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Post image for Cold-Brew coffee is the best thing you can do with your eight hours of sleep tonight

Cold brew is an absolute delight on a hot summer day. It can also be a colossal pain in the proverbial keister to make. Filtering out the grounds that have been swimming in the same 24 oz of water for over 8 hours is a bit of a chore when it comes to ensuring that you have the best quality caffeine to enjoy upon waking. In the middle of summer, you’re not going to want to enjoy a 32 oz. cup of steaming hot coffee. At least, I know that I don’t want to have a supremely hot (like 185 degree?) drink to start off my day. Why would you?

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Post image for Gaming Landscape Continues to be Changed by Social Advancements

Gaming used to suffer from the misguided stigma of being solely for loners, geeks, and others not considered among the most competent in social situations. But, now that there is a wider selection of drastically better games available across many platforms, more people interact with the entertainment medium, with the increasingly important social factors proving to be one of the main reasons why some people game, according to a Social Media Week post.

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Post image for Why the gadget obsessed need to opt for IFA as their European vacation

IFA is in September and man is it a sight to behold. The best in European consumer electronics at my fingertips all while getting to enjoy the sights and sounds of Berlin. How could you not enjoy the amazing precision of Germany coupled with the gadgets and electronics available for perusal at IFA. Germany is world-renowned for its engineering prowess and the excellence displayed by the same minds which have been responsible for bringing the BMW to the world at large.

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Have A Cosplay Party With These Tips

Post image for Have A Cosplay Party With These Tips

If you want to throw a memorable party, you have get creative. Everyone has had an experience with a basic party at some point in their lives. To stand out, you have to get your crowd’s attention and imagination. It all boils down on how much effort you want to put into the preparations. Themes are a common way of making an impact when throwing parties. With themed parties, you get a unique experience that will last in their minds.

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Why Sports Playoffs Are Exciting

Post image for Why Sports Playoffs Are Exciting

There comes a time, every year, when playoff fever catches the hearts and minds of every sports fan. No matter what sport they follow, everyone knows it is time to tune in when the playoffs start. What is the big deal about it, anyway? Well, at its simplest, the playoffs are a time where there is something on the line.

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Post image for How to set up and run targeted advertising on Instagram

A guide for beginners

If you know how to set up targeted advertising, you keep your social business under control. Today I will tell you how to learn to launch a target on Instagram, choose types of ads, arrange advertising publications and not lose yourself in the process.

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Post image for Why CES is the be all end all of my gadget obsessed life.

It’s no secret that I am a giant tech nerd. If there is a device or program that will save me even 10% of the required time to complete a task is an irresistible lure to me. This is why the Consumer Electronics Show was a literal wonderland for me. If it requires a Bluetooth connection or charges via a USB 2.0 port then I am all over it. Teeny tiny drones I can send over the office cubicle walls to torment my boys at the office? I’m all over it. Little productivity dice which allow you to track your productive time and automatically export the time-sheets to the boss who is spending his time practicing his putting game in his office ad not actually supervising anything at all. Heck yeah!

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Post image for How Online Gaming Is Set To Change In The Next Few Years

We have lived with video games for over a generation now, the first home video game is generally credited to being developed by physicist William Higinbotham in1958 but the first widely available game is known to be Pong by Atari in 1972. Gaming has come a long way since those days though and is set to change even further in the next generation so we are going to look at some upcoming developments we expect to see over the next few years.

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