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Tech Gifts For Gadget Geeks

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If you are looking to buy something for the gadget-lover in your life over the holidays, then where do you start? There are so many choices when it comes to gadgets and tech, and you don’t want to commit the faux pas of getting something that they already have. You won’t want to get it wrong, after all, it is the thought that counts when it comes to presents. So here are some gift ideas to give you some inspiration this holiday season. Some will work as stocking fillers, or some will work if you have a little more of a big budget. All will make a great gift for any tech lovers in your life. Read More →

What is an Ereader?

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eReaders are devices that can be commonly confused with tablet’s but that are designed for a much more singular purpose. The readers are handheld devices that are designed as a paperless alternative to books. Their main function is to help you read digital copies of documents, newspapers, magazines or books.

eReaders often vary in the features that they have to offer. Some models have complete touchscreens and operating systems that allow them to function very similarly to a tablet, others are designed for simple use with minimal controls at the bottom of the ereader.

Material for the readers are often purchased through proprietary stores like the Amazon store or through Barnes & Noble. You can often purchase the books on your PC and transfer them over to the eReader though a USB connection. Some he readers even have a 3G connection allowing them to connect to stores while you are on the go so that you can purchase books and articles to read at any time.

The benefit of using an eReader over tablets is that they are designed specifically for reading. They can carry thousands of books and they have a screen which is designed for reading in bright sunlight even without a glare. Most models have a sharp display with strong battery life. Because an eReaders does not depend on the same type of display is a smart phone or tablet they can often last for a month or more on battery with Wi-Fi turned off.

Adjustable text size and the ability to make your own notes within the eReader makes reading much easier. Excellent programs like the kindle lending library or even your local library can also make finding new books to read very simple. You could theoretically sign in with your library account and never have to pay for a book again.

eReaders are still an excellent way that you can enjoy reading almost anywhere.

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If you have a Star Wars fan in your life and you’re interested in keeping their car smelling fresh, a Star Wars Aircon Cologne product could be one of the best gifts that you could give them. This Aircon Cologne resembles the look of a storm trooper helmet and it has a neutral design that can suit almost any car interior. The traditional Star Wars storm trooper design comes from the original franchise and has been officially licensed for the re-creation of this air freshener.

This simple Star Wars clip on can just be placed into the air conditioner louver and then instantly start or refresh the interior cabin of any vehicle. A reasonable price of just $14.90 this is a clean smell that can make sure anyone’s car smells like brand-new car smell throughout the year!

As an officially licensed Japan import, this is a not then fake storm trooper helmet. You can make sure that you get the best in accuracy when it comes to the quality in this helmet. With a simple clip on action, you can make sure that the helmet can look its best nearly anywhere.

As well as being easy to install and perfect for freshening up any interior cabin, this air Cologne can come in several different styles. The other options available from Star Wars Aircon Cologne types can also include Darth Vader and a few other licensed characters. You could collect them all or change them out every few months to make sure that your car can stay smelling its best!

Whether you are looking for a fun air conditioner for your own car or a great gift you could give a special Star Wars fan in your life, this could make for an excellent present for someone or a fun gift that you can give!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Then and Now

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Back in 2015, drones were about the scariest thing one could experience. Other than the fact that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are pilotless aircraft, people, as well as governments, had several concerns that drones, or UAVs would spy on them. There was the scare of leakage of valuable information, the invasion of privacy, and the simple fear that you never really knew who was watching. Governments were concerned with the limitations of the usage of drones, since there are certain areas or certain heights that no one should ever come across. However, UAVs wasn’t always that scary; they had much simpler mechanics and proposes when they were first designed. Read More →

3 Cool Tech Gadgets Being Introduced Late 2018

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The world of tech is constantly changing, and we can see major advances in just a matter of months. Although the first half of 2018 was highly exciting with its technological trends, there is even more to look forward for the end of the year. Here are three of the coolest tech gadgets being released in late 2018. Read More →

Samsung Confirms the Radical Galaxy S10

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Fans of Samsung know that the brand’s new, game-changing smartphones have been facing mounting problems. However, this is not the same with the Galaxy S10. In fact, this is one product that Samsung could not just stop itself from designing. Read More →

What is a Temperature Controlled Mug?

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Whether you are sipping on a cool, refreshing soft drink or a nice hot coffee, there’s nothing worse than letting your beverage get to room temperature. For decades, people have been using insulated cups and mugs to keep their drinks warm or cold, but they just aren’t as effective as they claim to be. Fortunately, we now have the technology for temperature controlled mugs. These mugs use rechargeable batteries to allow you to set them at a particular temperature so that you can enjoy your beverage at your desired heat level throughout the entire drink. Read More →

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Quality and price – these two things always seem to go hand in hand when it comes to the topic of purchase. For a quality product, you have to be willing to pay up for it. That has been the way of the market – the world in fact – since the dawn of time. Over the course of this long process, suppliers also discovered something: if you have a quality product, people will pay for it. People will give their hard-earned money to you willingly – no matter how high the price.  Read More →