7 Accessories to Keep Your Tech Dry

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If you are headed to the pool or plan to spend some time beachside this summer, you’d better plan ahead. Most high-tech gadgets don’t play well with water. Luckily, there is a variety of accessories that will keep your tech dry and safe no matter what sort of adventures you have. Read More →

HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet

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The only thing I like about winters is that you have a lot of pockets to store stuff. There are some essentials, e.g. phone, credit card and cash, without which you cannot leave home. A slim wallet is ideal for credit cards and cash but you cannot stuff your phone into it. Read More →

Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed Charger

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With the large number of digital devices in the family these days, it is always a race as to who gets the closest charging point to charge their device.

The Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed Charger is a perfect solution for the whole family, to charge up 6 devices simultaneously. Read More →

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When online casinos first made their appearance on the internet, it was one of the most innovative evolution in the gambling industry. Gone are the days where the only way to enjoy this activity was to suit up and head to your casino of choice. With online casinos, you could play from the comfort of your own home. Read More →

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Scientific studies on sleep have shown that sleep stage at awakening is an important factor in amplifying sleep inertia. Most alarm clocks will produce repeated loud noise resulting in rude awakening. Recently sleep stage monitoring alarm clocks like dawn simulators have appeared that wake people from light sleep. Read More →

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery

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Imagine that you are out in the wilderness and your gadget runs out of juice. You will feel as if you are out-of-touch with the world. Fret not; now you can power up your gadgets with this 10,000mAh external battery that recharges at home as well as with the sun and costs you only $60.

SolarJuice will simultaneously charges 2 devices and is rain-resistant and shockproof. Read More →

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Gambling — when not done excessively – is always a fun activity that provides a great chance of doubling or tripling your money. Casinos are a billion dollar industry that will never run out of business due to its reputation as an entertainment outlet. What I love about today’s digital world is that you are given access to so many things that don’t require your physical presence. Read More →

Collapsible Water Bottle

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Over 50 million water bottles were thrown away every day just last year, which is not only a lot of waste but also a huge burden on the environment.  Reusable water bottles can help save the environment and reduce the amount of waste. Due to growing concern over the safety, environmental impact, and cost of disposable plastic water bottles, more people are choosing to re-fill multi-use water bottles. Read More →