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About Geek Extreme

GeekExtreme.com was established in 2000. We’re dedicated to reporting about and reviewing hardware, software, and peripherals in a straight-forward, fluff-free and unbiased way. Our philosophy is simple: We’re geeks, we like geeky stuff and we want to know everything about it, not just the specs and marketing hype.

Review Policy:

Our policy has always been very simple: No BS!  But, to be fair, we’ll go ahead and elaborate a bit.

  • We’re willing to review anything geeky if it’s of interest to our readers.
  • When comparing similar products we will always use the same criteria – the criteria will be made available as part of the review.
  • Reviews will contain editorial content. Reviews are more than just stats and specs and the reviewers opinions are probably more important to you than the raw technical details you can find on the vendors web site.

News Policy:

GeekExtreme gathers news from several sources and does it’s best to confirm that facts we report are actually factual. When we gather news from other sites, we make every effort to credit the original source.

News gathered from “anonymous” sources will be advertised as such. The privacy of our “anonymous” sources is very important to us and we will not reveal the identiy of our sources except when required by law.

In some cases we will not report on certain subjects due to contractual obligations. We often have “insider” information that is protected by NDA with the source of the information. We take our NDA obligations seriously and vow not to leak information until such a time as an NDA has been lifted or expired.

License Information:

Creative Commons LicenseExcept where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. What this boils down to is that we’re happy to share unaltered versions of the information found on this site, for non-commercial use, as long as we’re credited as the creator.

We can and do make exception to other commercial web sites that would like to rebroadcast excerps of our content. If you happen to be one of those web sites, just drop us an email and let us know that you’d like to use excerps and link to our content.

Commercial license of our reviews may also be granted to non-news agencies on a per use basis with consent. Please contact us if you’d like to use our content.