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Arcades used to be extremely popular back in the day with games to summon young kids and teenagers. It was the place to be. Coleco, the company behind these awesome arcade machines, then released mini arcade machines in 1981 and marketed them as “the arcade games you can take home with you,” so you could have the same type of experience but in the comfort of your home. They were quite popular at the time and had the same look and feel as the original arcade machines. Coleco now wants to bring the mini arcade machines back. These arcade machines will be the same as you remember from the 80’s but of course with better technology. They will have the same heavy duty plastic shell, the same classic shape and the same vibrant designs. The two mini arcades that will be introduced will still have the same Berzerk and Frenzy games on them so you can relive your olden days of glory.

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Switch Solar Bag

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For those of us who are constantly on the go and travel a lot for work, making sure our important devices are fully charged can be a challenge. Although there are plenty of devices on the market that allows us to charge our devices on the go, a more environmentally friendly way is through solar panels. The Switch Solar Bag, from Voltaic, is made just for that – to charge on the go, in an Eco-friendly way.

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LavvieBot S: The Smart Litter Box

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If you are a cat owner, you know litter boxes are dirty and smelly and you have to change it almost every day. My neighbor’s kids recently got a cat and she constantly complains to me about the smells and the constant litter box changes she isn’t used to. With the LavvieBot S, you can have peace of mind about your cat’s health and the litter box. Created by Taegu Noh, CEO of PurrSong, specifically for monitoring urinary health for cats, it monitors how much your cat goes per day as well as cleans each time your cat excretes. You can set a timer through the app to decide after how much time you want the LavvieBot to clean after each excrement. The waste drawer can collect the excrement for up to 3 weeks and if lined with a plastic bag, you can simply pull out the bag and throw it away.

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Post image for The Future of Voice Technology: Why Your Business Needs to Jump on This Trend

Voice technology is innovative software that is starting to take over. Deeply powered by artificial intelligence, voice technologies are forging a new path for consumers to connect with you business. Consider why voice technologies are so valuable for modern businesses.

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Tactica M250 Portable Toolkit

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No matter what we do in our every day lives from home to work to outdoor activities, there’s always a time when we have to go looking for a screw driver to fix something that breaks. Having the right screwdriver on hand and when it’s needed can be a hassle. Even the screwdrivers that have multiple hex bits attached can be misplaced throughout the house and of course you aren’t going to carry it around with you everywhere you go. Having a compact screwdriver, which can be easily stored and be carried anywhere is hard to find on the market.

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Post image for Two Ways You Can Acknowledge That She’s Older

Unfortunately time has not slowed and your baby girl has become a teenager — and you’re not quite sure how to grow with her. On one hand she’s still a child, your child, and she needs to follow your rules. You certainly will not buy her space jam e-liquid and allow her to vape in your home, but you can’t keep treating her like a kindergartner either. What can you do as a parent to acknowledge to your baby that you understand that she’s almost an adult?

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Post image for AutoShades: Smart Shades for Your Smart Home

A lot of us are installing smart home devices into our home and making life a little simpler and more organized. Through different devices and different apps, we can control everything through a centralized system or through our phone, like lighting, music, locks, etc. What isn’t commonly found, however, is motorized window shades. Usually any sort of motorized window shades are customized, are expensive and may not be compatible with your smart home. AutoShades, created by Dreamer Technologies, are motorized window shades that are easy to install on your own and are compatible with most smart home central systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant and the AutoShade app.

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Dometic PLB40 Portable Power Pack

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Specifically designed for Dometic fridges and freezers, the Dometic PLB40 Power Pack is a powerful solution to give you enough power to cover your weekend. The PLB40 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, which ensures stable power delivery. It has a more stable power supply and is longer lasting than lead-acid batteries. The powerful battery cells provide 512 Wh of energy and 40 Ah. It has dual USB ports to charge your important devices while you are off the grid and has a 12V power port that allows you to charge the device while you are driving to your destination. It can also be charged via solar power or through AC home power. The built-in 8A charger allows for fast charging of the device.

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