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Having athletes foot or just smelly feet in general stinks (pun intended) and is kind of embarrassing. Imagine going to someone’s home and stinking up their entire place? If you don’t have athletes foot but your feet still smell then it’s very possible that the problem is the material your shoes are made of. When there isn’t proper airflow and the material is not “breathable” is when the stinky problem arises. The StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer is the gadget that will take the funk out of your funky smelling shoes.

Unlike anti-odor sprays you can purchase, the StinkBOSS kills the odor causing bacteria at the source. The device uses a unique enclosed design that circulates ozone molecules through smelly materials, inside and out. Car detailers also use ozone machines to get rid of foul odors in cars and the same method is being applied here but on a smaller scale for small items.


Ozone is able to kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses without the damaging effects that various chemicals and solvents may have. Using ozonr is also more environmentally friendly which produces zero waste. You can use the StinkBOSS on other small items such as hats, gloves, pads, boots, and even small compact bags.

The StinkBOSS offers variable cycle times depending on the intensity of the smell. From as little as 90 minutes for minor funk and up to nine hours for stuff that can knock out an entire family in the home. The StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer is available on Amazon for only $149.99.

VitaSound – TV Sound Enhancer

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Sometimes when I watch TV, the action scenes are always super loud when when it actually comes to the dialogue, it’s as if they are whispering. It’s actually pretty annoying because I constantly have to be on guard and joggling between increasing and decreasing the volume. One solution which I have not personally tried but available is the VitaSound TV Sound Enhancer.

The VitaSound helps in reducing background noise while at the same time boosting the audio from the television set. This is ideal for situations where you have to share TV space with other people who may be loud and not really interested in what’s happening on the screen. The VitaSound connects to the television to transmit the audio directly to this little useful gadget. This is also perfect for late night television when the rest of the family or roommates are asleep and you still need some TV time.

The user listens to the TV via headphones. The VitaSound is about the size of your average smart phone and its battery can hold enough charge to last you for eight hours. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the VitaSound. The VitaSound TV Sound Enhancer is available on Amazon for $188. This is also the perfect gift for someone who has difficulty hearing.

How to Work with an SEO Company and Save

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One of the reasons why not all site owners choose to hire a professional SEO company is cost. A lot of people still think that SEO and professional SEO services are expensive. In reality, however, working with a good SEO company can actually help you save a lot of time and money. It also doesn’t need to be expensive at all. Here are some of the things you can do to save on professional SEO services. Read More →

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More and more North American cities are getting strict on garbage. Garbage that goes into the land fills that is. Where I live, not everything is allowed in the garbage cans and the trucks have cameras so they can see exactly what’s being emptied into the disposal trucks. If you live in a place where everything has to be separated, you might want to consider the Joseph Joseph Intelligent Totem Kitchen Bin. Read More →

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Rodents Be Gone

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It’s been quite a number of years since I have seen a rodent inside a residence but I know it’s an annoying problem to deal with. It doesn’t matter where you live, rodents can become a nuisance. These unwanted house guests can also cause a bit of damage and can turn into a health hazard as well. For people who don’t want to handle (live traps) or kill the rodents (mouse traps and poison), there is the easy option of getting a Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. Read More →

How to Relocate Your Small Business the Easy Way

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Each year, many entrepreneurs find that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. As a result, they pull up their stakes and find a new place to settle, hoping for better business success than they saw in previous months. This is not an uncommon scenario. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, each year 40 million Americans relocate. While there are no specific numbers regarding business moves, there is no question that the answer is quite a few. Read More →

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I don’t know if women every sought a man with a hairy back but these days it seems like a hair-free body is what women want despite the beard trend happening right now. Whether you consider a hairy back a blessing or a curse, there is an awesome tool to eliminate that back hair! The BaKblade Bigmouth is a back shaver that you can operate by yourself in wet or dry conditions and mow that hair down with ease. Read More →

Learn to Avoid Online Scams

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The Internet has been the great equalizer, the resource that anyone with access can tap into to learn about everything from aeronautical maneuvers to keeping rare breeds of cats. It’s a treasure trove of incredible information, and also cat pictures… lots and lots of cat pictures. Yes, the Internet has a little bit of everything, and unfortunately that also includes scammers. Read More →