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How Technology Is Keeping You Safer

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Technology sometimes gets a bad wrap. It’s blamed for reducing our concentration, fueling a narcissistic generation, and for distracting us from the important things in life. While there may be grains of truth in all of those things, it’s also true that technology has vastly improved the world in innumerable ways, and it’ll only continue to bring more benefits as we march into the future. In particular, we can be thankful to tech for keeping us safer, both as a society and as individuals. Below, we take a look at some of the key safety features that technology provides. Read More →

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The business world is ever changing, and things that worked well for businesses a decade ago are probably now obsolete because of new and innovative ways to run your business. There are minds that are constantly working on how to improve ways of life, and some of these can be applied to business. If you’re looking to take a new direction when it comes to your business, then take a look at these unusual upgrades that could not only help your business run smoother, but they could also grow your business too.  Read More →

How to Earn Bitcoin – Most Popular Ways

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As Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to arrive and the BTC to USD price is currently at $10,052, it comes as no surprise that investors of all sorts want to earn Bitcoin. It is simply no longer feasible to purchase one of the 16,914,737 BTC in the current total supply due to the high price. For those looking to get Bitcoin, there are multiple options available, some more demanding than others. Read More →


Technoadiction or addiction to technologies refers to the excessive use of new technologies and create an imbalance in the behavior and the way in which these resources are consumed. Read More →

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The world is becoming more and more digitally led, and there’s no other industry benefiting more from innovation than the healthcare sector. The future of our health is reshaping every single day and digital technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D printing and nanotechnology are the reason that things are changing. We are living in a privileged time and we have to keep abreast of the latest developments so that we can keep our control on the technological developments changing our lives. Media websites, published newsletters and medical journals are informing us of the rapid changes to medicine on a daily basis, and treatments that were once the topic of science fiction comics and movies just a few short decades ago are now becoming our reality.  Read More →

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Where The Trade Buys, a leading printing firm and UK supplier of roll up banners with operations in southern and north-east England, celebrated nearly 90% growth in 2017 due to an increased focus on growth markets and greater use of online print production operating systems. Read More →

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Online sports betting is growing at a rapid pace, attracting more players and more money to the industry with each new year.  Online Sports Betting currently holds a 40 percent share in the entire online gambling market, according to a new report by the well known market research company, Technavio. The report talks about a steady 4 percent increase in future revenue growth. With an average revenue amount of around $400 billion being brought in annually through a dual online sports betting market that harnesses both desktop and mobile platforms, there are growing concerns on financial safety and efficiency within the blossoming industry. Blockchain, a financial technology recently taking several new industries by storm, is now being developed by companies with interests in the growth and safety of the global online sports betting market. Read More →

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By now, you’ve probably heard of virtual reality (VR). You may have even seen it on the market, displayed and tested in electronic supercenters around the world. It’s available for you to buy already, and as of right now, it’s being used mostly for entertainment. But VR has a future far beyond providing gamers with private stadiums and virtual starships inside their homes. So, what exactly does virtual reality mean for everyday consumers and the companies that seek to provide for them?  Read More →