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Will We be Using Digital Pathologists Soon?

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The diagnostic review of specimens in a pathology lab is conducted with formal, standardized measurement protocols, which are useful worldwide. However, these protocols ask for pathologists to use their eyes, their gut-instinct and their judgement, which does not make for exact measurements. In addition to this, most pathology labs find their workloads are increasing in volume and complexity, so there’s a real challenge. Read More →

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Voice activation is the latest trend in the world of tech. Amazon came out with the Echo and Google are now following suit with the Home. When these devices are combined with everything else, you get a home that can be controlled simply by the power of voice. This tech seems set to stay and it’s gaining ground fast. If it’s here to stay then it’s going to change the way that we do things in a massive way but how exactly will it do that? There are so many possibilities when it comes to voice-activated tech and nobody can be certain where it will lead us. However, there are some obvious next steps that companies are starting to work on right now. This is what the future of voice activation looks like. Read More →

Here’s How to Deal with Unstructured Data

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Unstructured data is the virtual mud field that one must sift through in order to make sense of vital business data that is hidden from sight but can be identified, extracted and processed by analyzing all the data found on the Internet. This is mainly thanks to the help of IT/AI processes like text mining and semantics technology (a valuable aspect of Machine Learning), which allow a program to recognize and make sense of human language, speech and also determines human/consumer behaviour (as well as predict changes in client preference and mass trends). It is the opposite of Structured Data, which is basically information that is already tagged, categorized and divided into classifications, such as any data contained in spreadsheets and databases, which is fixed in location within a record or file (Microsoft Excel for example). Read More →

Phishing Scams: How to Avoid Them

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Investigation by Home Depot, in cooperation with law enforcement and third-party IT security experts, found that hackers had used a third-party vendor’s username and password to enter Home Depot’s computer network. Once inside the network, the hackers installed custom-built malware on Home Depot’s self-checkout systems in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the stolen personal and credit card data, separate files containing about 53 million email addresses were stolen. Read More →

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Computer viruses are not something that anyone wants to have to deal with, but the truth is that they are a danger that affects anybody who is using a computer or browsing the web. Viruses are malicious programs which can damage any number of your files, and prevent your computer from running properly – sometimes with catastrophic results. Having a good antivirus software package is critical in protecting your data, otherwise the consequences could lead to being unable to use your computer or access your files. This is the worst-case scenario, and the only thing stopping it from happening is vigilance on the side of the computer user which will prevent these threats from breaking through. Read More →

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With people here in 2017 spending more and more of our time online, storing our digital possessions online is becoming a greater part of our everyday lives.

But is the cloud really the ultimate storage solution? Here, we take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to give you a better view of the situation. With a mobile-first approach being pushed more and more in business, as well as in the services we use (think Spotify, Netflix), mobile networks like Asda Mobile are ready to embrace the cloud. But is it worth it? Read More →

Biggest Cloud Risks and What You Can Do

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The recent rise of Cloud computing has freed us from the slavery of excessive bureaucracy and power/energy costs, eliminating the danger of power failures and unwanted crashes, and giving a jump-start for small businesses in a crowded competitive marketplace to raise market visibility, productivity, growth and customer satisfaction/loyalty within a short span of time. It has reorganized the business and IT infrastructures of companies and organizations to simultaneously allow for all employees, managers, and CEOs the shared access and exchange of valuable data, which is processed with the aid of AI applications with high processing speed and power capacity that can recognize human behaviour through machine learning, cognitive intelligence and semantics technology processes. Therefore, it can predict fluctuations in customer demand and mass consumer trends, and deliver personalized solutions for undiscovered business strategies and future crises. Read More →

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Business in the online spectrum is booming at the moment thanks to the latest advancements that allow companies to create deep presences online. There is a lot going on at the moment such as social media marketing, website development and others. But all of these brought companies closer to the online medium and helped them discover the benefits of using cloud technology. Cloud technology is relatively new even though it’s been around for quite a few years now. There are still a lot of organizations that don’t use cloud technology. Read More →