slow internet speeds

Less than two decades ago few had heard of the internet, let alone phrases such as ‘broadband’ and ‘fibre optics’ which are now etched into our everyday lives. Such is our reliance on high speed internet that it is a feature of our home and work lives that we have come to expect and, when from time to time the transition between web pages is slow or films and music seem to take an age to download, we pour scorn on the quality of our computer or connection. If your broadband connection is sluggish, there are several quick-fixes you can try before you call your Internet Service Provider for support. Read More →

Pickup Pools – Mobile Pool On Wheels

mobile swimming pool

When I was a kid, our neighbors had a pickup truck which would be turned into a “swimming pool” for the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy and cool off during the hot summer months. It was basically an over sized tarp that would go in the truck bed and filled with cold water. It was a ghetto setup, couldn’t really swim in it, but we all loved it. Although the idea of having a pool in the back of a truck is nothing new, the guys over at Pickup Pools have designed and patented “their idea”. Read More →

Three Cars You’ll Never Own

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If you’re passionate about cars, you’re never going to be satisfied by what you have. Never is that more so than when you’re looking at the super cars owned by the few at the very top. With that in mind, we’ve put together this little collection of incredible cars that are sure to get your engine started. So sit down and get ready to be seriously jealous, because these are the three cars that you’re never going to be able to own. Read More →

The Vidonn X5 Smart Bracelet

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The wearable fitness-tracking devices emerged on the tech scene a few years ago. They are devices that calculate the number of steps walked, calories burned or hours slept. Ever since their emergence they have become smaller and smaller.

The Vindonn X5 Smart Bracelet is a highly capable silicone wristband that collects bodily data which is then sent to the smartphone where an accompanying app stores and analyzes your data ( It is compatible with iPhone 4S+, Android 4.3+, iPad 3+, iPod Touch 5+, Windows XP, Vista, and 7+) . It also comes with a clock and vibration alarm. Read More →

Using Technology to Make Finances Easier

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Technology and modern advancement exist to make life easier in all facets, including your finances. Using the right tools can make your financial goals easier to visualize, stick to, and obtain. Read More →

Navdy Heads Up Display Navigation System

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This is a fantastic futuristic device that links to Android or iOS smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 and gives you a heads up display to look at, without losing sight of the road. It displays speed, RPM, and driving directions through a projector that throws an image on a 5-inch screen that appears to float 6-feet in front of the driver. The device is controlled using simple gestures.

The device stays put so when you are driving on a highway or city street, you can use it to see your speed, RPM, and direction where you are headed. The device can also display information from your smartphone, including text messages, and allows you to screen and answer phone calls. Read More →

Broadband Internet For Dummies – The Basics

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I am not tech savvy in anyway and I’m usually the first to be asking questions or left scratching my head. Remember that scene in Zoolander where they are trying to find the file in the computer? I’m basically one step ahead of them but not by much. So when my eight year old niece saw a commercial for an internet service provider, she asked me how I got the internet on my laptop. In the past, she has asked me to look things up for her on the internet but this time she’s asking me how I got the internet. Read More →

Yerka – The Hard to Steal Bicycle

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Bike riding is good for more than saving the planet and your hard-earned cash. It’s also one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. But protecting your prized ride from determined thieves is a challenge in itself. There are several locking mechanisms available for bikes but industrious thieves always find ways to break bike locks. However, a sturdy lock and savvy locking strategy will greatly reduce the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves. Read More →