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I’m a big fan of music and lasers, so these new “Glow” headphones should be perfect for me. They’re the first pair of smart headphones that actually glow to the beat of your favorite music or even to the rhythm of your heart. Aww, isn’t that romantic? Read More →

5 Top Tech Travel Destinations

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Vacations are generally viewed as a time meant to disconnect from the “real world”. We take a break from our jobs, step away from any social obligations we rather not be fulfilling, and have some me time in a foreign place that ignites the senses and creates lasting memories. Except this is 2015, and for most of us, particularly a tech junkie or self-described Internet addict, the term disconnecting is used very loosely. “Free Wi-Fi” is practically a requirement when perusing hotels online, and the thought of not having any contact with the outside world for the duration of your holiday isn’t exciting in the slightest. Read More →

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Notice that I said the word “productive.” To be clear, I’m not talking about firing up the latest version of Destruction Paradise. This is about using your laptop in a classroom setting – with your instructor’s knowledge, consent and even direction.

There are a lot of things you can do and ways you can do it that will not only help you but your fellow students to be productive and even help each other out. Read More →

Post image for Focus After the Fact: Why the HTC One M8 Has a Dual Camera

When phone manufacturers first started putting cameras into their phones, many thought of it as nothing more than a gimmick that would fade over time. Obviously this wasn’t the case. It is safe to say that there isn’t a current smartphone on the market without at least one camera, and most usually have two so you can take selfies or video chat. Read More →

rollie eggmaster

We all love food but a lot of us also do not have the skills, patience, or will to actually put the effort in and make a delicious meal. Traditionally speaking, women would do most of the cooking at home. But times have changed over the last century and even the women of the house don’t really “cook” food anymore but rather putting basic pre-packaged ingredients together to come up with a dish. It’s not true cooking if it’s not done from scratch.

But putting basic ingredients together is my type of cooking and the Rollie Eggmaster is my type of cooking equipment. Even though breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, it’s the only meal I skip. I can’t be bothered making breakfast early in the morning. Read More →


Electronic cigarettes are selling like hot cakes and the industry is growing and evolving at a very fast pace. Heck, even celebrities are starting to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. If you’re a smoker and have been sitting on the sidelines considering whether to make the switch or not, here are a few reasons to consider pulling the trigger and making the better choice. Read More →

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We write about a lot of cool gadgets here at Geek Extreme, most of the gadgets are for play and then there are some that make life a little easier or something you’d use in your house normally, but with these gadgets, you do the activity in style. Gadgets like the Nest thermostat are not only practical but they also give your house that space age feel; other great items you can add to your house are things like the Insignia Steam Steam Showers, which are not only cool looking, but also add functionality and value to your house. Read More →

Three Tweed-Loving Characters Loved By Geeks

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When thinking of a material loved by geek icons, tweed may not be the first one you would think of. Whilst spandex and PVC have been popular amongst superheroes for decades, with everyone from Superman to Wonder Woman and Batman loving these tight-fitting and shiny materials, tweed has not appeared to have had quite such a strong following. Read More →