BeON Smart Lightbulbs

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Unlike regular  “smart LED” bulbs that allow you to control them remotely from your smartphone to turn on or off or change colors etc. BeON Smart Lightbulbs have taken this concept even further. BeOn’s smart LED light bulbs are smart enough to quietly learn your patterns. When you leave the house, use a smartphone app to set the bulbs to “away” mode, and they’ll automatically turn on following almost a similar patterns (although each day will be somewhat unique). If an intruder rings the doorbell while you’re away, the bulbs will automatically turn on in a sequence that gives an impression that you are home. Read More →

iShoe UV Sanitizer

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Smelly feet are everyone’s nightmare. Its not only the odor that one should be concerned about, there are other perils like bacteria and germs that can cause a variety of problems.

Here is a simple device, the iShoe UV Sanitizer that can prove to be an effective tool against foul odors, germs and bacteria in your shoes. There are no chemicals involved. The Ultraviolet light kills up to 99.9% of all micro-organisms quickly and permanently. Just place the device in your shoes, plug in, and put them inside a special opaque bag. Read More →

The Highest Paying Programming Languages

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Computer programming is one of the most lucrative fields. It requires a lot of forethought, and with it, it contains a lot of power in the programs and things it operates. Programming is a flexible field, and it provides diverse applications in the Read More →

Rechargeable Bottle Light

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If you have a collection of those old vintage bottles, you can make your bottles even more sparkling by transforming them into improvised table lamps or decoration pieces. You can also use your recyclable bottles.

Rechargeable Bottle Light is shaped like a cork that has a bright LED light which you can recharge via a USB port of your computer or through an electrical outlet. Simply twist to turn the light on or off. Read More →

Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas (and Beyond)

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Everyone loves new gadgets, especially when they are new in the market and gifted by someone, this is why they make such awesome presents. However, the point that comes across one’s mind upon thinking about gifting a gadget is that it can be costly. Yes, gadgets can be costly but you can actually buy many gadget gifts that are reasonably priced and additionally use the help of coupons. Read More →

The WOW! Computer

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Since technology has become such a crucial element in the today’s world, many seniors think they are left behind or classify themselves as technophobes. For those suffering from anxiety due to computer use, here is a new computer that can make them feel more comfortable around their phobia. It will help them become more curious, learn more about technology, and not freak out if something goes wrong. Read More →

Skywatch Windoo 3: A Personal Weather Station

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Here is a gadget that when attached to your smart phone becomes your perfect personal weather station. Its an anemometer that measures the surrounding atmospheric conditions e.g. temperature, wind speed, pressure and humidity. A must-have gadget for occasions when you do not have access to the weather network.

After you download the Windoo app, plug the device into the headphone jack of your smartphone ad the device doesn’t have any battery. Make sure that the audio output level is at maximum. The device instantly measures ambient air conditions and displays measured values graphically. Values are computed both in English and Metric systems. Read More →

Advantages Of A SIM-Only Deal

sim-only deal

These days we can’t live without out phones and our faces are constantly locked onto our screens whether we are with company or alone. Depending on what part of the world you live in, your mobile service is either extremely expensive like in Canada or on the very inexpensive side like Pakistan or India. For the ten years of having a mobile phone, I’ve always stuck with 2-3 year contracts with my cellular service providers and let me tell you, the bills add up! I find it disgusting that I have to pay over $100 a month just to have a phone and some data. Time to to switch it up and look into Sim Only Deals! Read More →