Edison LED Light Bulb

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Traditional incandescent lamps, although inefficient and short lived, are still popular for home décor. We all know that an incandescent light bulb produce light when a wire filament is heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until it glows .The inside of the bulb is vacuumed or filled with an inert gas to protect it from oxidation. At the same time we also know that incandescent bulbs are much less efficient because less than 5% of the energy they use is converted into visible light while the remaining energy is converted into heat. Read More →

Take the Plunge into Building a Website

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Website design is something that for years has been left to the professionals and has always required a big wallet if you want something to look the part, whilst still being user friendly and reliable. Many small businesses would struggle to gather the several £1000’s that they were being billed at the end of the project. The issue with this is that the smaller businesses that require a website would have to make do with a cheaper, less effective option, or even have no website at all. This could sometimes leave them behind the competition and in the worst case scenario, put them out of business. Read More →

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Becoming a pet owner involves a lot of responsibility and it’s also one of the reasons some people even the thought of it including myself. I’ve always wanted a dog but I have no interest in picking up after it. I had a Beta fish twice and both times it died within a few weeks. I have no interest in rodents and my wife would probably mistake it for a rat and you know the rest of that story. A cat is always on my list as they only seek attention when they feel like it and that’s not all that often. My sister had two cats but the problem was that their house would kind of smell funny thanks to the litter box. But stinky litter and the act of cleaning the litter box is now history thanks to the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box! Wow, that was a mouthful. Read More →

Toasted Selfies – You Are What You Eat

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Admit it, you love yourself. You love yourself so much that you even have pictures of yourself hanging on the wall in your apartment despite the fact that you live alone. And since you love yourself so much, why not have your picture plastered on the very toast you eat each morning? That’s right, you can have an image of yourself on a piece of toasted bread! People always find images of Jesus or Virgin Mary on a variety of foods and call it a miracle. Now you can trick your friends by serving them a toast with an image of YOU thanks to the Toasted Selfies toaster. Read More →

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When it comes to purchasing a mobile phone, you’ve got literally hundreds, if not thousands, of models to choose from. However, once you have decided on the device you want, you’ve then got another decision to make: contract or pay-as-you-go. Read More →

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We are all guilty of wasting resources. From consuming more food than we need to unnecessary packaging materials to wasting too much energy. The human race is headed in the wrong direction and changes need to be implemented now or one day we’ll wake up and ask ourselves how this came to be.  It all starts with small changes and that one change may seem insignificant but it all helps.

One of those steps is the EcoDrain. We all take hot showers and allow that hot water to go down the drain. What if you could make use of the already heated water? This is exactly what the EcoDrain does. The device is designed to recycle the used hot water from your shower by using it to preheat the incoming mains shower water. By doing this, you now use less energy to heat the new incoming water. This will help in saving you money on your heating bills by a noticeable amount. Read More →

Swich Wireless Phone Charger

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Here is another unique phone charger that is a combination of art and science. Similar in concept and material to the Orée Pebble 2, the Swich wireless phone charger uses both natural wood and stone to charge your smartphones and other devices wirelessly. It is elegant in structural form and has a slanted surface coated in micro-suction cups to enable you to use your device in both vertical and horizontal positions while it is charging. The angled stand uses Qi technology to wirelessly charge android phones and iPhones equipped with Qi standard cases. Read More →

SmartAC Starter Kit

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy air conditioning of your home takes a 43 percent bite from your monthly utility bill. This could be significant if you live where the heat is unyielding and summers are long.

Lowering your energy bills doesn’t require spending large amount of money on overhauling your ventilation system or purchasing green power gadgets or sacrificing your sanity. You can drive your energy costs down by a small investment in this SmartAC Starter Kit by ThinkEco. This will control your AC unit into a device that is controlled by an app that will help you schedule on and off times and control the temperature with your smartphone. Read More →