Digital Diligence Is As Easy As 1-2-3

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The growth of digital communications has changed the modern business arena forever. Even companies that deal with offline audiences can seek huge gains from improving their online activities. Whether you’ve been in business for five decades or five minutes doesn’t matter. You must establish this task as one of your biggest priorities. Read More →

Hidden Dangers Of The Online World

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Are you aware of all the dangers that remain hidden when you go online? We’re not trying to breed paranoia here, but the internet can be a filled with issues that could have devastating consequences for your finances and your personal life. Let’s look at some of the potential enemies online and figure out how to combat them effectively. Read More →

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Pets are human’s best friend, without which most feel lonely, and the homestead feels empty. They are known to give unmatched affection and loyalty that is hard to get elsewhere. In most cases, they are considered as part of the family with some receiving human treatment from the owners. When they die, they leave a vacuum in our hearts, calling for prompt replacement, which often fails to live to the standards. In perfect conditions, we want to live with them for the entire lives, but nature takes them away without notice.

Bringing in others and integrating them into the family can take a long time. Even with regular training, they might not behave similarly to the previous leaving a gap in your family. You can turn the tables through the Viagen Pets, which clones your dogs and cats to keep them for another lifetime. You might not miss your favorite puppy and cat even when they die.

The propagation process starts with a small biopsy of the pet’s tissue, done by a qualified veterinarian officer. The tissues are taken to the Viagen labs, cultivated and frozen, to preserve the clones for future use. When your pet dies, you can clone the tissues when the need arises, which retains the original features of the pet.

You do not have to wait until your dog dies if you have wanted to close the gap before it forms. The process takes a long time hence not something you can do when your dog is hit by a car. The process is meant to give the exact genetic formation, which given the same care and love develops the same personality. While you could be thrilled by the results, the cost is likely to bar many from achieving the dream. The process attracts a genetic preservation fee of $1600 and additional $25k for cats and $50k for dogs.

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With numerous occurrences across the globe, it is almost impossible to keep up with the news, even if it means electing a geographical location. It takes a few seconds for the news to emerge and before you read the next sentence, something else arises. All this happen at breakneck speeds, and most affect our lives directly or indirectly. While you want to focus on your career, it helps to know what ‘s going on around the world, and perhaps around you. With smart news, you do not have to read the details as it collects the headlines into one platform. Read More →

Best dating App for Summer 2017

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Are you looking for ways to spice up your summer? Why not turn to the Spritzr matchmaking app and crank up the heat a little? This dating app can help you connect with people recommended to you, by your friends. This helps remove some of the stigma that typically goes along with your traditional dating app, since you already have something in common, your friends. Read More →

8 Hot New Trends in Online Dating

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The world of online dating never stands still. As technology develops, enterprising programmers and web designers are constantly finding new ways to harness the internet to bring people together. In fact, the process is so dynamic that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Read More →

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Everyone shares photos online these days. I’ve done it for years – on Instagram, on Facebook and Twitter, and even on MySpace (remember MySpace?) when that was a thing. From pulling pranks on my buddies to fun nights out at our favorite bar, I’ve got years’ worth of photos posted online for all to see.

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Everyone has awkward moments at night. When you cannot sleep well, you try all manners of things to get your eyes closed. At times, you might be tired, yet fail to catch some sleep at night. Some turn on their TVs while others scroll every contact in their smartphones while in bed. If you are lucky, you might get bored and fall asleep. If you still cannot fall asleep, perhaps you need to try the Sleep with my podcast. The device creates a dull environment that locks into a deep slumber. Read More →