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Known for its creative and disruptive designs, from down under Australian PlusUs, winner of Best of CES 2016, has come up with a patented design of world’s thinnest and flexible (first of its kind) wireless charging pad. Prepared from genuine Italian leather, cork and real timbre veneer, Xpad indeed is an eco-friendly, game-changer and a beautiful product surpassing others in its category in technology as well.

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Post image for Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit

Giddel Toilet Cleaning Robot Kit

Gone are the days when on a typical weekend one of the mammoth tasks used to be cleaning the toilet pot; applying the liquid to the bowl, waiting for maybe 15 – 20 minutes and then taking your brush and start rubbing, and not to forget, while inhaling all the emitting gases at the same time. Even after so much of hassle, the cleaning is never up to your expectations. There might be tough stains, some areas where the brush can’t reach and a lot of water wastage while flushing multiple times, just to make sure your pot is clean enough.

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Post image for Nissan Roam – Using Old Leaf Batteries for a Camper

Ever thought about what you could do with the batteries of electric cars, once they are worn down? Well, Nissan has given a thought to it and you’d be amazed to know how these batteries that are no longer going to be used, will come in handy for camping purposes. You read us right! Nissan, after teaming up with trailer manufacturer, Opus, has come up with a concept of using these old batteries to provide power while camping.

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Post image for Digit – The Next Delivery Robot

Digit – The Next Delivery Robot

Though we have heard of the delivery robots since long now, there hasn’t been much of practical experience across the globe. Also, whatever that has been adopted so far, doesn’t look like the one we expected. We have heard of greater experience with regards to delivery robots, and Amazon or FedEx have just tried the best so far.

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The History of the 4-Colour Pen

Post image for The History of the 4-Colour Pen

Though it is not quite frequently used these days, the 4-colour pen was introduced by BIC in 1970 and was quite famous back then. BIC pens were French inventions and became quite popular worldwide with it’s products. Not everyone understands the concept behind using the four colours, because it generally seems like these are just different coloured refills accommodated in one pen for convenience.

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Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

Post image for Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

With the increase in temperature and humidity, one is bound to have a sweaty body; however, sweat is not as much embarrassing as the odour is. The worst part here is, you won’t even know when your body starts generating unpleasant smell, though it’s right under your nose. It’s mostly your friends, colleagues or people you travel with, who can smell it easily yet cannot tell you directly.

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5 Drug-Free Quit Smoking Gadgets

Post image for 5 Drug-Free Quit Smoking Gadgets

Smoking is a very harmful addiction that has many health conditions, and most people can confirm the difficulty of giving up smoking. But there are different ways you can get help and overcome your depedence on tobacco permanently. One such way is to use smoking cessation products, which could be bought over the country, by prescription, or online. All smoking cessation products are the most efficient but as there are numerous products on the market, you need to choose one that is perfect for your needs. This article talks about how you can get the best gadgets to quit smoking.

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Harry Potter Foundmi Tracker

Post image for Harry Potter Foundmi Tracker

There are fewer fandoms in the world that are bigger than Harry Potter. Which often means that if you are looking for a gift for someone, chances are they are a Harry Potter fan, or a Potterhead as they call themselves. These days, with the myriad of Harry Potter-themed goodies available in the market, you are never really at a loss about what to buy for yourself or a friend in case you’re looking for a little retail therapy or a gift.

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