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Post image for 8 Must Have Creative Toys For Kids This Summer

When it comes to summer, one thing is for certain—kids are going to play and have fun. But, how do you help develop their minds in the process? Below are 8 must have creative toys for kids this summer, that will give them endless hours of joy while fostering their creativity and imaginations. Read More →

Post image for Hi-Smart Portable Air Conditioner by Hisense

I love having an air conditioner running in my room during the summer months but the annoying thing is that it has to be confined to a single room. Where I live, majority of the homes do not feature central air conditioning because the temperature is so mild. The solution? Portable air conditioners of course! Read More →

Post image for Obsessive Chef Cutting Board – Presentation Is Everything!

When it comes to food, sometimes presentation is everything. For some people, it’s about the texture. For some, it’s about the taste. And for others, it’s about the presentation and looks. If you or someone you’re serving is primarily into the way food looks then the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board will probably be an essential for your kitchen.  Read More →

Post image for 7 Things to Do When Your Smartphone Dies Suddenly

So, you picked up your phone, about to check the notifications and boom—it’s dead. Read More →

Post image for Smarterware – World’s First Smart Food Storage System

We’ve all been there, throwing out food because we let it sit too long in the fridge and never got around to eating it. People use Tupperware to help food last longer but the problem is forgetting about it. This is where Smarterware can be very useful. This smart food storage system makes sure you don’t forget about the food in the fridge! How cool is that? Read More →

Post image for Gumshoe – Stylish Sneaker Made with Recycled Chewing Gum

I’m certain most of us at one point have been in a sticky situation when we got chewing gum stuck to the bottom of our shoes. And I definitely remember my childhood years when I’d fall asleep with gum and wake up with it stuck in my hair! Many cities and towns across the world have a major, sticky gum problem. In Netherlands alone, 1.5 million kilograms (over 3.3 million pounds) of gum end up on pavements. In Amsterdam, gum litter is the second most common form of litter after cigarettes.  Read More →

Slushy Maker at Home? Yes Please!

Post image for Slushy Maker at Home? Yes Please!

I love slushies and they are the perfect drink for the hot summer months. If you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered with going to the local convenience store, then you should definitely check out the Slushy Maker. And no, you will not need to purchase another bulky appliance to make a delicious slushy. Read More →

Wireless Charging On The Go – Onyxx

Post image for Wireless Charging On The Go – Onyxx

I usually don’t like to step into new territories when it comes to gadgets because modern day gadgets are just fads and quality is not the same as it used to be. Charging your phone wirelessly  has been around for a while now but I didn’t realize there were power banks on the market that could charge phones wirelessly! Read More →