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2019 has been dubbed the year of artificial intelligence (AI) from a number of business powerhouses including Forbes. Critics are divided on whether or not this is a good thing; when used correctly, it has the power to revolutionize and streamline processes. But there’s always the nagging fear that it might make many professions redundant.

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What is the Blinkist App?

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Reading books is a wonderful thing. It is said that all kinds of reading benefit us in a way or another. However, not every one of us has the patience to sit with a book to finish it. Sometimes, even the most intriguing books are left incomplete or untouched because of the lack of persistence.

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3 Ways to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

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If you use WhatsApp on iPhone and you want to create a backup to transfer it somewhere else, don’t worry. It’s not a time taking process, mind a few things, and you will be fine. Following, we explain three different approaches to do this:

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6 Tips For More Professional YouTube Videos

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You don’t have to chat to too many people before you find someone with their own YouTube channel. However, having a channel is not, by itself, all that impressive. Because let’s be real here: the vast, vast majority of videos that you’ll find on the world’s largest video site are not worth watching. But then, of course, there are videos that most definitely are worth watching. Watch a few of those videos, and you’ll quickly notice just how professional the videos look and feel. How did they achieve that? Below, we take a look at six tips that’ll have you on your way to producing more professional looking content.

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Is WordPress the Best Option for Your Site?

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There are a number of reasons why WordPress can stand as one of the best options for your website. Choosing WordPress over other platforms can give you some massive advantages. It’s no wonder that 30% of websites online are currently running using WordPress. Here are some of the best reasons why it could be the best option for your site: Read More →

Post image for Benefits of Using EaseUS Data Recovery to Restore Permanently Deleted Files

Have you lost all your files permanently? Are you unable to find any tools that can help you restore the files that you have lost? Are you worried that because of the files you accidentally deleted you might have to lose your job? Well, you are not the only one because it is the issue with millions of other people. They accidentally delete some of the most important files and then they start looking for a tool that can help them with the recovery process. No doubt there are different types of tools available, this article is to introduce one of the most comprehensive data recovery software developed by EaseUS. Here are some interesting benefits you will get by using the software. Read More →

What is the ‘Dailylit’?

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The Dailylit is an online publisher that delivers ongoing literary classics and short stories that you can pick up in small installments. Rather than having to purchase e-books, users on Daily Lit to get access to sections of a book or installments of a classic book that arrived in their inbox each day. The idea is to give readers the chance to divide a book into smaller and more digestible sections that they can enjoy on their commute and all for free. Read More →

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

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There have been numerous ransom attacks across the world as various organizations have been attacked by malware from all across the world. Much of the work has been if the dire effect in the working of the organizations or the individual’s computers. This sudden increase in attacks has caused much of the rest of the world to rise up in seeking means and ways to protect and to prevent any further attacks. One of the most recent was the WeCry attack which showed some glaring vulnerabilities in the Microsoft system, forcing the company to reconsider its updates releases and find means and ways t counter the attacks. The company had to go against their own policies and quickly salvage a means to keep their customers and users safe and away from the attacks by the four organizations. Read More →