Green Gadgets That Don’t Suck

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At least once a year – usually around Earth Day – the Internet is flooded with articles about going green with technology. And although those articles come from a good, green place, they’re usually filled with items you’re never going to use. Most people want convenience, style, and affordability. If a product requires you to skip a car payment or to work harder, the likelihood of you using it is very low. Read More →

phone charging wallet

With such fancy handheld devices of today, one of the very common complaints of today’s society is running out of battery juice for their phone, tablet, or some sort of handheld smart device. Yeah, that’s what we refer to as a first world problem. Anyways, the Seyvr chargeable wallet is something every one should have if your drained battery is draining your life. The Seyvr is a sleek looking, slim, and rather stylish wallet for men and has a 1400 mAh battery built into it. Pretty sweet, right? Read More →

iPhone 6

Looking for a smart phone that can boost your business? The launch of the new iPhone 6 Plus has seen the emergence of a new era in the business handset arena. As with the previous iPhone, the iPhone 5s, this new device boasts a wealth of business features and functions including: PC-free activation and updating, Microsoft Exchange and IMAP email, calendar and contact information and more. Read More →

insignia steam shower

Picture this: You’ve had a super long day at work. You’re exhausted, feeling aches all over your body, and just want to relax. Get in the shower, push a button in the shower stall, sit yourself down on a bench, and melt into a soothing cloud of steam. Read More →

Watch the Apple Watch

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If you’re a gadget freak, you can’t have missed the launch of the new Apple Watch – but it may be best just to keep an eye on it for now.

Gadget geeks like to be in the early adopter stage when it comes to new technologies and new technologies simply don’t arrive with much bigger fanfare than anything from Apple.

So far, though, the reviews of the new Apple Watch have trended towards the negative. The criticisms leveled at the product so far have been that it’s too big or that it’s too thick – and it’s most certainly perceived to be too expensive. Read More →

Philips Wake-Up Light

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Rude or abrupt awakening from sleep can cause a condition called sleep inertia which is a state of impaired alertness that may interfere with the ability to perform mental or physical tasks or a person’s tendency of wanting to return to sleep again.

Traditional alarm clocks awaken people from their night’s sleep or short naps by sound or vibration. Digital alarm clocks make a loud buzzing or beeping sound to wake a sleeper, while novelty alarm clocks can speak, laugh, sing, or play sounds from nature. Some alarm-clocks have radios that can be set to start playing at specified times, and are known as clock radios. Most mobile phones and digital watches have alarm clock functions to turn on or make sounds at a specific time. All these alarm-clocks are known to interrupt your sleep abruptly. Read More →

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A few years ago, I spent a little over a week in Europe. I flew into Amsterdam, spent a few days there drinking beer and cycling around the city, and then proceeded to travel all over the place. I traversed the beautiful Swiss Alps, and enjoyed the food, drink, and edgy bars of Berlin. It was a fantastic experience. Read More →

Chemistry Set Spice Rack

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My favorite test to check someone if they had chemistry tendency, is to make them read “unionized”. If they say “union-ized” then they are just common folks, but if they say, “un-ionized) then they are the chemistry freaks. For those very friends of mine here is the Chemistry Set Spice Rack that they can proudly display in their kitchen.

This a labeled set of flasks and test tubes; the flasks for ingredients that are used in generous quantities and the test tubes for spices that are used in smaller quantities. Read More →