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Post image for Avani – The Future of Eco-Friendly and Anti-Plastic Products

Our planet Earth is already wrecked enough through the global warming issues and more. But this plastic effect is something that should be eradicated as soon as possible. Even government insists on it. So to lend a hand on making that happen, AVANI has been the manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic bags from the year 2014 that would save our world from any more destruction.

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Playing Online for Fun and Profits

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Playing video games can be a lot of fun. They can offer amazing stories as well as challenging puzzles that can put your mind and attention to work. With mobile phones becoming more and more affordable, people can now have their gaming escapades on the go. It also does not hurt that newer phones have higher specs, providing more spectacularly visual games at your disposal.

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How is AI Faring Against Us Today?

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We simply can’t ignore the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is and has been all around us for the past decade, with huge tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and even Facebook all using the advanced AI technology ‘to go where no (AI) machine has gone before…’

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Post image for LG’s Next Generation Gadget – Pod based Ice Cream Gadget

LG is a world known brand which has proved itself in all electronic domain possible. But now LG has released a prototype of a gadget which makes that has made us question ourselves. Is it even true? Yes, it is. LG has designed a pod-based ice cream making gadget known as the “Snow White” which can be utilized to make tasty ice creams at the leisure of your home. The best part of this product is that it employs the latest technologies to get things done. A modern ice cream maker at your home to get your dessert done in 5 – 10 minutes is a breakthrough towards making lives better and it will for sure.

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Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

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People with glasses are the most unfortunate ones when it comes to finding their spectacles in place. Even the most careful person might have forgotten when those pair were kept last night before retiring to bed. The worst case is for people who use reading glasses; because, they cannot wear it all the time, and if they aren’t using spectacle chain, they are pretty much prone to losing it.

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Post image for Surprising Reasons to Get a Home Security System You Might Not Have Thought of

Most homeowners install home security systems as a way to thwart burglars and keep their family and possessions safe. In many cases, though, alarms, cameras and other security devices aren’t purchased until after something has happened, such as a neighbor being robbed. It makes sense, given that it’s statistically proven that having an alarm system makes your home a less attractive target to thieves. According to the American Electronics Association, nine out of 10 burglars will skip a home if its equipped with a security system. And your security system can help protect your neighbors as well since robbers will generally avoid whole neighborhoods if multiple homes have alarm systems.

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Waterlily Turbine USB Charger

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We have all been in a situation where our phone suddenly gave up and died, and there was nothing we could have used to charge it with. There are power banks indeed, but for people who trek on mountains for days at a stretch, might not find carrying two to three power banks feasible. Also, it’s a hassle to search for charging spots, even for the power banks, all the time when on longer trips.

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Post image for Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Having a pet at home is a great thing because you have someone to take care of and get love in return at all times. It’s such a relaxing therapy to have a cat or a dog at home, who waits for you to come from work and play with them; it’s almost like a stress-buster. Maybe you are doing good with that beautiful playhouse you brought last year, and your pet still plays with it, or perhaps the ball that has been there with your cat for a long time. But are you doing enough for them?

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