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Given the time most of us spend with our eyes and hands glued to our smartphones, any online activity or app that can generate some money has got to be worth a serious look. This possibly explains the recent craze in Forex trading. If you thought it was only for investment bankers and high powered Wall Street types, think again. There are dozens of apps out there, many free to download, and you can start trading in Forex in a matter of minutes. Read More →

Real Ways to Make Money Online in 2018

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You have probably already seen tons of articles about making money online, right? But a lot of the time when you click on the link, you have to sift through a list of fairly sketchy-looking advice to perhaps find one or two nuggets of wisdom. The internet is always changing and evolving, and so too are the ways that you can make money online. Read More →

The Evolution of Gaming on MacOS

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Gaming on the Mac has long been considered to be below par (that’s putting it lightly) by the majority of both hardcore and casual gamers. After Steve Jobs revealed that high-profile gaming publisher Electronic Arts was to once again develop games for Mac back at the 2007 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, some technology news outlets such as Ars Technica were even declaring that traditional Mac gaming was all but dead owing to fact that these games wouldn’t be native to the platform and would be instead licensed by Transgaming’s Cider technology. Read More →

2018 Upcoming Gadget Releases

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There are tons of promising start-ups of brand new gadgets every year and 2018 will be no exception. Here are some of the hottest and most interesting gadgets that you might want to get for yourself soon! Read More →

When the first three “Star Wars” movies hit the theaters, all the different components of the movie technology were nothing but science fiction. But as the latest chapter in the saga is coming to a theater near you, what used to look “high-tech” and “unimaginable” isn’t actually so unimaginable anymore. Self-driving technology is the latest trend to hit the driving world – but that doesn’t mean that everyone is totally on-board with buying and using it. That is why Nissan is using the “Star Wars” craze to get consumers comfortable with using technology that gives them a little less control in exchange for safety features meant to override human error.

Nissan is one of the many car makers on a mission to create an entirely autonomous automobile; what’s heading to showrooms near you now are self-driving features that were once considered mind-blowing. From emergency braking options to ProPilot Assist, many new standard features will give the car a little more involvement in the decision-making process of driving. The newest technology was shown off at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, but you can also get a taste of the new concept cars in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

The rationale behind using “Star Wars” to engage and explain self-driving technology to consumers is that people have already gotten used to or understand the concept of force fields and drones. In essence, self-driving technology is just an extension of things that people have already come to terms with, and Nissan’s hope is that car buyers will not just accept the technology – but embrace it.

The ProPilot Assist, which has been installed in the 2018 Nissan Rogue and the forthcoming Nissan Leaf, is just one of the new options Nissan is using to change the automotive world. The closest thing on the market to self-driving, the path is clear to have a fully self-driving car by 2022, with the likes of Renault, Mitsubishi, and Infiniti following on Nissan’s heels – if not ahead of them.

The heads of Nissan’s marketing department met to decide how best to describe and make self-driving technology understandable to the average car owner, and the first thing that came to mind was “Star Wars.” Hitting Nissan car dealers in Surrey and across the country will be the concept cars that came straight out of the newly-released movie. Not just focusing on the coolness and relatability factor, the cars are meant to give everyone a view of what the future of Nissan and the automotive world is moving towards.

Although it’s an excellent option, not everyone is totally okay with self-driving features. While self-driving attempts to do away with human error, current statistics indicate that a car equipped with self-driving technology is about four times more likely to be in an accident. Most of the reason for that is that even though cars have self-driving technology to help, the human brain often works against it and tries to control the car. If you don’t allow the technology to work as it is supposed to, all sorts of things can go wrong. That is why Nissan is pushing to make people more comfortable with the notion of self-driving cars, so that when they are ready for release, people will already like the idea and be ready to relinquish control to an automobile. Consumers also have to learn to give in to the technology available today so that there isn’t a fight between the human decision-making process and the program that guides the car.

Most people who are old enough to buy cars have grown up with “Star Wars.” Seeing Han Solo riding around in a self-driving vehicle was okay on screen, but to let go of control and allow a car to make decisions in real life is a totally different story. That is why Nissan and Applewood Kia Surrey dealerships are trying to bring the future into the here and now by using “Star Wars” as a way to get the consumer used to what is to come. In just four short years, no one will have to sit behind the wheel of a car. Whether the public will be ready to lose that type of control or not depends on how well they understand how it works.

Growing Up in the Nineties

For many people born between the late eighties and the early nineties, the 1990s were the golden age. People were beginning to become familiar with digital technology, especially since the internet was rapidly becoming popular and indispensable. Read More →

You can find a security camera that will match your needs. There are many different choices, so it is important to make sure that one that you are interested in will meet all of your requirements. Whether you are looking for a weatherproof camera, one that will allow you to see in the dark, or a camera that has some other feature that is important to you, you can be sure that you are making a smart investment when it comes to your safety. Read More →

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Unless you’ve been hanging out on the same island as grumpy Luke Skywalker lamenting about how “back in the day, Jedi’s were Jedi’s!”, then you know that the latest entry of the Star Wars franchise — The Last Jedi — has dropped, and it’s full of technologies that we can only dream about (like having our very own TIE Silencer Fighter). Read More →