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All About the Samsung Galaxy S10

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As many of you know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 just released. There are so many specifications and features to consider when purchasing a new phone. If you’re wondering if you should purchase this phone, keep reading!

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5 Latest Smartphones Which Support 5G

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If you’ve been watching the news or keeping up with anything tech related lately, you’ve probably heard of the term 5G. 5G is the next step in revolutionary speeds and connectivity when it comes to mobile devices and many other internets enabled gadgets. In order for you to take advantage of all that 5G has to offer, you’ll need to get a 5G enabled mobile device. Not all smartphones are 5G enabled so to help you find the right 5G enabled smartphone, we’re going to list our top 5 recommendations below.

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Backpacks That Charge Your Phone

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Have you ever had a long day and your phone starts to die? Well lucky for you, there is a solution! Many companies have begun developing backpacks that can help solve this problem!

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Online dating is complicated, and it can become even more difficult when she doesn’t text back. Many men out there face the same dilemma: why did she suddenly vanish into thin air after days or weeks of pleasant conversation?

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Ways To Make Quick Money

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Everyone could use an extra amount of pocket change. Whether it be that you are a struggling college student, or need the extra money to make ends meet, here are some creative ways to put some more money in your pocket.

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Books are a great way to create a portal into another world. It can take your mind off things; let your imagination run amok, while learning a thing or two along the way. Reading books can be a great hobby, although one may not know where to start. There are books about anything and everything under the sun, so finding a specific branch to focus on can be very difficult.

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Playing a game is one thing, feeling complete immersion while in the game is another. Alas, most of us mortals are only capable of playing games in front of a small(ish) screen. Because of this, the action ends at the edges of your monitor. This leaves you with a rectangular portal to another world that you can only look into. Immersion can be a difficult thing to achieve with only the basic PC and console setups. However, with a setup that enhances immersion, you can play a game like never before. With a powerful gaming rig, you can truly feel like you are inside the game.

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A Noob’s Guide to Buying Video Games

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Back in the old days, you had to line up to stores and pay for game discs to be able to play a game. Now, it is as simple as clicking purchase on your screen and waiting for your download to complete. It is truly a different time, and games are easier to purchase and play than ever before. While convenience is no longer an issue, price is still a big barrier when it comes to getting that game you want.

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