Smart Gadgets to Help Improve Posture

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Modern life is bad for us – bad for our bodies, that is. Almost every household has a computer, with many owning mobile devices that encourage us to hunch our shoulders, bend our back, and generally achieve a posture that is not only unattractive but also harmful. Fortunately, for gadget lovers, there are a few tools that a person worried about their posture can use to correct it. Read More →

Unusual Google Searches By State

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I’ll admit it, I’ve searched some crazy and random stuff since the invention of the search engine.  Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are searching for while they browse the web? If so, here is a US map which shows ’embarrassing’ search terms that each state has made significantly more than all other states during the past 11 years. Read More →

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They say that you shouldn’t be looking at your laptop, phone, or tablet just before sleep as it will interfere with your sleep pattern. I’m guilty of doing that pretty much every single night. Over the last few years, I have been getting pretty terrible sleep. I don’t know if it’s actually from my laptop and phone but it could explain my lack of sleep. I’m too addicted to my phone to actually test this out. If you have trouble falling asleep whether phone related or not, you might want to consider the Holi SleepCompanion light bulb. Read More →

Top 9 Mobile Apps for Landlords

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Being a landlord can be hard work and isn’t always as smooth sailing as what people might assume. You need to think about everything from decorations and furniture, to the legal stuff – tenancy agreements, insurance, boiler repairs, electrical safety – the list goes on! Not to mention times when tenants refuse to pay you the rent. Statistics from GOV.UK show in April to June 2015, 36,212 landlord possession claims in county courts were recorded in England and Wales. Read More →

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People always ask me why I don’t wear sunglasses. Until a few weeks ago, I would never wear sunglasses because no matter which design I picked, sunglasses just don’t suit my face. Because I drive a lot these days in the early morning, I’ve realized that I need to start wearing sunglasses for road safety reasons. To start off, I bought a cheap pair that I can damage and lose without having to dig deep in my wallet to replace them. But perhaps I don’t need to wear sunglasses after all thanks to the Glare Vis’r Sun Shield by Trillium. Read More →

How Boost Mobile Helped My Online Gaming

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I love gaming online, it’s just what I do. If you’re anything like me (and, well, you probably are), then you already know the joys that this wonderful process has to offer. I’m not going to beat around the bush, I can get rather frustrated when it comes to winning and losing online. When things are going wrong I can get pretty sassy, because that’s just how I am! Me and my friends usually use Teamspeak to communicate, and we’re always going on gaming marathon through Steam; but sometimes Teamspeak isn’t reliable enough to keep our chatter going. Read More →

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When most people think of sharks, a terrifying sea creature usually comes to mind. But can we really blame people that have fear of sharks? With movies like JAWS and Deep Blue Sea, I’d also be afraid of taking a dip in the ocean. If you are an avid lover of the ocean waters but are always feeling uneasy about unwanted guests then the FREEDOM7 Shark Shield is something you need to consider for your next ocean adventure. Read More →

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Although my wife is in her late 20’s, she still happens to be scared of the dark and I’ve had to walk her to the washroom only feet away from our bedroom in the middle of the night on a couple of occasions. I’m not frugal by any means but I do not like the idea of wasting electricity overnight by keeping the bathroom light on or even a night light. The next best option I came across is the Listello Flat Tile that glow in the dark! Read More →