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What Is Tech Tourism?

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Tech tourism is a fairly new form of tourism in top areas around the world. It seems as though there are many technology fans and travelers that are peaked with the idea of going to major tech sectors and enjoying the technological improvements and access to incredible technology that they can see during their trip. Some of the top destinations for tech tourism currently are: Read More →

3 Exciting Tech Launches for January 2019

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January of 2019 sets to be a big month for new technology. With many companies launching new products at CES, there is a wide selection of products that you should keep your eye out for starting in the new year. Here are three exciting tech launches planned for January 2019: Read More →

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There are few things in life that have the potential to be quite as fulfilling and uplifting — not to mention hope-providing — than starting up your own business, whether or not you go “full time” with it in a hurry, or instead run it as a side hustle for a considerable period of time. Read More →

Is There a Place For High Tech in Baby Gear?

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This generation of parents can benefit from a wide range of tools that can improve the process of raising children. Technology is truly making its way into the bedroom of babies across the world. With a new generation of parents that are all well versed with technology use, it’s no wonder that they are regularly looking for a helping hand in raising kids too. There is certainly a place for high tech in baby gear today and some of the best new devices that you should consider include: Read More →

Is WordPress the Best Option for Your Site?

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There are a number of reasons why WordPress can stand as one of the best options for your website. Choosing WordPress over other platforms can give you some massive advantages. It’s no wonder that 30% of websites online are currently running using WordPress. Here are some of the best reasons why it could be the best option for your site: Read More →

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The Heart of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality games are one of the most fascinating and fantastic gaming genres available to the public these days. Incorporating the ability to “electronically” pick something up, run and jump and even shoot a gun has quickly become a popular pastime, but it’s when a virtual reality game includes the emotional aspect of virtual reality that the industry itself goes beyond what it is attempting to do. The physical aspect is a wonder in itself but the emotional aspect brings a whole new level to the virtual reality trend. When it comes to feeling emotion within a virtual reality game, fear lies at the heart of it all. Read More →

Ways to Pass Time When You’re Bored

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Are you feeling bored during a slow weekday? Maybe you are on a long trip and looking for something to do to pass the time. Sometimes the hands on the clock just pass by so slowly it can be quite unbearable. However, fear not. Because of the wonders of technology, there are unlimited ways to cure you of boredom. Read More →

Understanding the Impact of Social Media

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Through the power of the internet and mobile devices, society as we know it has changed. People who grew up before the big technological boom of the 2000s can attest to how far technology has come. Before, video games only consisted of mere pixels and monotone sounds. Now, games can compete (and beat) multi-million dollar funded movies in terms of plot and visuals. Before, all phone contacts must come from an annual edition of the phone book – and searching it was not easy. Now, all you have to do is type someone’s name on Facebook and you are all set. Read More →