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5 Must Have Tech Gadgets For Your Home

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You never know how great your home can be before you fill it with the latest technology. Technology can make life practical, convenient and even comfortable, so it’s important to keep up with the latest innovations. Tech gadgets are often expensive purchases, but once you have them in your home you’ll wonder how you lived without them. If you’re looking into new technology for your home, here are some must have ideas. Read More →

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Voice activation is the latest trend in the world of tech. Amazon came out with the Echo and Google are now following suit with the Home. When these devices are combined with everything else, you get a home that can be controlled simply by the power of voice. This tech seems set to stay and it’s gaining ground fast. If it’s here to stay then it’s going to change the way that we do things in a massive way but how exactly will it do that? There are so many possibilities when it comes to voice-activated tech and nobody can be certain where it will lead us. However, there are some obvious next steps that companies are starting to work on right now. This is what the future of voice activation looks like. Read More →

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These days, it could be difficult to get by for long without access to good cellular signal. While it may not be necessary for better quality of life, much of the work we used to do on paper, store in file cabinets and, communicate and deliver via snail mail can be done on a mobile device. Read More →

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This might strike you as a bit peculiar at least. When you woke up this morning, you might have not taken into the consideration the possibility of being told why you need a sign. However, chances are you might be in need of a sign and you don’t even know it. That’s of course, if you weren’t looking for sign making tips already. Technology has made it incredibly easy today for people to make signs as they wish. Companies like mclogan make it easy to get what you need and start making the signs you want. Read More →

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After five years of marriage and purchasing our first home together, my wife and I decided that we were ready to start investing a bit of our hard-earned money. Decision firmly made, we froze when we realized that we knew absolutely nothing about investing and needed guidance in order to move forward with our plan. First things first: we needed to choose an investment broker. Read More →

Here’s How to Deal with Unstructured Data

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Unstructured data is the virtual mud field that one must sift through in order to make sense of vital business data that is hidden from sight but can be identified, extracted and processed by analyzing all the data found on the Internet. This is mainly thanks to the help of IT/AI processes like text mining and semantics technology (a valuable aspect of Machine Learning), which allow a program to recognize and make sense of human language, speech and also determines human/consumer behaviour (as well as predict changes in client preference and mass trends). It is the opposite of Structured Data, which is basically information that is already tagged, categorized and divided into classifications, such as any data contained in spreadsheets and databases, which is fixed in location within a record or file (Microsoft Excel for example). Read More →

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Nothing makes a guy look more hip than a pair of sunglasses. Just think of Neo in The Matrix. Michael Knight in Knight Rider. The Blues Brothers! Read More →

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If any of you guys are thinking of proposing, I’m hoping this article might provide you with some inspiration. Lord knows I could have used some when I proposed to my then-girlfriend last year. Read More →