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Most businesses fail due to poor delegation of duties. You have to work as a team. In every business aspect, you will need a professional to handle that professional role. For example, accounting will require an accountant. However, it is expensive for small businesses to have a marketing department. This means that you will have to outsource some of the professional services as it is cheaper that way. Other reasons why you should outsource marketing services include: Read More →

Why do Geeks Make the Best Casino Sharks?

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Casinos are fun and often glamorous places, but they are also businesses, and the old saying that ‘the house always wins’ is a true one. Well, it is true most of the time. Some customers get lucky and hit a good run of fortune, and some of them even know when to quit while they are ahead and go home with more money than they arrived with. Read More →

Why We’re Raving About the Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 is on the way and it just may be hotter than a dog in Hawaii. Drone enthusiasts everywhere have long called DJI the “Apple of drones” due to their sexy lineup of sleek, highly advanced drones. And the Phantom 4 seems poised to continue on the tradition. Read More →

The Inspire 1 from DJI is the latest aerial technology with an advanced package that involves being packed into a simple, ready to fly system hence putting you in the sky within minutes. It is light in weight, but it provides the stability you need, and it is powerful.  It has carbon fiber arms that will help maneuver in the air and will move out of the cameras’ way at the flick of a switch giving a 360° obstructed the view of the camera to capture independent shots depending on where you are flying. Read More →

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Jon Snow approved and thoroughly tested by the Wildlings, this heated hoodie is the perfect companion for the upcoming winter. Jackets are overrated and can be way too bulky. These hoodies are stylish, unisex, and of course – heated. Read More →

Pros and Cons of Reselling Hosting

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There are numerous advantages and disadvantages associated with reselling web hosting services, and you will need to know what they are before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. The more information you get on reselling hosting the better, as it is not something that you will want to rush into. Reselling hosting services is not for everyone, but you will need to get the facts so you can make an educated decision. A lot of people fail at doing this because they didn’t learn everything they should have before getting started. Read More →

Post image for Malware, Bad Wi-Fi, and Phishing – Oh, My! Navigating the Dangers of the Modern Internet

I’ll never forget the first computer virus I downloaded. I was 15 and obsessed with chatting with my friends on America Online. Some people aren’t old enough to remember the pre-wifi, pre-Facebook days of the internet. For those who are, discussions of the buzzy scream of dial-up modems and being kicked off of the internet when someone in the house picked up the phone line bring back fond and frustrating memories. Read More →

Post image for When Disaster Strikes: Using Application Monitoring During A Software Crisis

If you have a pressing problem with your application that needs immediate attention, an app monitoring tool can play a swift and direct role in your online error management efforts. Read More →