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Cosplay is not something you take up a week before Halloween. It is serious business that involves dedication and commitment. Thousands of cosplayers around the world have dedicated their time to this hobby. Some individuals have gone one step further and have actually dedicated their bodies to cosplay. The most common body transformation among cosplayers is breast implants. A great number of female cosplayers get breast implants in order to look better in their costumes. Naturally, this has sparked a great deal of judgment and controversy in society. If you are hoping get breast implants to make your cosplay acts more credible, here are some facts that will prepare you for what is to come. Read More →

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Nerds run this world and if you don’t believe that just look at a modern business. It’s fair to say that there are plenty of ideas and concepts that exist within the modern business derived straight from the mind of the nerd. We’re not just talking about the tech in use today either but rather how a business model operates and the key features of a successful company. However, it’s worth thinking about how tech has changed the game and then building from there. So what nerdy devices are in your office right now and do you even know they are there? Read More →

The Collar Perfect Travel Iron

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The most important part of your dress shirt is the collar. If you have a wrinkled collar your whole outlook is destroyed no matter how good the rest of your outfit is. With Collar Perfect, the compact ironing solution, you can easily and quickly iron your collar by clamping it to your clothing to smooth the wrinkles, when you take out your best shirt from the suitcase after your flight. The iron can be folded flat if you want to use it like a traditional iron. It is not only good enough for collars and spaces between the buttons, it can equally well be used to iron your entire outfit. Read More →

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Touchless Toilet Flush Kit By Kohler

Now a days many public washrooms, particularly in airports and hotels are equipped with motion sensing touchless faucets and toilet flushes. Majority of them use them to reduce water consumption, however, they are mainly used to reduce the transmission of disease causing microbes. Toilets at homes are no different than public washrooms except that there is less traffic and less germs but it is still a good idea if you can install a touch free flushing system. Read More →

Precision Cut With Laser Scissors

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If you have difficulty cutting in a straight line, this Laser Scissors is for you. A must have for every household. Laser Scissors will help you cut straight every time. The laser is activated by a button on the right hand side of the scissors. Alignment with the blade can be accomplished by the two adjusting screws. It’s a great product for cutting fabrics, paper, gift wrapping and crafts (only straight lines).  Read More →

Your Own DYI Solar USB Kit

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Here is your chance to learn and produce something that will go a long way towards a more renewable, sustainable, and greener energy system and less dependence fossil fuels. Nature has endowed us with an enormous source of solar energy; we only need to trap it and put it to use. Read More →

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Whether you’re running a business or just your own career, you can’t underestimate the value of your own time. When it comes to your peak performance, we’re not just talking about how effective you can get, but how efficient, too. For too long, have too many of us been content to wonder where the time went while we got very little done. Leave that question in the dust. Use the following tech tips to make sure that your time is going exactly where it’s supposed to. Read More →

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Modern work place is shrinking and requires us long hours sitting in front of computers. In our busy life we find little time for exercise that leads to physical ailments and disorders. Many ergonomically designed products are used or recommended to treat or prevent such disorders. If your job requires you to spend long hours sitting in front of computer or doing other desk job and you want to increase your physical activity and burn calories while sitting, the DeskCycle may be for you. It lets you pedal away silently while you sit at your desk or in a chair. It easily fits under your desk and gives you an opportunity to exercise without moving away from your work station. This may reduce the effects of increased health risks of sitting still and help you keep your body in balance. Read More →