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Books are a great way to create a portal into another world. It can take your mind off things; let your imagination run amok, while learning a thing or two along the way. Reading books can be a great hobby, although one may not know where to start. There are books about anything and everything under the sun, so finding a specific branch to focus on can be very difficult.

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Phone models these days become outdated pretty quickly. One moment it is the crowning jewel of the brand, the next moment it is a relic from a forgotten time. It can be difficult to know when the perfect time would be to purchase one. Here are some tips that can help you determine if it is time to get a new phone.

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5 must have cool toys for kids in 2019

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When it comes to keeping your little ones happy, nothing quite does it like a quality toy for them to play with. When it comes to choosing the right toy for your child, there are several options to choose from on the market. Luckily for you, we’re going to list some of the top toys that you can buy either your little girl or boy in 2019. Try to consider any active interest that your child currently displays before making a decision on which toy is best for them. Each of the toy recommendations listed in this article can make the perfect birthday or holiday gift in addition to a general reward for good behavior or other accomplishments.

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Hunting, in general, is fun.While the world may have transited from medieval times when hunting and fruit gathering were the only sources of food, fuel, and functional clothing for man, the pleasure of the sport is undeniable.

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Smartphones Set to launch in May 2019

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When it comes to buying a smartphone, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Deciding on which smartphone to purchase can be a bit challenging, depending on your daily routine and needs in terms of computing power, certain devices are optimized to provide you with maximum performance. To ensure that you get the most out of your smartphone, it’s always best to do a thorough reading about all of the specifications and features prior to making a final purchase decision. If you’re interested in purchasing a new smartphone, there are several devices scheduled to be released in May 2019 that offer an array of cutting-edge features to help you maximize productivity.

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Why Buy The Google Pixel 3

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Google Pixel 3 is the latest addition to the lineup of Android devices. This phone could be considered to be in competition with the latest iPhone. It comes priced at $899. Is it worth the price? Why would anyone want a Pixel 3? Here are some reasons why!

Amazing Camera

The back camera on this phone comes at 12.2 megapixels and the front camera 8 megapixels. The front camera is also a dual camera, with one of them being wide-angled, so the pictures turn out much better than on other Android devices. This camera definitely matches up with the camera on the iPhone XS, which is a huge improvement.

Unlimited Photo Storage

Google Pixel 3 had built in unlimited photo storage. This is a huge advantage for those who enjoy taking pictures, whether of themselves or as a hobby. Normally, photos can take up the majority of your phone’s storage, however, on this phone, you can take as many pictures as you would like and have them saved to your phone without taking up storage!

Comes with Different Color Options

This phone comes with three color option: Black, White, and Pink.

Amazing Display

This Android device comes with a 5.5 inch OLED screen. The color intensity on this phone has greatly increased from the previous Pixel 2. Watching YouTube videos or Netflix will feel like a whole new experience.

Great Features

Google Pixel 3 is known to be water-resistant and contains wireless charging. Having a water resistant phone is a great feature because you won’t have to worry about your device getting damaged in the rain or accidentally dropping in a puddle. Also, wireless charging prevents less overheating with the socket, and fewer cords to worry about being in the way or getting tangled. Some people also have issues with the length of charges and their phones being able to reach them from the wall. Having a phone that can charge right there next to you is really beneficial.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Macbook

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A Macbook can be a great device to have. It can help with your school work, work life, or any other project you might need a laptop for. However, before purchasing, potential buyers must pay attention to the pros and cons of owning a laptop. We investigate some of these down below!

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It is about that time where the semester is starting to come to a close. As students reflect on their school year, I am sure there are some things that come to mind. One being, what could I have done to make my semester easier? What should I bring next year to ensure a more productive and smooth semester? Here is a list of things that could help you!

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