Autonomous Self-Driving Trike

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Over the last few decades, the motor industry has seen various revolutions, which have given autonomous, high performing, yet fuel-efficient vehicles. Manually transmitted cars are almost exiting the market with the self-driving and electrical models making a grand entry into the highly competitive market. With increased focus on the motor industry, the bike industry lags behind on the level of automation, notwithstanding the immense benefits it gives on the road. Nevertheless, the autonomous self-driving trike is a real test on how people can tap technology in small scale. Read More →

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The modern world of marketing is very different to what it was just a few decades ago. As recently as twenty years ago, most companies weren’t using the internet to reach a worldwide audience because they either didn’t know it existed or simply weren’t aware of its potential power. Indeed, even the smallest of companies can market and sell their products or services to an international market, and that has resulted in the world of business being more competitive than ever. Read More →

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Children today spend far too much time gazing at screens, right? So get them gazing down a microscope instead! There’s a whole new world in there, down in that clump of dust, that drop of water… Once they learn how to use a microscope properly, to prepare slides and even stain specimens, they’ll be hooked (or should that be Hooke-ed?) on the secret world of the minute! Before you know it, they’ll be asking for a high-powered confocal from! Read More →

You Don’t Have a Girlfriend, Now What?

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Let me start off by saying that I’m writing this article from the perspective of a straight, nerdy man, because I happen to be one. You’ll hear me throw around the word “girlfriend” a lot, but everything I say is applicable to absolutely anyone, no matter what gender you’re interested in! So with that out of the way… Read More →

Most Innovative Home Poker Tech

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Poker is gaining in popularity at a remarkable rate, with more than 40 million people around the world now choosing to play. This means the market for fresh gadgets related to poker is also growing rapidly, with companies now enjoying a fantastic opportunity to reach a wide customer base with products that are innovative and exciting. This piece will look at some of the best examples of home poker technology out there. Read More →

How Do I Get an EIN for a New LLC?

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When the time comes to get an EIN for a new LLC, you need to make sure that the LLC that you have is all set up and ready to go. This is a big consideration to make when the time comes to file for a tax ID number, since you need to be able to easily file for an ID number when you go to file taxes for the company. You do not want to use your personal social security number for the entire business, even if you own it. So if you need to know how to get an EIN application for a new LLC, then make sure to understand the process that is needed. Read More →

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Opening a virtual office might sound like something from a futuristic film. You picture robots and computers doing all the work that you pay full-time workers to do in your own office. A virtual office is a little less futuristic than that. These offices feature employees who work from home with their own computers and telephones. They can handle many of the tasks that you do daily and may even help you save money on labor costs. If you’re on the fence about creating a virtual office, take a look at some of the more impressive things those offices can do. Read More →

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There is no doubt; drones are the next big thing in the aerospace. In the last decade, numerous innovations have come a long way to revamp the gadgets, previously used for surveillance by the military and other security agencies. Recently, drones have found widespread use in the filming industry, agriculture with some online shopping malls on the verge of using the devices to make deliveries within short distances. With such anticipation, the hype to have available yet portable devices are real.

DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone leans towards achieving the market need for portable yet smaller drones for outdoor enthusiasts. During the launch, the firm stressed on the ease with which the drone slips into the standard back packs thanks to its foldable arms. The device is a significant improvement of the dominant DJI’s flagship model the phantom. It is half the size and the weight of the phantom, and slim enough to fit into a purse.

While the physical form reduces when the drone shrinks, it does not compromise functionality or control, which makes it suitable for different uses. Users will still have the sensors on their original position, enhanced obstacle avoidance features, self-sufficient landing, subject tracking as well as constancy indoors in the absence of GPS. Nonetheless, the 12-megapixel camera is similar with that of the Phantom 4. However, it comes with a lower field view of about 90-78 degrees, the speed of 40 miles/hour and a battery life of 27 minutes.

The small size is not an indication of its performance as it exceeds larger drones in some aspects. For instance, it can stream live videos from a distance of 4.3 miles, which exceeds Phantom 4 that streams at 3.1 miles. In addition to the tracking and obstacle avoidance features, it features gesture control system that attracts your attention when you wave to the drone. With the latest computer vison technology, you can fly the gadget without a remote, and when you need one, it is no longer the big type.