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What is the ‘Dailylit’?

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The Dailylit is an online publisher that delivers ongoing literary classics and short stories that you can pick up in small installments. Rather than having to purchase e-books, users on Daily Lit to get access to sections of a book or installments of a classic book that arrived in their inbox each day. The idea is to give readers the chance to divide a book into smaller and more digestible sections that they can enjoy on their commute and all for free. Read More →

How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

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There have been numerous ransom attacks across the world as various organizations have been attacked by malware from all across the world. Much of the work has been if the dire effect in the working of the organizations or the individual’s computers. This sudden increase in attacks has caused much of the rest of the world to rise up in seeking means and ways to protect and to prevent any further attacks. One of the most recent was the WeCry attack which showed some glaring vulnerabilities in the Microsoft system, forcing the company to reconsider its updates releases and find means and ways t counter the attacks. The company had to go against their own policies and quickly salvage a means to keep their customers and users safe and away from the attacks by the four organizations. Read More →

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Images don’t get as much attention as they should whenever the subject of search engine optimization (SEO) comes up. Yet, all your SEO efforts can come to naught if you don’t optimize your site’s images. Image optimization can determine how well your page is ranked on Google’s search results. Read More →

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Server virtualization is a force to be reckoned with, and a double-edged sword. The aspects that make it appealing enough to IT leaders is the fact that they can launch multiple applications and operating systems without causing too much stress to their physical infrastructure. On the other hand, tasks such as launching virtual machines can be done in a fraction of the time that it would take when using physical servers.  Read More →

Is Creating an App Worth it?

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In today’s world, apps are all the rage, and there are thousands of them available for download. Many people have made a good amount of money creating apps, and some people hope to hit the jackpot with their ingenious ideas. However, making an app can take up a lot of time and may even cost you money depending on what you are creating. So, is it worth it to create an app? Consider some of these questions. Read More →

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The scientific design of software applications customized for a given user base within an organization is known as custom software development. The custom software focuses on providing tailor-made solutions for an organization’s needs contrary to the traditional off-the-shelf applications. This type of software is designed to meet the needs of a business entity by a third party developer working on contract terms, or the organization’s team of developers. Usually, custom software is not meant for reselling or repackaging.  Read More →

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The world is progressing in the field of technology at a rapid and an unstoppable pace. We have supercomputers that are faster than ever. We live in smart homes in which, almost, everything ranging from lights, fans, door locks, music players to even toasters are connected and controlled by our voice. Imagining life, without our smartphones and other gadgets, is impossible. We are surrounded by technology from all the four sides and this integration of technology in our lives, with each passing day, is increasing and getting thicker. Read More →

Pro Docker For Dummies: What Is It?

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Most professional people don’t really have to understand of how powerful their office computer really is. You may generally use your company software and email for communication without giving it any more thought than that. For the programmers and administrators, there is much more to the computer world. Read More →