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The Pains In Games: Gamer’s Struggles

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For all their bad reputation, video games are also attracting a lot of positive attention for their positive influence on mental health issues. Indeed, playing games can help you to relieve stress, especially at the end of a long day. Contrary to the common belief, violent video games have no bearing on individual violence. In fact, most gamers would agree that playing violent games makes them a calmer person in real life, as they are able to use the interactive platform to get rid of tensions. Additionally, the brain registers gaming as an activity that increases the attention and reward-seeking behavior, which are essential cognitive patterns to fight depression off. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no pain in games. In fact, most gamers come across frustrating obstacles that can ruin the playful experience. Read More →

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Factors that make the Google Pixel 2 the best choice amongst Android smartphones; the main two being top quality camera and the best version of the Android platform. Read More →

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There are many factors that can toggle challenges for students in completing their homework assignments. The challenges can range from extra-curricular activities to a decayed home life. However, a vast majority of students are failing to complete their homework, preferring to stay up until 3 AM scrambling to write their papers at the last minute. This is an affect of the various requirements imposed on teachers, via the politics of the public school system. Many of the teachers in the public school system have inherited impractical curriculum requirements which in turn, forces them to teach our children in a rushed and superficial manner. The major consequence of such a curriculum is that our children, many of whom digest and retain information differently, have little time to absorb the information being presented and furthermore, much of the curriculum gets sent home for completion. Read More →

How to Find an Online Casino You Can Trust

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Online gambling is a huge industry worth over $50 billion USD in 2017 alone. This astronomical figure is even more impressive given that just eight years ago it was worth $24 billion USD. In eight years, the industry has doubled its market value, and with that incredible rise has come the inevitable. Yes, there are more than a few less-than-reputable casino sites out there that would take great pleasure in taking all your hard-earned cash. Read More →

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The Western market for cell phones is one that has a hierarchy as fixed as any US high school. The iPhone is the star quarterback everyone wants to be seen with, Samsung the smart, funny student everyone secretly likes more. In this high school scenario, then, where does that leave Huawei? Well, without straining the metaphor, they are the kid who hangs out in the library a lot, who gets excellent grades and who’s into bands you’ve probably never heard of. Read More →

Choosing Stock: A Beginner’s Guide

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A lot of people toy with the idea of getting involved in the stock market, but they struggle to know where to get started in what can seem like a complicated and daunting field. The internet has helped to simplify the process, and there is now so much more advice and tools out there than ever before. To help you on the road, here is a brief beginner’s guide with four pieces of advice designed to help you simplify this field. Read More →

Turn Your Spare Room Into Geek Heaven!

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There are a lot of things that you can do with a spare room. Some people use it as a home office, other’s as a guest bedroom, and some people just end up using it as a dumping ground for stuff that they no longer want or need. However, for the geeks of the world, there’s no better way to use a spare room than to turn it into the ultimate nerdy haven where you can go and relax after a hard day. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to turn your spare room into nerd paradise. Read More →

Benefits of Modern NES Emulators

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Today, the gaming industry releases new products every week or two, and older games are forgotten very quickly, because there are plenty of new ones to try. As a result, almost every new gaming product is out of fashion after one or two seasons. However, just several years ago, games were released literally once a year or so, there were few of them, and everybody played the same old games again and again, totally falling in love with them. Some video games are still remembered by many retro gamers. A series of articles about various gaming emulators will make you feel young again by simply holding a smartphone in your hands. In particular, this post will tell you about NES emulators that can be used on modern devices. What to choose? Is it worth purchasing? What are the features of modern NES emulators? Find all the answers here! Read More →