10 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic

Anyone who is a pro in the gaming world knows that you must use the best gaming headphones without mic possible to fully immerse yourself in the game experience, whether you’re sniping rivals or exploring a new open world.

You’ll never go back once you’ve used a fantastic pair of headphones while gaming. You’ve got the greatest video game console and screen on the market.

The easiest way to go wireless is with a gaming headset that doesn’t include a microphone. We can assist you in finding the finest gaming headphones without a mic.

Instead of attempting to balance out sound, such as overly tinny or bass-heavy, the best gaming headphones allow you to immerse yourself in the game experience. Not only will it sound better, but the headset will also add depth with sound staging and surround sound.

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Some gaming headphones also cater to gamers with stylish details, such as lighting and making the ear cushions as soft as feasible so you can play for hours. Here’s a list of our best gaming headphones without mic.

Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic: Detailed Review

best gaming headphones without mic

Yes, we provide thorough reviews so you can make an informed decision. Let’s begin with:

HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX simply implies that the goods are excellent. The HyperX Cloud Alpha are the best gaming headphones without mic intended to provide amazing audio quality with minimal distortion by reducing it as much as possible.

With premium memory foam, the HyperX Cloud Alpha provides unrivaled comfort. The cushioning is extremely permeable and the ear cups wrap around the ears.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver is constructed of a long-lasting aluminum frame. Every material used is of the highest quality, as is the construction. This is what makes the HyperX brand so well known.

The headset has a detachable microphone, so you may use it without the mic if desired. The microphone offers excellent noise cancellation.

The microphone is compatible with a wide range of platforms, and it’s also Discord and TeamSpeak Certified. The drivers are incredible!

2. Sennheiser RS 175

Sennheiser has done a wonderful job with its RS 175 best gaming headphones without mic. These wireless headphones have a lot to offer. They’re ideal for gaming since they include surround sound functionality. With their bass boost mode, they may also be used for music listening.

The HoSpy headphones are available only in black and provide excellent transmission range and solid connection. These headphones are made to ensure that every sound you hear is crystal clear, which is why they are so lightweight.

These headphones are quite durable and provide excellent comfort. It includes a charging dock with which you can charge it. The battery lasts for around 18 hours per charge. The docking station can accommodate up to two headphone pairs.

These headphones are cleverly designed with simple controls and a quick setup. The device is small and comfortable to use. The headphones’ fitment is also excellent.

3. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR

They feature an open-back design, which means they can produce a very realistic sound. They may be a little heavy, making them inconvenient to transport.

They’re sturdy and long-lasting, but they aren’t ideal for frequent travelers since their hefty design might cause them to fall.

The wire is of good quality and detachable, as well as replaceable. They connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, which is reliable.

4.SteelSeries Arctis Pro 

With a Bluetooth range of 40 feet (12 meters), the Sony headphones are among the best gaming headphones without mic.

The headphones are High-Res Sound certified, which implies that they provide high sound quality. They have a clean sound with good bass.

These headphones are ideal for long listening periods because they are so comfortable. Because the ear pads are both pleasant and breathable, you may use them for lengthy periods of time without discomfort.

It has a reliable, long-lasting structure that is made of high-quality materials. The stitching and padding are excellent, and the cloth used for cushioning is of exceptional quality.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro: Noise Cancelling

Despite the fact that it does not have an external microphone, its built-in mic is excellent and provides high-quality sound during communication. These headphones are known to be ideal for studio monitoring making them among the top best gaming headphones without mic.

They have a single-ended cord, which allows you to move about freely while playing. They also have a closed-back design that reduces the amount of noise entering your ears. They’re ideal for gaming, even though they’re frequently used by music artists.

The material and padding of these headphones are both sturdy and comfortable. The headband is made of a long-lasting substance, while the cushion padding can be replaced if necessary.

6. Technica ATH-AD700X 

They’re wireless, which means you’ll have a hard time limiting your movements while playing games, but it doesn’t put up very many limitations. Furthermore, the cable is 3 meters long, which to me seems sufficient for any type of work.

MEE audio claims that the best gaming headphones without mic earpads are made of aluminum with a honeycomb-shaped design, allowing you to look inside. The headband is designed to be open to the head so that you don’t get hot or sweaty.

The wing-shaped headband allows these headphones to be highly breathable. However, it may be a little loose and will irritate you if you move too much.

best gaming headphones without mic

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7. HyperX Cloud Mix

They come with a detachable microphone as well as a built-in mic, both of which are fantastic. The headset is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation 4.

They are noise-canceling headphones with a closed-back design, and this feature works quite well. Their frequency response is also excellent.

Inline controls are provided, but the on-headset controls are disabled when you use them in wired mode.

8. Bose 700

It has a 20-hour battery life per charge, which makes it ideal for extended periods of usage. It also includes a built-in Google Assistant and the ability to request your phone’s default voice assistant.

It’s lightweight, and the touch controls are responsive. You may also customize things using the Bose Music software. Using this program, you can control all of the available options.

The design is really attractive and stylish; I enjoy it a lot. The materials utilized in the construction of these headphones are of high quality, which explains why they’re so long-lasting.

There’s no issue with their comfort; the cushioning is extremely comfortable and breathable, so you will really appreciate how comfy they are.

9. Logitech G933

Found in the list of the best gaming headphones without mic, It has three programmable buttons, allowing you to pick and manage your settings. You may use the Logitech Gaming software to control the headset as you like.

The sound drivers are unique, and they produce excellent music that will delight any gamer. The sound is extremely crisp at all volumes and loud enough to hear opponents approaching.

The wired model also works well, with in-line controls that are very easy to use. In addition to the inline controls, an onboard microphone is included.

This is a fantastic-looking and well-made piece of furniture. The RGB lighting and the G logo add to the gaming aspect.

10.HiFiMAN HE1000

The design is really cool and fashionable. These best gaming headphones without mic look huge because of the amount of metal utilized in their construction. Its porous design allows for excellent airflow, so you’ll be loving how comfy it is.

Its structure is rather robust and long-lasting. The cushioned and padded interior is also soft and comfortable. There are no issues with its comfort at all.

These headphones are wired, thus your mobility will be limited. On both sides, the wire is connected. These headphones have a fantastic frequency response. Because these headphones are so expensive, if you’re on a budget, you should look at other items on this list.

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