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The Best Antivirus Apps for 2018

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It’s a new year — could it be time for a new antivirus app? Without strong protection against viruses and malware, your system simply isn’t safe — you could lose control of your personal information, your data and files, and even your identity. If you don’t have antivirus protection, you need it; if you have it, it’s time to verify that it’s fully updated and operational. Otherwise, hackers could steal your personal data and sell it on the black market, or use it to clean out your bank accounts, or hold your device for ransom. Read More →

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Do you often use Skype to get in touch with your special someone or your besties abroad? Well, then like numerous Skype users, you too may have wished umpteen numbers of times to record and save the most unforgettable Skype calls so that you can revisit them and relive your memories. Unfortunately, Skype does not offer the recording facility. But you can solve the problem now with the help of a cutting edge software from top software developer Movavi. The internationally renowned company has released Movavi Screen Recorder which is designed to capture online live videos- including live Skype video calls. Read More →

The Best YouTube Video Downloader

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Videos are a major source of entertainment in the modern age. Watching videos and sharing videos on multiple social media sites has become the norm of this generation. YouTube has a variety of genres like music and funny videos for users to choose from. People want to download these videos to their devices for storage purposes or to view them later while they are offline. Access to the internet is a major challenge for those who do not have the capacity to buy data and be able to access the internet 24 hours a day hence the importance of downloading their favorite videos from YouTube. Read More →

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We are on our laptops, our computers, our smartphones or tablets for a substantial amount of time every day. It is an easy way to pass the time while waiting for appointments, killing time on the bus or checking up on what the rest of the world is up to over lunch.

As nifty and convenient our devices are, there is that constant threat of digital addiction. We have all had experiences when we have been scrolling through social media on our computers, realized we are bored and then picked up our phone and gotten straight back to social media. It is a danger; we are becoming so dependent on our devices as a safety net that even an hour away can bring about anxiety. Read More →

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Sick of paying massive monthly fees just to talk on the phone? You’re not alone. While cell phone plans cost a bit less than they used to, it seems crazy to pay more than $100 per month for the ability to communicate. High demand for cheaper options has led to a new alternative to traditional phone plans, and with one of a few different strategies, you can use it to save more money to put toward other important things. Read More →

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Capturing the perfect selfie is truly an art. Trying to find the perfect balance between the right lighting and flattering shadows along with making the perfect, totally candid face takes practice. But beyond capturing the photo, there’s choosing the right filter, which is pretty much an entirely different rabbit hole in itself. To add that extra something to a selfie I always like to use a filter. Yeah, the in-app filters are okay but there’s a whole world of effect apps that take my selfies to the next level. Here are some of my favorites to use! Read More →

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Part of running a business is recognizing what sorts of emerging technologies can help you realize your goals. Whether the aim is to lower costs, increase efficiency or boost security, there are abundant reasons why companies need to consider the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud software is optimizing what businesses value most. Read More →

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Nearly 75 percent of mobile apps ship out with bugs numbering anywhere from one to 10, according to a 2015 report from Evans Data Corporation. The report announces findings from a survey of more than 500 software developers, busy doing just that at the time, developing mobile software. One-third of app developers report that an average of three to five bugs come up after an app release. Between 11 and 50 bugs are found on average, some 20 percent said. Of course, fixes come with subsequent monthly updates. Read More →