How to Spot A Gamer: Signs That Someone is a Hardcore Gamer

Wondering how to spot a gamer? Some of us play games from time to time, while others invest a significant amount of time playing video games. Whichever one a person is, certain indications can assist in determining whether or not he or she is a real, dedicated gamer.

Gaming has its distinct brand of characteristics that other gamers can identify with. Some of these characteristics may seem goofy, while others might be quite true.

We’ve identified our top eight indicators that show whether or not someone is a true gamer after conducting various enthusiastic gamers.

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How To Spot A Gamer easily

Looking for how to spot a gamer? The following characteristics in a gamer will help to identify him or her:

They sing songs from the games they’ve previously played.

How to spot a gamer using music? The music on most games is appealing, and one who has been playing the same game for a while will be able to recall the entire soundtrack.

It is not unusual for serious gamers to learn the soundtrack of their favorite games, although this is something that only a select few people do.

If you frequently play the Ocarina or Marios of Time, for example, you will soon be humming the Saria’s Song or Mario theme, even when doing chores.

“On My Way” by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko may only be heard by someone who is a gamer. From start to finish, “On My Way” by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko can only be appreciated by gamers. If you’re not a gamer, you might not appreciate these songs.

If a guy claims to be a gamer, check his playlist for any video game soundtracks.

Complaints from friends and family

Gamers are often accused of being antisocial, reclusive loners who spend all day in front of the computer. They may be labeled as nerds or basement-dwelling shut-ins for their passion for playing games. When you’re a gamer, these are some of the remarks you might hear from your pals and family:

If you’ve reached this point, congratulations… You’re now a cell leader in the gamers pack. But hey, if you’re at this point, congrats again… call yourself a cell leader in the gamers pack. But wait, there’s more!

The fact is that your friends and family are almost certainly concerned about your health.

We usually suggest that gamers participate in additional activities and spend time socializing with their peers so they don’t have to deal with situations like this.

They’ve been able to connect with the emotional side of gameplay once.

Gamers who have spent time with The Last of Us or Life Is Strange will understand what it means to be emotionally attached to a game. When gamers talk about being emotionally attached to a game, it’s usually because they’ve experienced some sort of tragedy while playing. You may even find a series of tissue boxes near their gaming station.

This demonstrates how much time they spent playing the game to the point that they became so engrossed in it. When children begin applying gaming characters to real-life events, it’s at its highest point.

They love playing video games!

how to spot a gamer

It is called a game since it is intended to make you happy and cheerful, but how to spot a gamer mainly depends on this deeper pleasure that gamers obtain from video games, whether it’s the sound of the word itself.

When people are asked, “What makes you happy?” the first group of responses will always be “Video games” from a real gamer.

Many individuals play video games to de-stress, but for some truly enthusiastic gamers, it is a life source.

They aren’t concerned with the expense.

Let us talk about how to spot a gamer through observation. You might have to deal with it, but every excellent game that provides the experience they want is undoubtedly worth it for gamers. A genuine gamer may bemoan the cost of a ZQCM Gaming Chair, yet would never blink if you said the price of a ZQCM Gaming Chair.

If you ask what a gaming chair is, they’ll tell you that it’s a recliner with spinning wheels. This isn’t the case at all. If your goal is to get into their good graces, then be careful about how you offer them something to sit on because it can lead to an argument.

And of course, they’ll have a massive game collection that includes special classics like Legend of Zelda.

Video games are valuable to gamers, so they may need to reschedule other engagements.

When gamers are not acting, even after being discovered, they aren’t lying or canceling a plan for the sake of the game they want to play or finish.

how to spot a gamer

Whether it’s skipping school, canceling a social gathering, delaying a virtual meeting, or feigning being ill, every gamer has done it at some point. And when it comes to cherished memories, they are well worth the wait… and no one is passing judgment!!

There are several wallpapers with game-related themes on PC.

When it comes to gadgets, no one has the same ideas about how they look but here is how to spot a gamer. When gamers get their systems or phones, they’ll find a thousand game-related stickers applied to them. Video games are one of the characteristics of real gamers; therefore, their phone’s or PC’s wallpaper (or both) is always related to video games.

For many people, it’s all about having the most recent game’s protagonist on their wall. Inquire of a gamer for a preferred wallpaper and observe how he or she sets game-related pictures as default.

They wear a gamer shirt featuring their favorite video game character

It is not only about how to spot a gamer; it is also about how you can dress like one. A gamer’s shirt will almost always feature their favorite video game character, and they’ll be more than happy to tell you who that is. If you want to get on their good side, ask them about their favorite game.

Do not make fun of their internet!

As I’ve said before, gamers as individuals can be found in the digital realm rather than the physical. You don’t want to irritate them by restricting them to a location with poor internet connectivity.

Now that games are frequently 100GB in size, and patches are being released by the minute, gamers are turning away from poor internet.


Another characteristic to help you in your quest on how to spot a gamer that I must not overlook is that they learn more and a lot of interesting things from gaming…than anyplace else.

Should we begin with historical facts or gaming mythology that everyone must have learned from games? Or do we start with the collaboration they’ve had to accomplish in multiplayer?

With these eight indicators of a gamer that we’ve looked at, all gamers can likely identify with many of these expressions.

It’s also a fantastic thing that gamers are frequently recognized for their strategic, lightning-fast thinking. Despite the popular misconception, there appears to be a lot of stuff in gaming that people learn and display in their real-world environment.

What are the other techniques for how to spot a gamer? I’m sure this will be an interesting topic to discuss in the comments!

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