How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of?

Wondering how to find a game that you forgot the name of? There are now millions of games that it’s easier to forget their names each day.

Sometimes, you may not recall the name of a game that was so good that you won’t find out what it is until you inadvertently discover it.

You’re not the only one who’s ever been stumped by this problem. There are hundreds of people on forums every day looking for a game they can’t recall the name of.

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The good news is that if you can’t recall the name of a game I use personally and recommend to others in order to successfully deal with difficulties, this article will show you seven practical tactics.

So, do you want to know how to locate a game that you no longer recall the name of? Let’s see what we can figure out.

how to find a game that you forgot the name of?

how to find a game that you forgot the name of

I’ll teach you how to find a game that you forgot the name of. After trying several various approaches (which were successful for me) on what it’s called and failing to discover anything in return.

Game Databases

Look for how to find a game that you forgot the name of? With the aid of online databases if you left a question on a forum. The following are some of the most frequent ones:

Select as many options as you can recall, and they’ll provide you with a list of games that fit your criteria.

Ask on Forums

Have you ever heard of the Great Designer Search? It’s a competition sponsored by Google where participants design innovative and aesthetically pleasing websites for businesses.

With so many individuals sharing their thoughts and ideas in a non-judgmental atmosphere, it’s easier than ever before to get your questions answered or simply chat with people that have comparable interests as you!

A lot of other users reported that it was quite useful when it comes to how to find a game that you forgot the name of as well since they’ve had a 100% success rate thus far.

The internet is a huge and fascinating world to explore, especially when you’re seeking the finest gaming forums. The list below contains five of my personal favorites that will provide hours of enjoyment (as well as some extremely profound debates)!

Creating an account on one of the websites I mentioned will allow you to post in their discussion forum.

You should devote a whole article to your favorite game, including the genre, characters’ names, objectives, and any other unique characteristics or locations that it has.

I’d advise you to post it on all of the five sites so that your name may be recognized fast.

Search on Google

how to find a game that you forgot the name of

Google may be a useful tool for locating forgotten information. I know because it aided me in identifying the name of my favorite open-world combat game, which allows players to do whatever they want over and over again.

All you have to do is go to Google and type in your query: “open-world combat game providing players a seemingly endless number of methods to accomplish the same thing.” Go to Google and search for “Dark Souls 2” (The best result should be Dark Souls 2.).

You’ve discovered not only what you were searching for, but also learned a lot more about other games thanks to your Google searches.

how to find a game that you forgot the name of USING Google Images

Google also offers some really impressive capabilities on how to find a game that you forgot the name of. One of them is Google Images. It works in the same manner as Search, but instead of search engine results pages, you’ll get a lot of relevant pictures.

Again, in the case of Outlast, I recommend you write something like this: “horror game video camera,” and it should provide you with the correct answer right away.

how to find a game that you forgot the name of

Look for games that match your search criteria. If there are none, consider different games that meet your criteria or try again, but be more particular this time to remove more irrelevant games.

Let’s assume you still can’t discover the game.

Search by Google Images

Do you mind if I take a screenshot of the game? If that’s the case, good for you! You’ve done an outstanding job, and we’ll get to your prize in no time.

Go to the “images” icon in your browser and take a photo of the game. Then, after you’ve hovered over the search bar with your cursor, click on it. If you discover what we’re searching for at any moment, please let us know!

I’m very happy we were able to find a game name that you’ll forget- I understand how to find a game that you forgot the name of, can be aggravating. If this doesn’t work, there are alternative methods listed below!

Search by Music From the Game

The game’s soundtrack is an unforgettable and iconic one. Google gives a big selection of game soundtracks, so you should have no trouble when it comes to how to find a game that you forgot the name of.

When you’re done browsing for song titles, see if there are any matches for “soundtrack title” or “game track name.”

Hello, welcome to my channel! I’m really glad you’re here! This is one of the most effective methods for remembering a game’s title. If not, please feel free to view some other choices below.

Look for the Best Games of the Genre

The last suggestion, which is also linked to Google Search, maybe a useful reminder.

If you can’t remember the game’s name after searching using the methods above, it implies you know very little about it.

So, rather than being particular, let’s aim for broadness and seek the best games in their category.

If I wanted to locate the Outlast, for example, my search query would look like this: “best horror games.”

Because of this, you will receive a list of the best games from the same category as your own, and you’ll have to go through hundreds or even thousands of games to find the one that’s right for you.

Ask Your Gamer Friend

I was always a gamer, and I had many friends who played games with me. It’s sometimes difficult for me to recall the name of that one game, but it’s simple to remember again!

Simply ask your fellow gamers what they’ve been playing lately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to figure out what a game is called?

Try to recall anything unusual about the game. During what time period did you play this game, as asked on r/tipofmyjoys by the guys?

Ask your gamer friends, go to gaming forums, search for a successor or remake, check out gaming videos on YouTube/use reverse image search, etc.

How can I find an old game?

Here are five sites that help us in figuring out how to find a game that you forgot the name of. The term “good old games” is used in the name “GOG,” and the site lives up to its promise. differs from Steam in that their classic games area, as well as,, AGD Interactive, offers a variety of blasts from the past.

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