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5 Gaming Trends to Watch

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Gaming is becoming more popular every year as game-makers create content for varied audiences and advancing technology increases the possibilities for immersive gaming experiences. Computer, console, and mobile content are no longer confined to sword and sorcery titles or sports themes. Nowadays gamers can choose from an endless variety of themes and platforms. While no one knows for sure what the next big gaming breakthrough will be, here are five popular trends that may take the industry to the next level. Read More →

Is VR the Future of Sports Betting?

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Years ago, we dreamed of a world where virtual reality (VR) technology was available to anyone, making games and movies an interactive experience. VR wouldn’t be limited to scientists or computer programmers experimenting in labs, but would be something that people could enjoy at home. Read More →

Choosing Between a New or Used Car

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Choosing a new car is a massive a decision. There is so much to consider including what fuel to buy? Whether it’s new or used? These age-old questions are still going strong even in 2017. Read More →

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Computer viruses are not something that anyone wants to have to deal with, but the truth is that they are a danger that affects anybody who is using a computer or browsing the web. Viruses are malicious programs which can damage any number of your files, and prevent your computer from running properly – sometimes with catastrophic results. Having a good antivirus software package is critical in protecting your data, otherwise the consequences could lead to being unable to use your computer or access your files. This is the worst-case scenario, and the only thing stopping it from happening is vigilance on the side of the computer user which will prevent these threats from breaking through. Read More →

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I generally pick an inconvenient time to do my grocery shopping because I’d rather be inconvenienced at an odd hour to shop in a store with almost no customers as opposed to shopping on the weekend or after work hours and deal with a chaotic supermarket. Have you ever been to Costco or Super Store on the weekend? The “traffic” within the store is enough to drive me insane. At the present moment, I use a service called “Click and Collect” at Super Store. I basically pick my groceries online and then for a $3 fee, the store employees pick my items, and I simply go to a designated parking spot at the store and have the items delivered straight to my vehicle. Pretty simple, right? Read More →

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In this day and age, pretty much everyone that has past into adulthood owns a credit card. It’s a very useful tool to have in the city and it helps you get around quite easily in terms of paying for things. They’ve managed to take the convenience level even further some years back when they introduced the RFID chips for credit cards. With these chips, owners can pay for things by simply touching their card on a scanner in the store. There’s no more need to swipe your card to have it inserted in a device in order to finalize your payment. It’s great, but it’s also dangerous and that’s something that not many people realize. How is it dangerous, you ask? Read More →

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin

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The meteoric rise of Bitcoin in recent media reports have many people wondering about the benefits and risks associated with using the cryptocurrency as a legitimate store of value and alternative form of payment online. Read More →

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With people here in 2017 spending more and more of our time online, storing our digital possessions online is becoming a greater part of our everyday lives.

But is the cloud really the ultimate storage solution? Here, we take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to give you a better view of the situation. With a mobile-first approach being pushed more and more in business, as well as in the services we use (think Spotify, Netflix), mobile networks like Asda Mobile are ready to embrace the cloud. But is it worth it? Read More →