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Everything today is a rehash of an old idea. All the movies coming out of Hollywood are remakes, for example. The same goes for jokes, which all seem to have the same, or similar, punch lines. Creativity seems to be dead, and that isn’t something an entrepreneur will not want to hear. Until, however, you realize one thing: they sell. The all-female remake of Ghostbusters broke records, while Netflix is paying through the nose for comedy specials. Although the idea may not be unique, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a draw. Entrepreneurs should keep this in mind as they are old dogs that do learn new tricks.  Read More →

Why It’s Okay To Change The Plan

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When running a business we are always told to make a plan. This plan is what we follow in order to get to where we want to be. It’s what we write as a direction, and we will refer back to this whenever we need to in order to get back on track. The thing is, things change all the time, so what you may have come up with originally might be different now. Your end goal may have changed, or the route that you thought you wanted to go down is different now. That’s okay. The world we live in is constantly evolving and in order to be successful and stay current – rather than get left behind – is to keep up with it all.  Read More →

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With the revolutions in technology it wasn’t going to be long before the digital world met the medical world and create a perfect marriage. The health tech evolution is developing at a rapid rate and hospitals and physician’s surgeries all over the world are churning out new innovations on a daily basis. From wearable fitness technology to no-touch thermometers, health tech is changing the face of medicine.  Read More →

Soboro Smart Side Table

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This is the next generation of your nightstand (night table, bedside table, day stand, bedside cabinet or whatever you may call it). This is not just a nightstand but much much more. Loaded with smart features, this is your multitasking piece of furniture that will add quality to your bedroom. The features include a locking storage drawer, cooler drawer, wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, motion sensing light, charging and power ports for all your devices. The back of the nightstand has LED lighting controlled by Soboro App so that you can get a better sleep at night. Read More →

Post image for Mercedes-Benz Metris Terra Camper Edition by Sportsmobile

I don’t know about the readers of Geek Extreme but I absolutely love Motorhomes and Camper Vans. They are available in many sizes and have their own classifications. Class A refers to the full-size motorhomes that are pretty much the size of a bus. The Class B is often referred to as a Camper Van and usually built on the chassis of a van like a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. They are perfect for up to two people max. Add an additional person and it will start to feel uncomfortable. I personally know this because I’ve rented a Class B for one week in the past. Class C is generally between 20 to 33 feet and also based on a van or truck chassis but intended for larger groups. Read More →

Post image for Batteries At Fault in Samsung’s Smartphone Fires

Back in the summer of 2016, Samsung brought out the Galaxy Note 7. With it’s stylus and larger screen, the phone was designed to take the business market by storm. That was until a month later when the phones started to catch fire, and some even exploded. The company value fell by $26 billion on the stock market. In the competitive technology market, when Samsung were battling against the iPhone, this was a tragedy. Read More →

Post image for Application Processes: Undergraduate vs Med School College & University Admissions

Whether you are planning to go into undergraduate studies or post-graduate studies, you will probably have to complete and submit an application package for the admissions committee. The application package is more than just a requirement to get into schools, but it also serves as an introduction of yourself to the admissions committee of the schools that you apply to. Read More →

Post image for Affordable Home Options – Shipping Container Homes!

The prices of land and houses keeps increasing each and every year. If your dream is to own a home regardless of its size, then something like a Shipping Container Home might be a decent option even if it’s a temporary solution. While you save up the big bucks for a normal home, you can live in a shipping container home for a number of years.  Read More →