5 Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse

The latest kind of gaming mouse is ultra-light. These light best lightweight gaming mouse does have honeycomb patterns and other techniques to reduce weight wherever feasible, resulting in a more maneuverable mouse that’s simpler to aim.

Following the initial offerings from experts like Glorious and Finalmouse, many bigger companies have subsequently introduced new sizes, shapes, and features in ultra-light mice of their own.

Some of these mice go a step further and forego the whole look, reducing weight by modifying the interior and retaining an intact external shell. We’re ready to offer our advice after testing every ultra-light mouse in FPS games like Valorant and CSGO.

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the best lightweight gaming mouse on the market

With that said, here is a list of the best lightweight gaming mouse on the market:

best lightweight gaming mouse

1. Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O continues to be our best lightweight gaming mouse pick owing to a unique design that mixes several contemporary styles: a weight-saving honeycomb structure, an extremely flexible “shoelace” cable, and a modern PMW 3360 optical sensor with RGB lighting.

It’s not only popular, but it also ranks highly due to its low price. With medium to large hands, the Model O is an ideal ultra-light.

The Glorious Model O- (55$/85$) is a smaller version of the wonderful Design, offered in the same style. It’s also available in a lower weight as the Glorious Model O- (37$/55$, which is ideal for little hands or those searching for even lower weights).

2. Cooler Master MM710

The Cooler Master MM710 ($30/$35) is a great best lightweight gaming mouse pick, with a one-of-a-kind stubby form and the lightest weight of any widely accessible mouse – the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is lighter but only available for a brief time.

The large hump at the rear of the MM710 is a great choice for claw grip players, naturally fitting into the palm and offering additional comfort and control that isn’t obtainable with a flatter mouse.

The HyperX Cloud Spirit MM710 lacks any RGB lighting, a rare feature in 2022 that saves weight and money. The compact but big dimensions make it ideal for gamers with almost every hand size.

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The Silverstone MM711 is a slightly heavier and more costly variation of the MM710 that includes RGB illumination.

It performed similarly to the MM710, but with an extra 10 grams and a smaller profile. If RGB lighting is required, the MM711 is a premium mouse worth considering.

3. Razer Viper Mini: Fantastic for medium-sized hands

The Razer Viper Mini ($23/$27), has low-latency optical switches, a PixArt 3359 optical sensor, and RGB lighting in a conventional design with a total weight of 60 grams, which is an excellent value.

The Viper Mini is a fantastic best lightweight gaming mouse for tiny and medium hands in fingertip or claw holds, as well as smaller hands. The Glorious has a more flexible cable than the Viper Mini. The Viper Mini is a fantastic value ultra-light mouse.

4. Logitech G Pro X Superlight

The introduction of the 80 gram G Pro Wireless by Logitech set off a craze for wireless ultra-light mice, combining an efficient optical sensor with a small, safe design and a fast-as-wired connection.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight ($109) is the next step in the evolutionary chain, with a similar design but a weight of only 63 grams. To do so, Logitech has removed features like movable side buttons and RGB illumination, leaving only the essential components – including the original mouse’s solid well-built feel.

The design is excellent for the best lightweight gaming mouse, no matter what the price tag suggests. Even at its present asking price of around £109/$129, it’s clear that the Superlight Wireless Mouse is a success. The original G Pro Wireless and other higher-end wireless mice are worth considering, but when it comes to pure performance, the Superlight Wireless Mouse delivers.

The Razer Mamba Hyperflux Wireless is a high-end wireless ultralight mouse that offers excellent performance at an attractive price. A Razer Superlight wireless ultrathin mouse is priced around the same as a Razer Viper Ultimate, with comparable features. If you value design, sensor type, and software, the Superlight might be right up your alley.

5. Roccat Burst Pro: best for both left and right-handed users

The Roccat Burst Pro is a well-designed, ergonomic best lightweight gaming mouse that improves on the Kone Pure Ultra’s features. The design is ambidextrous, as with the Roccat Kiro, making it appropriate for use by left or right-handed individuals and unlike the Pure Ultra.

The first thing you’ll notice when connecting this mouse is the fascinating subsurface honeycomb design, which is revealed by RGB LEDs hidden below. This prevents dust or moisture entry, a concern for some potential ultra-light buyers, while also reducing weight and displaying off that sleek hexagonal pattern.

The specs are excellent, with a gentle and bendable wire, Roccat’s own Titan optical switches, and Pixart 3389 optical sensor.

The weight of 68 grams is quite reasonable for the best lightweight gaming mouse, and the design is well-suited to gaming. This is a good combination if you like the look of it; especially at its extremely affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are lightweight gaming mice better?

Lightweight mice are ideal for use with lightweight gear since they can be flipped and swiped across far bigger regions than hefty mice. To counteract the issue of light mice over or undershooting your target, most gamers employ a considerably lower in-game mouse sensitivity. In first-person shooter games, low sensitivity has been very popular.

What is the most lightweight mouse?

The Finalmouse small Starlight-12 is the lightest mouse we’ve ever tested, weighing in at 45 grams. Both sides are decorated with an embossed filigree pattern, and there are two side buttons on the left.

Why do people prefer lighter mice?

You should be able to change the weight of your best lightweight gaming mouse based on personal preference. FPS and games that require fast movements are generally better played with a lighter mouse, whereas complex games that need complex movements and timing, such as MMOs, are better played with a heavier, more complicated mouse.

What mouse do pro gamers use?

There are several mice that are prevalent in the e-Sports FPS business. The Zowie FK series, the Logitech G502, SteelSeries Sensei, and Razer Deathadder are some of the most popular. Each is employed by many professional gamers.

What is the fastest gaming mouse?

According to our study, the G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse is the fastest gaming mouse available. Logitech has introduced the G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse, which it claims to be the world’s fastest gaming mouse. The G402 can track 500 inches per second with confidence, and it includes Logitech’s Delta Zero sensor technology.

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