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Post image for Casino’s Gone Mobile – Which is the Best Handset for Me?

The mobile takeover was expected – but nobody expected it so fast. The market might seem like it’s full of cowboys, so here’s our guide to make it less of a wild west.

It is no surprise to find that mobile has become an even greater beast – and will continue to grow. Over the past few years, everything that has been online has had to be minimised and laid out differently for the great mobile takeover that is now well underway. Read More →

Post image for Having a Responsive Website Isn’t Enough Anymore

The world has gone mobile. Don’t worry, we’re not intending to shock anyone with that statement or get onto some breaking news channel. We all know this has been going on for a fair bit of time. The majority of internet surfers now use their mobiles as, well, metaphorical surfboards. That is why so many businesses started scrambling to make sure their websites were as slick and sleek on mobile as they were on laptops. But this isn’t enough anymore. There is a battle: websites versus apps because, these days, if you want your business to really thrive, you need your own app. Read More →

Post image for The Burden of Boredom – How Spicing up Your Workspace Can Help to Reclaim Productivity

If you work in an office, you’re probably no stranger to productivity hacks. These little tips and tricks are everywhere and, for the most part, they’re very useful. Things like the Pomodoro time management technique, for example, are rooted in real science and they can have a noticeable impact on efficiency. Read More →

Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge

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After a long day of work, a beer and some music seem like a good idea. Beer together with rock and roll have for all time gone together properly. However, the new signature Marshall Amplifier mini fridge takes the connection to an entirely new level. The mini fridge features control knobs that go all the way up to eleven. The hard to believe fridge can hold up to 4.4 cubic feet of melting booze. The Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge is especially ideal for music lovers and those tired with just a basic looking mini-fridge restricting their style while enjoying their drinks. One can finally have a mini fridge that keeps your drinks cold and also is eye-catching. Read More →

Post image for Three Software Implementation Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

All businesses, no matter how big or small, usually have to tackle software implementation at some point. Nowadays, there are so many different types of software available to help businesses reduce expenditure, boost efficiency, locate opportunities, evaluate performance, and much more. Irrespective of the type of software you are introducing, read on to discover some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid. Read More →

Post image for 5 Reasons I’d Rather Play Online Slots Than Head to the Casino

A few of my buddies love casino gambling. They love getting dressed up and heading out to our local casino for a night of poker or blackjack. Sometimes, they’ll plan a long weekend or a vacation around a casino trip, aiming for a bigger, more extravagant experience. Read More →

Post image for Don’t Let the Tick-Tock of Time Put You Out of Touch with Tech

Whether you work in the tech industry or your business uses any kind of technology, keeping up with the latest developments and trends is vital. Things move pretty quickly in the world of tech, and if you’re not careful to follow what’s happening, it could all pass you by. You could be a business owner, a tech expert, or just someone who’s interested in how technology can be used in business. If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening in various tech sectors, there are multiple ways you can ensure you get the information you need. Have a look at some of these options to avoid getting left behind. Read More →

Post image for Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps: Which One Does Your Business Need?

For entrepreneurs who wish to establish their mobile presence, a common predicament would be whether build a mobile website or to create a dedicated mobile application for users to download – or perhaps do both. A mobile website functions like any other website but is designed for the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are applications that are downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Read More →