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The Art of Play: What Makes Gaming Fun?

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Nowadays, when a game developer is learning how to do their job, they are often asked to answer a very simple-sounding question; what is play? While this concept may sound simple, this idea is something which a lot of people find impossible to define, even when they are studying the field. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to make their games better, though. To achieve this, the focus has to be changed, instead thinking about what makes play fun. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the key techniques used by game developers to make their titles impossible to put down. Read More →

The Virtual World of Gaming

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The virtual world of gaming is based on a computer online community environment that is well-crafted so that all the passionate players can interact in an immersive and simulated gaming world. On these different platforms, you will find players interacting with each other by the means of text-based, two or three-dimensional graphical models that are best known as avatars. Nowadays, the virtual world meets the real world in several ways. They are designed for various purposes specially entertainment, social, training, educational and so forth. Read More →

The Most Famous Video Game Cheats

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If you’re someone who likes to relax with a console controller in your hands, or at a desk with a keyboard and mouse, you’ve probably got some tricks up your sleeve to make sure everything goes your way… a.k.a, you know some cheats! And there’s a lot of them out there, but some are a little more famous than others…  Read More →

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Best PC Game Controller

PC Gaming is becoming more and more popular every year. Consoles are great, but PCs can offer more power, better graphics, and a more immersive overall experience. If you are a PC Gamer, it is likely that you use a special PC controller for you game. But which one is the best? If you are looking for a controller that is comfortable, easy to use, and compatible with the largest number of games, we rate the Logitech F310 Gamepad as the best controller that money can buy. See below for some of the features.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Design

The F310 has a similar structure to a Playstation controller, molding to your hands and allowing easy access to all of the buttons and controls. This allows you to play for hours without your hands cramping or getting tired. It also means that you can more quickly tap the buttons you need, giving you an advantage in fast-paced games.

Easy Set Up

All you do is plug this into the USB port and you’re ready to play! The buttons are completely customizable to your preferences, and they can be set up easily with the included software. Make every game your own with the simple, tailored set up of the F310.

High Compatibility

We found that the F310 works with the largest number of games when compared to other controls. Whether you are enjoying retro throwback games from the 80s or the newest, most advanced blockbuster titles, the F310 is likely to support the game of your choice. This means more time for gameplay and less time spent configuring multiple controls!


At only $25, you can buy multiple F310 Gamepads and still come out ahead compared to other more expensive controllers. This is by far the best bang for your buck, and with all of its features it is certainly worth the price tag.

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Betting is a gamble, but do you ever wonder why some people seem to win all the time while others appear to be destined for the losing end? Even though you cannot always control the outcome of a bet per se, you can increase your chances of winning – thanks to some smart betting techniques.  Read More →

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Many years ago, if you wanted to play poker, you either had to bring together a group of friends or visit a casino. Paper cards were dealt in real time with actual chips (or whatever you decided to use for game currency) doled out to the winners. Read More →

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When it comes to gambling, chances of winning are slim, with the casino always having an edge over players. However, at online casinos, players have a better chance of winning than at brick and mortar casinos. Read More →

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Multiplayer gaming has long been an exciting way of adding extra interest and tension to any game. We have been challenging others to a face- off since the likes of Empire and Maze War were released back in the 1970s. The idea of just playing against a computer-generated opponent doesn’t seem so appealing once you have pitted your wits against a human. Read More →