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Post image for Simple, Yet Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

If you’re looking for ways to fuel growth for your law firm, digital marketing is the answer. But as with any topic of this magnitude, it’s easy to get lost in the details and end up with a generic strategy that misses the mark. The more you learn about digital marketing, the better you’ll get at identifying which strategies are effective and which ones aren’t worth the investment.

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Post image for Is Your Network Under Attack? These 3 Signs Say Yes!

Every time you turn on the news, it seems like there is another story about a business being hacked. These hacks generally result in a business having all of the personal information on their network stolen. This can lead to having their clients’ identity stolen and irreversible damage being done to a business’s reputation.

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Post image for Why has 2019 Been Coined the Year of Artificial Intelligence?

2019 has been dubbed the year of artificial intelligence (AI) from a number of business powerhouses including Forbes. Critics are divided on whether or not this is a good thing; when used correctly, it has the power to revolutionize and streamline processes. But there’s always the nagging fear that it might make many professions redundant.

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Post image for Have an Idea for a Mobile App? Here’s How to Build One

Mobile applications consume most of the time that individuals spend on their phones. TechCrunch recently reported that consumers spend up to five hours per day on their mobile devices, and more than half of that time is spent on apps used for online banking, checking social media, playing games, tracking their nutrition, monitoring their health, and so much more.

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Mobile Phones are Magic

Post image for Mobile Phones are Magic

We are in the middle of the great digital age. No matter where you look, you can be sure that each person has a phone in his or her pockets. Mobile phones started out as an optional tool in communicating; now an incredibly essential gadget for daily tasks.

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Post image for Fullfilling Your Geeky Bedroom Fantasies

Fulfilling sexual fantasies in the bedroom can be… difficult to say the least. For the most part, it takes two to tango. Both parties must equally be into the fantasy for maximum effect to take place. I mean, what is the point of doing something if one only does so half-heartedly?

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Post image for Finding a Therapist Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

Access to therapists can be difficult, depending on the area involved. Indeed, while we are already nearing the 2020s, mental health concerns are still taboo in many places. Even in today’s day and age, mental health is still up for debate regarding its importance.

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Post image for How to Get Better Advice for Your Mental Health

The mind is a tricky subject to talk about. Everyone has varying opinions on it, and thus treat it differently when it arises. Because of that, not everyone receives the proper treatment for their mental health concerns. Here is something to think about, and think where you are at the moment. A lot of places still do not consider mental health as a serious matter.

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