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What’s The Ideal Design For Gaming Sites?

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When it comes to online business, design is everything. How a website looks can be the difference between a company getting a customer’s business or not. Online casino companies are no different in this respect. It’s important gaming operators get the look of their site spot on in order to attract players or they could be left trailing behind. This is especially important because the online casino market is packed full of competition and another rival site is literally only a few clicks of the mouse away. Read More →

Can You Really Invent Something You Can Sell?

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What’s your dream? If you love tech and gadgets, then perhaps inventing something awesome that makes you millions is your dream! But is it only a dream or can you really invent something that sells like hotcakes? You might need some tech-savvy, a creative mind, and a lot of time to do it. If that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for? An instruction manual? Read More →

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Everyone had forgotten that beer could be praised for its taste until creative young brewers got the market excited again with new flavors. In fact, the beer industry has taken a step back to rediscover the taste of authenticity, and that’s good news for all enthusiastic beer drinkers. For a long time, beer had received a staple position at parties and in bars: It was the easy drink that doesn’t really taste of anything anymore but is used to cleanse your palate, the “end of the day” drink, the “clearing my mouth after a curry Vindaloo” drink. Read More →

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We wash and rinse all sorts of things which may appear to be clean to the naked eye but are they really clean? Well, they’re probably clean enough for if you like it even cleaner then you need something like the Sonic Soak. The Sonic Soak utilizes ultrasonic technology to help you get a deeper clean while using less water, energy, and time. And best off all, it comes in a compact package so you can bring it along anywhere you wish. Read More →

Mopnado – An Easier and Better Way to Mop!

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I really don’t mind cleaning and it’s something that I find to be therapeutic. I love to see the progress of a room from dirty to clean and it gives me a good feeling. But one thing that I do dislike about cleaning is the mopping. It’s not so much the mopping itself but the aftermath of a wet mop. If you haven’t dealt with an old wet mop then let me tell you something, it stinks! Read More →

How Drones are Being Used

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People hear the word drone and automatically think of dangerous military type machines used for secret, covert missions. Drones are now being used in many different ways and their potential is being realized in all spheres. Read More →

Sneak Peek Spy Gadgets

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Modern gadgets are becoming smaller, lighter and more capable of infiltrating our world than ever before. We currently have technology in the palm of our hands that is more powerful than the tech that sent man to the moon.

Our smart devices have Internet capability and fun functionality, joining them to a cyber network and intrinsically linking them to the world we interact with. Not all tech needs to link you to the Internet though, some modern technology simply infiltrates our world via other means, and the results are mind blowing. Read More →

Post image for Getting Started with Quadcopter Flying: Which Drone Is Right for You?

The drone scene is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are getting into this awesome and extremely rewarding hobby. However, as with any new hobby, the first steps are kind of overwhelming – so the team at FPV Frenzy have put together an infographic as part of their guide to getting started with drones – so whether you want to start racing or start taking aerial photographs, they’ve got you covered! Read More →