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Online gambling first started in the mid-90’s, which means it’s had over two decades to expand and evolve. The first sites were very rudimentary (as were most websites of that time) and were based out of Antigua and Barbuda. There were only a few to start with; in 1996, there were only around 15 online gambling websites. Over the following year, the industry saw huge growth; by the end of 1997, there were over 200 websites for people to enjoy virtual casinos, poker playing, and sports betting. Read More →

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The gambling industry has always taken advantage of new technology to keep creating better and more sophisticated games. Now mobile gaming is all the rage and more people than ever are logging onto online casinos using their Smartphones and tablets. Read on to explore more ways in which technology has transformed the gaming industry. Read More →

Trends in eSports Betting

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The world seems to be changing at a supersonic speed. With each passing day, there’s a big list of changes cropping up. The good thing is that these changes are progressive in nature. A vast majority of things are now interconnected, and more so in the gaming industry. Read More →

Longest Odds in the Casino

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Whether you’re looking to play in your local brick and mortar or at an online casino, knowing the odds is a vital part of optimizing your play and, if you play smart enough, you might just leave with a nice little profit. Or maybe you’re feeling lucky? Maybe you’re planning to throw caution to the wind and just place some bets on some unlikely wins and hope for the best? If you’re attitude is go big or go home, you may as well aim for the longest odds possible and see if you can land some big money. Here are some of the longest odds in the casino if you’re hoping to win.  Read More →

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Online sports betting is growing at a rapid pace, attracting more players and more money to the industry with each new year.  Online Sports Betting currently holds a 40 percent share in the entire online gambling market, according to a new report by the well known market research company, Technavio. The report talks about a steady 4 percent increase in future revenue growth. With an average revenue amount of around $400 billion being brought in annually through a dual online sports betting market that harnesses both desktop and mobile platforms, there are growing concerns on financial safety and efficiency within the blossoming industry. Blockchain, a financial technology recently taking several new industries by storm, is now being developed by companies with interests in the growth and safety of the global online sports betting market. Read More →

eSports and Gaming are Now Legal in Japan

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Despite being the unchallenged home of video gaming, Japan has never been able to stay on par with South Korea, North America, or Europe as far as esports are concerned. The main cause for this was an old law which Japan had originally put in place in an effort to target gambling.  Read More →

How Gamers Can Avoid Being Hacked

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Hackers have been targeting gaming accounts for many years and because gamers need to go online to verify accounts it has become easier for hackers to get into people’s accounts.  For gamers who get hacked it means many hours of hard work lost and the inconvenience of having to spend many hours with the tech department on the phone trying to get the problem sorted.  It is important for gamers to know how to protect themselves from being hacked.  Read More →

Complete Guide on CS:GO Skins

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There are many skins available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it can be confusing for the novice player to understand the value of each one without detailed research. This guide is about to disclose several details on the CS skins.

However, if you have skins you do not really need you can sell those in https://skinsmarket.com/ store which offers fair prices for all kinds of skins available in CS:GO. Read More →