. Bet

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Boredom is a thing of the past. Think about it. Back before everyone had a smartphone readily available in their pocket, people had to get creative. A boring afternoon meant finding ways to spend the time. People read books, watched TV (or at least tried to), or went out into the city hubs. Playing video games for example required going to the arcade. Going for a few roundsplaying casino games in Canada for example required some planning and a bit of traveling.

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The promise of free beer and the chance to win a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone magazine lured 20 Spacewar players to Stanford University on October 19, 1972. They gathered at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab in Palo Alto, California, to battle it out in the first ever “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics”. The participants assembled around the university’s PDP-10 computer to compete in a five-man free-for-all and a team event, and Rolling Stone sent reporter Stewart Brand to cover the event and Annie Liebovitz to take pictures. Bruce Baumgart won the free-for-all, Slim Tovar and Robert E. Maas seized team honours and all three won the magazine subscription, while a jolly good, beer-fuelled time was had by all.

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How to Be a Smart PC Gamer

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Gaming is fun, and there is no doubt about that. A true gaming enthusiast does not need any other entertainment in life if he has his perfect gaming heaven set up at home that allows him to enjoy hours of gameplay in the comfort of his home while munching a hot dog or a pizza. That being said, gaming is all about the experience. Gaming experience is everything from great sound, sharp graphics to comfort, convenience and of course price.
You would not want to be depressed for the next four months because you are too broke to purchase any more games and you are already done playing your remaining ones as much as you could. Likewise, hours of playing games on PC could be too engaging, but it will eventually leave you with poor eyesight and a painful back. However, a bit of smart planning and investing in the right kind of tools can help you improve your gaming experience to a great deal. Here are a few tips that you should follow to have a better gaming experience. Read More →

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The Heart of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality games are one of the most fascinating and fantastic gaming genres available to the public these days. Incorporating the ability to “electronically” pick something up, run and jump and even shoot a gun has quickly become a popular pastime, but it’s when a virtual reality game includes the emotional aspect of virtual reality that the industry itself goes beyond what it is attempting to do. The physical aspect is a wonder in itself but the emotional aspect brings a whole new level to the virtual reality trend. When it comes to feeling emotion within a virtual reality game, fear lies at the heart of it all. Read More →

The Top 10 UK Online Casinos

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When signing up to an online casino, you will want to ensure you are getting fantastic value for money. With hundreds of online casinos on the internet, finding one suitable for your needs can seem like an impossible task. To make it a little easier, here are 10 of the best UK online casinos that you should be checking out. Read More →

Game Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

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Gambling addiction is one of the most severe vices in humans. The illusion of instant money can easily plunge you into deep and irreparable ruin financially and health wise. In reality, the odds will never be in favor of a player regardless of the type of casinoluv.net game. And gambling is a flourishing industry mainly because the house is the winner always. Read More →

How to Create the Ultimate Geek Cave

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Isolation, a word that is often associated with a negative connotation, but when you think about it, it’s basically just alone time. Relaxation, binging your favorite show, or even gaming all night can be achieved through mere isolation. This state of mind should obviously be enjoyable, and to do that, you need an environment to make that possible. Any environment around you can be made to suit you, but for it to be perfect, you will need a geek cave. Read More →