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We’ve written about the very popular DJI Phantom 3 drone and the company has just stepped up their game with the release of the all-new DJI Phantom 4 drone. This drone is just as amazing as the Phantom 3 and then improved in many aspects. For starters, you no longer have to worry about crashing into walls, trees, people, and other flying objects! The DJI Phantom 4 drone makes aerial photography and videos much safer thanks to its on-board cameras which helps the pilot avoid obstacles such as buildings, people, and trees.  Read More →

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Summer is a perfect season where people can engage in fun activities, as they enjoy the natural sceneries and the breeze that comes with it. Every time you break from a strenuous activity, you need to chill yourself with a cold drink. With limited refrigeration and cooling facilities, the standard coolers are not sufficient for longer hikes. The Dakine party bucket works well with all 5-gallon buckets to form a cooler that you can transport with a bucket handle. You just need one trip to the drinks store to get your party started. Read More →

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Today, more than half of the world’s adult population has access to smartphones. The ever-growing mobile market has triggered numerous innovations to give the sellers a cutting edge in the competitive market. The market is keen on phones with higher performance features, ultra-thin exterior, and great battery life. Motorola, through the Moto G, currently operated by Lenovo, has stamped the need to make affordable handsets. Read More →



You think that the days when messages used to be sent using pigeons are gone; well may be so, but now a stuffed chicken or parrot will do the job for you. These are new plush toys that cannot actually fly but will deliver a 30 second recorded message when thrown at someone. Using your creativity you can use these birds to convey messages at any occasion, only in a more charming way. The recorded message is played back by impact. Read More →

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You probably have noted some blurred removable stains on your desk at your workplace. What you may not have seen is the cause of these stains that often need you to wipe the surface of your desk several times a day. While it is fun to sip your tea, coffee, smoothie or water as you work, you are likely to spill some drops on your table. Unlike the conventional mugs, the Mighty Mug lets you enjoy your drink without spoiling your desk and hence eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. Read More →

Innovations to Expand Business

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You’ve got a building which requires roughly 10,000 square feet for proper operations. In that building are roughly 200 employees from day to day. Each employee gets a computer, a keyboard, a mouse, a headset, a chair, a desk, and partitions for a cubicle. That’s $1,000 per employee, at minimum. Rent on the facility is $3,000 a month, for this scenario. So establishment of the facility costs you $210,000, roughly, before operations begin. (Included is the first month’s rent plus deposit and an additional $4,000 for service fees or other unpredictable exigencies.) From that point, monthly operations of that facility–excluding employee pay–are going to be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month–you’ll have maintenance, electricity, plumbing, heating, security, etc. So you’re spending $60-120,000 a year, plus $210,000 establishing cost. Read More →

GoFar – Drive Smart, Save Money

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With a growing population of middle-level income, driving is now a basic requirement if you want to run several errands. When you hit the road, you will probably encounter new drivers and seasoned drivers. As the street fills with cars, you are likely to spend a huge chunk of your time on the road, and perhaps endure ruthless drivers on the way. The way you drive your car determines the level of fuel efficiency achieved. GoFar is a personal trainer that helps you lower the cost of driving while achieving higher performance. Read More →

What is Animé?

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Animé has become a worldwide phenomenon. The medium once nicknamed as Japanimation has crossed cultures and become one of the world’s most popular forms of entrainment. Whether it’s the films with amazing animation, the twenty-six episode character and plot driven series or the shows that go one for hundreds of episodes full of popular characters, animé has been pleasing people all over the world for over twenty years and shows no signs of stopping. Read More →

My Buddy Tag – Keep Track Of Your Child

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Are you tired of being a helicopter parent? Keeping a consistent eye on your children can be an exhausting process and it can be very difficult for kids to get out and explore with a parent consistently hovering over them. While parents know that the world is a dangerous place, it’s important for kids to explore and have their own experiences. With the help of My Buddy Tag it could be possible for kids to get at and explore with parents feeling at ease about the process as well. Read More →