'Till Watch

With the popularity of the mobile phone, seems like many men stopped wearing watches and rely on their phones to tell them the time. There is nothing wrong with that but a watch is so much more classy. Just like women have their various jewelry pieces, a man has his watch. The ‘Till Watch is a fun take on the traditional wristwatch which uses words in place of numbers. Read More →

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving activity that requires a wide range of skills, talents, and a knack for engaging in highly disciplined activities in order to be successful. It’s challenging, but can be extremely rewarding for the right type of person. Read More →

Pinch! An Awesome Titanium Multi-Tool

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I’m a real sucker for every day carry, or EDC for short. I’ve got a few little gadgets that I like to carry around to make my life easier. That’s the main thing I’m looking for, utility. Read More →

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IT outsourcing services such as Yii development or iOS development have become extremely popular in recent years. According to latest statistics data, over 95% of world companies cooperate with the offshore IT specialists. Implementation of outsourcing services allows saving money on different projects development. IT offshore services are especially beneficial for startups, as they involve minimal investments in comparison to expenses necessary for keeping an in-house staff of developers and network engineers. In other words, it is a real catch for startup projects with tight budgets. Read More →

razor blade sharpener

You know what sucks about being a modern day man? Shaving! It’s something that I looked forward to when I was a little kid but now a thing I really dislike as an adult. Thankfully, I’m working on a beard these days but I know for a fact that this product is extremely useful to all those who shave everyday or every few days. This product is for both men and women! You see, replacing razors all the time is pretty pricey these days. Especially those blades that have three, four, or even five razors. The pathetic thing is, these blades hardly last a week or so. The Blade Buddy on the other hand will make your razor blade last for several months! Read More →

vip e-cig

If regular cigarette smokers haven’t figured it out by now, they probably will soon enough that making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is the way to go. I’m not even a smoker myself and I have personally converted six people (my in-laws) from traditional cigarettes to VIP Electronic Cigarettes. I’m hoping that they will slowly reduce the nicotine intake over time and eventually switch to zero nicotine versions. I mentioned that I don’t smoke but sometimes I do smoke an e-cigarette but it’s always nicotine-free. It’s kind of fun to get the huge clouds of vapor. Read More →

The Top Gadgets For Sports Fans

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People who love sport are a pretty well treated fraternity, blessed with plentiful live events, hundreds of hours of television coverage and endless news and comment pieces, every single week. Although that’s certainly a lot of different ways to enjoy sport, there’s always new things that sports lovers can use to boost their enjoyment of the game, or push their own athletic pursuits to the next level. Here are some of the gadgets that do just that! Read More →

rainbow candle

You normally wouldn’t associate fire with heaven but you would if the flames were colorful like the rainbow! Candles and variations of it have been used for thousands of years and only recently humans decided to put a new twist on a classic. I’m sure it was a pretty big deal when scented candles were available on a mass scale to everyone. And now, someone decided to add color to the flames of candles? Pretty sweet if you ask me. Read More →