Post image for All-New DJI Phantom 4 – Drone Now Outsmarts Terrible Pilots

We’ve written about the very popular DJI Phantom 3 drone and the company has just stepped up their game with the release of the all-new DJI Phantom 4 drone. This drone is just as amazing as the Phantom 3 and then improved in many aspects. For starters, you no longer have to worry about crashing into walls, trees, people, and other flying objects! The DJI Phantom 4 drone makes aerial photography and videos much safer thanks to its on-board cameras which helps the pilot avoid obstacles such as buildings, people, and trees.  Read More →

Post image for Best Marvel Superpowers to Have in Real Life

Everyone has wished they had a superpower at some point or another. Whether it’s getting your work done quicker in the office or making the chores at home seem a breeze, superpowers would undoubtedly make everyday life that little bit easier, freeing up some much needed relaxation time. Marvel is filled with characters who possess amazing superpowers, let’s take a look at which of those would be the best to harness for real life gain. Read More →

Post image for XiLO 5.1 Wireless Sound System By iXOOST

If you’re a tech nerd or a gadget freak, then the XiLo 5.1 Wirless Audio System by iXOOST is just the gadget you’ve been looking for. The featured product on offer is the XiLO 5.1 Wireless Audio System by iXOOST which comes at the astounding price of 5669.50 USD. This wireless audio system is the most impressive speaker you will ever see, and will surely impress your friends too. It is made from interweaving pipes that have been welded by hand, and designed to look like a real motor engine. This complex feature acts as a bass reflex conduit for acoustic speakers giving out a rich and clear sound to the listener. Read More →

Post image for Three Video Game Movies We Can’t Believe Are In Active Development

World of Warcraft reviews have just arrived online and as expected, they aren’t good. In fact, one reviewer has compared the movie to Battlefield Earth. Oh dear. That said, the continued onslaught of bad videogame movies haven’t stopped producers who are determined to make a hit. Angry Birds hit the cinemas last week with a massive box office opening and Assassin’s Creed is due out later this year. While we’re sceptical about whether or not Assasin’s Creed will be a blockbuster, it’s not nearly as big a gamble as some of the other video game movies on the way. Read More →

Post image for Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Starcraft RV’s

Going outdoors and exploring the wilderness is a great experience to have, but you need to be prepared. That’s why Starcraft provides RV services for those exquisite camping trips. From hardside camping trailers to light weight travel, you can find the RV that suits your needs. The trailers comes with a 2 years warranty, and at a very affordable price. Read More →

Post image for Roost Smart Smoke Alarm – Get SMS Notifications

Traditional fire alarms are getting more advanced but it’s been sometime since a smart home device has been able to integrate with a smoke alarm. With many home devices turning into smartphone devices, Roost has changed the nature of the smoke alarm forever. Read More →

Post image for Tips for Designing an Amazing Magento eCommerce Website

Those that are interested in building a successful online business will need to setup an online store. This type of setup is commonly known as an e-commerce website and it gives consumers the ability to make their transactions online. There is an abundance of ways to achieve this goal, but many are overly difficult and too tough for the average individual. This is where Magento enters the picture. With this software, consumers and entrepreneurs will be able to build, design and launch their own websites within a matter of minutes. Below, you’ll find tips for designing your website for success. Read More →

Post image for Low Budget Lifestyle – Artisan Tiny House

Artisan Tiny House is a specialty project providing support in the form of top-quality building plans which can be used for the production of tiny homes. A tiny house on wheels can be an excellent way to have amazing flexibility for the future. Not only will you have the option to move your home at any time but the artisan house plans are created with the idea of offering any cost savings benefits. With plans on wheels that can range from $0-$249 to download, building a home and having a completely mobile and energy efficient living space is within the reach of almost any individual. The full set of plans details everything you need from the best building materials to step-by-step instructions for sealing your home. Read More →

Post image for Volute Water Feature By Tills Innovations Company

Planters and garden gnomes are a thing of the past. If you really want to give your home a makeover, then the Endless Vortex Water Fountain is the thing for you. Guests will be amazed at the tornado like swirling water which does not stop in the fountain, and continues to twirl in the center of it creating a vortex. Designed by the Tills Innovations Company in UK, this spectacular product is not only fitting for a domestic house but would equally suit an office or a conference hall. Read More →