The Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle

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Commonly known as an “Executive Toy”, Newton’s Cradle has long been a fascinating gizmo for many people. I always had one on my desk. It has also been used as a classroom model for demonstration of Conservation of Momentum. Now a futuristic dimension has been added to it where the metal spheres have been replaced by glass spheres that each sport bright, multicolor LEDs, hence the name – the Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle. Read More →

Flashback’s iPhone 5 Retro Phone Case

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Way back in the day in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s, the goal of cell phones was to go as small as possible. Now, it’s about fitting the biggest screen possible into the palm of your hand. With so many new phones coming out every few months, sometimes it’s just nice to step back and remember the “good ol’ days”. The days when phones like the retro looking Nokia/Motorola handsets were popular. Or perhaps you happen to live in an area where it’s a bit rough and your fancy iPhone will draw too much unwanted attention.

This is where you can have the best of both worlds. This Retro Phone case for the iPhone 5 may look like an old, outdated phone that nobody wants yet your state-of-the-art phone is just beneath that 1990′s looking keypad. Pretty cool right?

This Retro Phone case can be yours for $34.95 at Amazon.

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We’re a generation who love to play. Whether we’re killing some time on the go or kicking back at home, we just can’t get enough of games. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, as well as the ever-expanding library of app titles, we’re now never far away from a gaming device.

One of the industries to majorly benefit from the mobile platform is gambling, with 164 million players expected to use their mobiles to place a bet, visit a mobile casino or buy a lottery ticket in 2018.  But you don’t have to wait until then. There is a load of great app titles just waiting to bring the power of the casino straight to your fingertips. Here are some of the best. Read More →

Best Gaming Apps for Traveling

trainyard app

Bored on the train? Want to make the most out of layovers? Tired of those long, dreary, road trips? Then pack your smartphone or tablet on your next trip- these devices are essential components in the 21st century traveler’s arsenal.

Here are some of the best apps that can keep you entertained on those long drives and boring commutes: Read More →

Case Hobo Cutlery Tool

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I enjoy going camping and like almost every aspect of the activity. I said almost because I don’t like bringing along clutter like forks, spoons, knives, and etc. Enter the Case Hobo, which is just like a Swiss Army Knife but instead of tools, you get tools for eating! The device folds out to reveal a knife, spoon, and fork.

You can slide the handle together and it folds right up like any standard trapper knife. The device features a Peach Jigged Amber bone handle and the actual utensils are made from surgical steel.When closed, the Hobo measures in at 4 1/8 inches and total weight is 7.7 ounces. The surgical steel is built to last and is very easy to clean.

The Case Hobo Cutlery Tool can be yours for $70 on Amazon. Oh and if it helps, the device is made in the USA in Bradford, Pennsylvania by skilled artisans

5 Mobile Apps To for Casino Players

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These days, there’s an app for almost anything including GPS, maps, lists, reminders and an almost unlimited list of organizers. One of the most fascinating developments in the world of technology are online casino apps and websites such as Paddy Power’s live dealer casino where you can enjoy your favorite casino games without leaving your home. With so many choices open to you when you are in the mood for betting a sum and trying your hand in various casino games, here are some of the best apps that can help you improve your odds of winning a game. Read More →

Cubic Kaleidoscope Kit

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If you are a person who loves do things yourself or enjoy fun activities with your kids then this kit is just for you. Unlike any optical kit you’ve probably ever assembled, this cubic kaleidoscope kit uses the properties of reflection and three-point perspective to create a “cubified” matrix of glowing grids Read More →

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2014 is a strange time for gaming. The new millennium brought the medium to the mainstream in ways we previously never thought possible. The 2006 Nintendo Wii made served as a platform that the whole family could play and E-Shop services have opened up the entire history of the industry at the click of a button.

Greater connectivity has even made it possible to play against foes from across the globe. It’s now easier than ever to enjoy a plethora of titles via social media sites and popular gaming hubs like without ever having to leave your sofa. Read More →