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Pro Docker For Dummies: What Is It?

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Most professional people don’t really have to understand of how powerful their office computer really is. You may generally use your company software and email for communication without giving it any more thought than that. For the programmers and administrators, there is much more to the computer world. Read More →

3 Reasons to Skip Metal Gear: Survive

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Released in February 2018, Metal Gear: Survive is a highly anticipated game. This is probably because of the fact that it bears the Metal Gear name, which is a highly respected brand in the gaming world, and has been across generations of consoles. Read More →

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Technology has made the world more accessible, even for small businesses who used to be limited by their capped resources. Now, small businesses have the tools available to be successful and even evolve into large businesses.  Read More →

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Smart meters seem to get all the glory as a tool to bring down energy waste and cost. But how can they help you and your business?

Want to know how this technology can lower your bills and boost your energy awareness? Read our guide…  Read More →

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The IT industry is growing as show multiple reports. However, statistics also show that businesses in the information industry have one of the highest failure rates, with only 37% existing past their fourth year. Therefore, the risk for your IT business failing is quite high. However, taking a few immediate steps when your company starts to crumble can turn the tides for you. Getting help from highly qualified professionals, upgrading your website, and reevaluating your budget are some of the best methods you can use.  Read More →

4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash

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The average American spends about 3 hours on their mobile device each day. If you are an app developer or tech entrepreneur, finding a way to attract these mobile users is a top priority.  Read More →

Why Do Sports Games Have Geek Appeal?

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Don’t you think it’s kind of curious the way that sports video games are so incredibly successful…? Think about it – we tend to take for granted that certain established sports series are just “cash cows” for the big brands; but, really, why should a hearty, boisterous, athletic sort of game have any appeal whatsoever to gamers, who are, fundamentally, a geek community? We thought we’d try and figure this little mystery out…  Read More →

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You have worked hard to acquire a degree in web development, software engineering or a related field. Now is a great time to get started in the field because the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that software developers will see 24 percent growth in the field over the next 10 years. Similar occupations can expect similar rates. Some of the highest paying jobs in the tech field include software engineering manager and data warehouse architect. However, where you work is just as important as what position you hold. Read More →