Ecocapsule micro-home

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. I feel like that all the time and the ideal place for me would to be out in the middle of nowhere in a wooden cabin that’s only feet away from a lake surrounded by forest, mountains, nature, and of course no people. Although a cabin would be ideal, I also like technology and the Ecocapsule is something that would be up for consideration. Read More →

Turn Your Mobile into a Money Maker

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The wonders of modern technology have made it possible to turn your mobile into a complete entertainment device. From games and movies to exercise aids and day planners, it’s now possible to do a wide range of activities using your smartphone or tablet. Read More →

Electric Watercraft For One

one person electric boat

Having company is great and all but sometimes you just want to be alone. And getting that alone time is not always that easy. There are lots of people at the park, you will pass people on a casual stroll, and you will pass by people on a trail or perhaps an angry bear. Now, going out on the water can definitely be a place of peace and serenity. If you’re that person who enjoys being alone, reading a book, and keeping to yourself then the One-Person Electric Watercraft is the boat designed just for you. Read More →

iOS Apps to Edit MS Documents

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As iOS products become more functional with each release, consumers are leaving their computers behind. Tasks that used to require being tethered to a computer chair for hours on end can now be completed on the go, thanks to ever-evolving functionality of iPads, iPhones and iPods. Read More →

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Wearable technology is nothing new. Apple may be doing their best to convince us that the Apple Watch is where it’s at, but the truth is that people have been wearing assistive technologies for hundreds of years. Of course, it’s been a while since a couple of ground lenses and a pair of hooks were seen as something new, but it’s not just glasses that are old hat (and of course, Google have done their bit to upgrade that particular technology recently). Read More →

Driveway Medic

Not all of us are blessed with being the jack of all trades and I’m okay with that even if my wife is not. I have a small driveway and there are a few cracks that have developed in the asphalt over the years. I don’t really see it as a big deal since all driveways have cracks and of course I don’t see it as a big deal since I don’t have the skills to fix it. That is until now. Read More →

Online Coupon Sites – Win Win Situation

voucher bin

Chances are, most of us living in Europe and North America use a computer on a daily basis. And if you use the computer almost everyday, chances are that you have also taken advantage of online shopping because it was more convenient or simply because it was a great bargain to pass up. These days when I shop online, one of the first things I do is go through the various coupon code websites such as in the hopes of getting an even better deal.  But coupon and voucher websites are not just great for consumers. Read More →

How to Make Your Bedroom Heroic

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There’s no doubt that superheroes are a big thing these days. Whether at the Box Office, in computer games or in the bookshops, the fandom is huge, and they haven’t stopped there, because right now there’s a superhero decoupage revolution taking place, and it might be happening in a bedroom near you. Read More →