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Post image for Batteries At Fault in Samsung’s Smartphone Fires

Back in the summer of 2016, Samsung brought out the Galaxy Note 7. With it’s stylus and larger screen, the phone was designed to take the business market by storm. That was until a month later when the phones started to catch fire, and some even exploded. The company value fell by $26 billion on the stock market. In the competitive technology market, when Samsung were battling against the iPhone, this was a tragedy. Read More →

Best Ways to Clean Cache on Your Mac

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Are you a responsive user? Do you always make the most of every gigabyte of your MacBook? Yes, there is a category of users who continuously monitor the performance of their devices and delete unnecessary files on time. Nevertheless, the majority of us don’t pay enough attention to the invention and notice that anything is wrong only when a laptop starts working slower. Sometimes, cleaning takes too much of your time, and this procedure isn’t as easy as you may guess. Choosing the right cleaning tools, you won’t face slowdowns or crashes. Read More →

Post image for Forex Bonds 101: What You Need to Know to Succeed

When it comes to the trading market, there are many facets involved. One lesser known, yet profitable financial endeavor that it offers comes in the form of bonds. Although this is a term that is often thrown around, few of us actually understand what it means. Nevertheless, investing in them could bring you the profit of a lifetime. Read More →

The Basics of Getting a Hunting GPS

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Do hunters need GPS units or no? We’ll try to answer this question as best as possible and provide you with some essential tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. Check all of this info below. Read More →

Post image for Ulysses Writing App – Easy Way to Boost Copywriters Productivity

Ulysses writing app is a functional program that will help you to save your precious working time, completely concentrating your efforts on the writing of the interesting content. If you have provided yourself with this application, then you can rely on the fact that the process of writing articles will become much easier and more productive for you. Create masterpieces, do not worry about the safety of your data, edit for your own pleasure, save your results in different formats and publish them on WordPress or Medium. There are so many interesting things in the world that are worthy to be written about! Let’s start immediately with writing an app and markdown editor Ulysses! Read More →

Post image for Tech & Healthcare: Taking Medicines To New Frontiers

Tech is a marvelous thing and has helped our society advance by leaps and bounds. After all, just look where we are now thanks to such inventions like the internet! Most of our life is now made easier by apps and online processes. Remember when you had to go into your local bank branch just to make a payment? Well, now you can do that on your smartphone in no time at all. Thanks a lot, internet! Read More →

Facebook is a very big social platform on which millions of users are registered to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. You can connect to almost anyone on Facebook who is a user of this site. It is easy to find and get linked to people you know or you want to know. Therefore, it is developed as one of the most important media of communication. But, is it absolutely safe? Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read More →

Post image for Gadgets For The Gaming Room: Cool Tech You Really Need!

If you have a spare room at home, why not transform it into a usable space? If you’re interested in tech and gaming then a gaming or media room could be a great option. A place for gaming marathons, alone or with friends or somewhere to watch movies. A man (or woman!) cave where you can kick back and relax, consume your media of choice, unwind and have fun. But what kind of cool tech do you need to make your gaming room as good as it can be? Here are a few ideas. Read More →