Angry Birds USB Drives

I can’t remember exactly when the Angry Birds game/App was first introduced but it has been a huge success and the game developers have licensed the Angry Birds name to so many different gadgets and toys that it’s pretty hard to keep track.  To add to that list, we now get Angry Birds USB drives by EMTEC.

The Angry Birds USB drives come in various characters from the game including Red Bird, White Bird, Yellow Bird, and King Pig.  The USB stick is hidden inside the plastic body of the character and has a storage capacity of 4GB.  The Angry Birds USB drives are price at €19.99 each (or about $26), which is quite expensive for a 4GB USB stick but if you’re a collector of all things Angry Birds then these USB drives are a must have.

Buy It:  €19.99

angry birds usb stick




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