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Post image for Malware, Bad Wi-Fi, and Phishing – Oh, My! Navigating the Dangers of the Modern Internet

I’ll never forget the first computer virus I downloaded. I was 15 and obsessed with chatting with my friends on America Online. Some people aren’t old enough to remember the pre-wifi, pre-Facebook days of the internet. For those who are, discussions of the buzzy scream of dial-up modems and being kicked off of the internet when someone in the house picked up the phone line bring back fond and frustrating memories. Read More →

Post image for When Disaster Strikes: Using Application Monitoring During A Software Crisis

If you have a pressing problem with your application that needs immediate attention, an app monitoring tool can play a swift and direct role in your online error management efforts. Read More →

Post image for Should You Code Your Site Manually or Use a Website Builder?

Are you trying to decide whether to use a website builder or create (and host) your website on your own instead? This is an important question, as the route that you select can greatly affect how your project turns out. Website building programs are a marvelous tool, which can help even unsophisticated users create an impressive site without a great deal of technical knowledge. Read More →

Post image for Become More Knowledgeable with Learning Apps

Due to technology advancements, learning has become easy. In this era, apps play a vital role in our education. If you are student, android app developers have you covered with some educational apps. There are many free educational apps to choose from including the following: Read More →

Post image for CSGO Betting Sites Offer the Best Gaming Guides

There was a time when hints and tips for gamers were reserved strictly for the pages of the gaming sites. However, the rise of eSports over recent years means that suddenly, everyone wants a piece of the action, and experts are popping out of the woodwork from the most unexpected directions. Read More →

The Internet and What It Is Doing For You

Post image for The Internet and What It Is Doing For You

Since the internet was invented in the early 90’s, it has become everything to everyone. For something that doesn’t really ‘exist,’ the internet and its effects certainly feel real, don’t they? We cannot ignore the impact of the internet – and right now, it’s taking over. How so? Let’s take a look, it’s certainly doing a lot for us! Read More →

Post image for Why Image Visualisation is the Next Big Thing in Medicine

In many ways, it’s already here, although the tech is still in its infancy. However, as we all know, technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, so it won’t be long until it’s revolutionised medicine completely. Read More →

Post image for What Does The Future of Voice Activation Look Like?

Voice activation is the latest trend in the world of tech. Amazon came out with the Echo and Google are now following suit with the Home. When these devices are combined with everything else, you get a home that can be controlled simply by the power of voice. This tech seems set to stay and it’s gaining ground fast. If it’s here to stay then it’s going to change the way that we do things in a massive way but how exactly will it do that? There are so many possibilities when it comes to voice-activated tech and nobody can be certain where it will lead us. However, there are some obvious next steps that companies are starting to work on right now. This is what the future of voice activation looks like. Read More →