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Just a decade or so ago, geek style was something that everyone strived to avoid. Simply put, geeks were seen as the uncool people in high school and nobody wanted to look anything like them. Then shows like The O.C. came along and suddenly the world wanted to dress and be like Seth Cohen.

While geek fashion has came in and out of fashion since then, it’s time to rejoice, as geek chic is once more making a comeback. Which means, if you want to look like the most fashionable geek in your city, it’s time to read our guide on how to ace that cool geek look in just a few steps.

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Post image for Do These Pest Control Inventions Really Work?

Mice can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter-inch and move into your house, eating your food, leaving messy, smelling droppings and urine all over, and spreading disease. They also breed rapidly; a single pregnant mouse sneaking into your house can launch an infestation of thousands of mice. Obviously, rather than dealing with the messy consequence of an infestation, it would be better to prevent them from entering the house in the first place. There are many products and approaches that have been invented; but do any of them really work?

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Post image for DIY vs. Professional Home Security: Which one makes sense for you?

There are a number of factors to take into account when you’re shopping for a home security system. Price, quality, ease of use, and effectiveness are at the top of the list, but it’s time to make room for a fifth important consideration.

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Post image for Why Oracle’s Cloud Tech is Above and Beyond

As technology has developed in the last ten years, the use of “the cloud” has become increasingly important. Not only is the cloud commercially used by many companies to ensure data security and integrity as well as accessibility. However, many users do not understand what, exactly, “the cloud” is. It can be somewhat confusing for users to understand what cloud computing is and exactly how it works, given the fact it often isn’t a tangible feature.

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Post image for Can A Healthy Lifestyle And Long Computer Hours Mix?

Spending time on the computer can create many health problems if you overdo it. Whether for a job or for pleasure, most people spend a good number of their time in front of a computer screen or a phone in this modern age. It can be good on short doses, but we all know it will not be that short.

Gaming marathons for example can last up to a whole day – sometimes even more. Desk jobs require you to stay in front of the monitor for hours without standing and moving around. Call Center gigs can leave you seated for twelve hours or more.

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Post image for Summer of terror? Freak yourself out with the top horror films on Netflix

Are you the type of person who watches most of a horror film through your fingers, trembling? Or are you the person who sits right next to them laughing? If you’re a fan of the horror genre, you’re all set for the summer with Film Oracle’s Netflix horror list, a comprehensive list of the very best horror films to be found on the streaming site at the moment.

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How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Profit

Post image for How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Profit

Hobbies can range from doodling, sketching, to creating mini figurines and custom shirts. They can be fun, cost a low amount, and can be a great way to spend one’s free time. If you become great at it, you may find yourself with an opportunity to create extra income.

Finding a Profitable Hobby

Nearly every hobby has a form of profitability in them. It all depends on the quality and the demand. Drawing for example has a ton of earning potential via commissions. You can do this either online or in the real world. An excellent example of ‘best of both worlds’ involve people ordering online, with you creating the drawing and shipping it to them.

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Post image for The Safest Sites For Free Software Download

It seems downloading software has never been easier than now. With hundreds of catalogs available, the choice is bigger than ever. However, things are not that easy. The issue is, as software development catalogs continue to grow their popularity, hackers and data traders want to take the niche as well.

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