Post image for All-New DJI Phantom 4 – Drone Now Outsmarts Terrible Pilots

We’ve written about the very popular DJI Phantom 3 drone and the company has just stepped up their game with the release of the all-new DJI Phantom 4 drone. This drone is just as amazing as the Phantom 3 and then improved in many aspects. For starters, you no longer have to worry about crashing into walls, trees, people, and other flying objects! The DJI Phantom 4 drone makes aerial photography and videos much safer thanks to its on-board cameras which helps the pilot avoid obstacles such as buildings, people, and trees.  Read More →

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

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You like to play throw and fetch with your dog and so does your dog. However, some days you don’t feel up to it or you are busy with something else, but your dog doesn’t know that and it still wants to play. PetSafe has come up with yet another amazing product to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise when you are busy or not active enough due to some other reason. Read More →

Wide Path Camper – Tiny Mobile Home

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When it comes to camping, you probably think about of a tent in a jungle. Unknown to them is that one can still camp in urban centers using the Wide Path Camper. The little mini camper comes with features that make it suitable for attaching to the bicycle. The prompt inflatable shelter accommodates two adults sleeping and four adults sitting, dining, and relaxing. It is the best way to take some time off the regular camping excursions. Read More →

Post image for Double Tent Cot – Don’t Worry About The Creepy Critters

The warm months are here, and everyone wants to experience the outdoors before the winter. When it comes to outdoor activities, camping remains the best way to enjoy the cold nights in the natural jungles as you mingle with nature at its raw form. If you have previously used the camping bunk tent cot, you probably need to try the double tent cot. The bed overtakes the former in the sense that it comes with legs that hoist the bed off the ground. It is more of a sofa bed that one can pull out of the coach hoping it does not dig into the ground. Read More →

FORMcard – Fixes Plastic Stuff

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A unique, pocket sized plastic card, that can be used to fix things quickly in emergency situations. The card becomes soft and workable when immersed in hot water for a few seconds and become hard when cooled down. The finished product may not look very attractive but it will work. The cards are made from a non-toxic starch based bio-plastic and are safe for use in the kitchen. Read More →

Plant Lamp – LED Light Powered by Plants

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Grow lights or plant lights have been used to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. But this Plant Lamp is an entirely different concept; diametrically opposite in fact. Instead of using light for growth, these plants produce light as they grow. Read More →

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If you want to master spread betting, then first you will have to understand the market strategy and trading plans. It is not achievable without proper skill and experience. For the beginner, it is important to choose a successful trader like CMC markets to start the betting. Remember that only a few people get success in the spread betting. Hence, if you want to make big profits, then first, you should try to understand the spread betting, the marketing strategy, and follow some successful bettors. It is always suggested to start with a small investment so that the loss will not be that big and you will be able to understand the betting through this process as well. Read More →

Smart ResetPlug for WiFi

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With high tech comes a set of high tech problems. One of these that annoys you most is when you lose your WiFi signal while you are sitting in the basement and then you have to run to the upper floor to reset the router. Read More →

Foldable Chair Backpack

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Here is a light-weight (2.6 Lb.) back packs that converts into a comfortable chair in seconds. It will come handy when you are travelling, hiking , camping or even on crowded air or train terminals. The back pack is made from heavy-duty water resistant polyester and can easily fit a small laptop. The total bag capacity is 47 L and the chair can take a load of approximately 220 lb. Read More →