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2018 Top Video Game Roundup

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It was an exciting year for gamers, so we’re closing out the year with an homage to some of our favorite games of 2018. New technology, some of our favorite gaming accessories, and some epic games were some highlights in the last year.

Let’s dive into the games that made 2018 great and take a look at where video gaming is heading as we head into 2019. Read More →

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The mobile gaming market has been growing rapidly over the last ten years and is now one of the most lucrative sectors of the entire gaming industry. It is worth $137 billion as of 2018, and accounts for 50 percent of the global games market. One of the main reasons for its success is the fact that it adapts quickly to change. Video streaming has already had a big impact on mobile gaming. Now, the latest development is Bunch, which allows people to stream videos while playing together. This could totally revolutionize the way people play games on mobile in the future. Read More →

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Back in the day, a gamer put a game into a console and played away without a care in the world. There weren’t internet connections to worry about because it was all stored on a disc. As basic as it was, it was an excellent way to play for hours without suffering from modern problems. Read More →

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Each year, the latest edition of Electronic Arts’ sports video game franchises sees huge sales that often top the releases of the best traditional video games in their opening weeks. Each of these games has competitive online game modes where players play matches against other players to earn prestige within the game’s online community; some go on to play the game for real money at sanctioned tournaments. Read More →

Making Money from Online Gaming

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When we think of gaming, we tend to think of engaging with games for fun. This, after all, is the purpose that gaming tends to play in many gamer’s lives. But it’s important to remember that you can benefit from gaming in ways besides sheer entertainment. Gaming could actually prove to be financially profitable to you! Here are just a couple of different ways that you could make money from gaming! Read More →

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The mobile phone changed society. Today, children have access to games in a manner that older generations never had. One pressing question that comes to mind is why is there no regulation that exists for gambling games for mobile apps and live mobile casino? Read More →

How to Choose a Casino Gaming Provider

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An online casino that does not feature quality gaming software is doomed to fail. As a gaming operator, you will soon discover that there are endless options when looking for the ideal casino game software provider to partner with. While going through a couple of options it will be clear that all the companies claim that they are the best in the business, even the ones that offer below the par services. Read More →

OMG! RPG Just Got Massive

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, the emergence of RPG games seemingly taking over the planet won’t have gone unnoticed. Role playing games have been around for decades with Dungeons and Dragons still remaining as popular today as it was twenty years ago. Coupled with the explosion of interconnectivity and WiFi, individuals can now play these role playing games with like-minded people from across the globe. Take a look at the best RPGs that you can take a foray into at the moment. Read More →