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Post image for DIY vs. Professional Home Security: Which one makes sense for you?

There are a number of factors to take into account when you’re shopping for a home security system. Price, quality, ease of use, and effectiveness are at the top of the list, but it’s time to make room for a fifth important consideration.

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Post image for The Coat Check Chair – Design meets closet Space

A unique idea that was once a student project, is now coming to life. Joey Zeledon, the artist behind this chair, worked on several projects while attending school but this was his favorite idea and he wanted to make it a reality.

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Post image for It’s OK- 5.0 Bluetooth Cassette Player

Ever want to go back in time, and remember the good old days when times were simpler? Although we can’t really do that, sometimes listening to oldies helps us to relax and forget about our current day problems. What’s even better is actually taking out a cassette player and listening to those good oldies. NINB Lab has now created a cassette player but with 5.0 Bluetooth capabilities, which means you can put in those old cassettes you’ve been saving in the attic but hook up your new wireless Bluetooth headphones or even Bluetooth speakers. You can get rid of those annoying 3.5mm headphones and not get trapped up in those wires. Or if you really do want that 80’s experience, this cassette player also supports the 3.5mm headphones in addition to Bluetooth. Although there have been other versions of bluetooth cassette players, It’s OK has a better, faster and greater transfer rate of music. It’s also has a better transfer distance, allowing you to enjoy music at a greater range.

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Post image for Dango Coin Capsule – Organize your coins in Style

If you have ever heard of Dango or seen their products, you will be quite impressed with their creative ideas. They design creative and stylish products to suit your everyday needs. One of the products that caught my eye is the Dango Coin Capsule to keep and organize your coins. It’s a stylish device that almost looks like a pocket watch – it’s small enough to fit into your pocket but big enough for your coins. It’s made out of aerospace grade aluminum and has a twist top so you can access all of your coins easily and quickly. It has a stainless-steel clip on the back of it so you can clip it onto your pants. It also has a loophole for attachments.  The capsule can hold 16 quarters, 10 dimes, 7 nickels, and 9 pennies. It has different slots for different coins, making it super organized. It’s perfect for those who hate loose change in their pockets or bag.  It’s available in two colors – anodized jet black and satin silver.

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Monster X – A Monster Charging Station

Post image for Monster X – A Monster Charging Station

With the amount of technology usage, we do on a daily basis, most of our devices like phones, tablets and laptops run out of battery pretty quickly. We want our devices charged super fast so we can get back to socializing online. Sometimes, we don’t have the time to sit and wait, especially when we are on the go and need to use our devices. The newest gadget that’s about to hit the market is the Monster X – the most powerful 100W, portable charger.

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Post image for Why Oracle’s Cloud Tech is Above and Beyond

As technology has developed in the last ten years, the use of “the cloud” has become increasingly important. Not only is the cloud commercially used by many companies to ensure data security and integrity as well as accessibility. However, many users do not understand what, exactly, “the cloud” is. It can be somewhat confusing for users to understand what cloud computing is and exactly how it works, given the fact it often isn’t a tangible feature.

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Fat Freezer Face – Sculpt your Face

Post image for Fat Freezer Face – Sculpt your Face

Do you have stubborn areas on your face that you wish that you could slim down but it’s not happening despite eating right and exercising? I think most of us would like to slim or tone our faces but don’t want to spend the money or do any sort of surgical procedures. The Fat Freezer Face is a new at home device to help tone your face and freeze fat away in the areas you want. This system uses cryolipolysis technology to target and sculpt fat away from your face. While you can sculpt the desired areas you want, you won’t change your natural look with this device. With this device you can get rid of your double or triple chin, tighten your neck area, contour your jawline, and enhance your cheekbones.

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Post image for Progressive Online Video Slots – A Shot at Financial Glory

The one thing experience and recreational gamblers have in common is they are all looking for the big win. For slot players, that’s a tall order. With limited financial resources, it’s incumbent on anyone who wants to gamble on video slots on a regular basis to make good choices as far as where and when they risk their capital.

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