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Post image for How Online Gaming Is Set To Change In The Next Few Years

We have lived with video games for over a generation now, the first home video game is generally credited to being developed by physicist William Higinbotham in1958 but the first widely available game is known to be Pong by Atari in 1972. Gaming has come a long way since those days though and is set to change even further in the next generation so we are going to look at some upcoming developments we expect to see over the next few years.

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Post image for The 5 Most Common Things People Hide Online Revealed

It sounds sinister but when you really think about it, how many of us reveal everything online? Is anyone truly themselves behind a screen? Some things we just don’t want people to know; some things people are hiding because they are up to no good, and many behaviours fall somewhere in-between these two extremes. Let’s look at the five most common things people hide online.

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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

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When you are a small business owner, it is difficult for you to promote your business as you do not necessarily have the budget required to do so in the traditional sense. But it is the digital age after all. What took months to accomplish before could now be done in a couple of seconds by clicking a few buttons.

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Post image for Gaming Landscape Continues to be Changed by Social Advancements

Gaming used to suffer from the misguided stigma of being solely for loners, geeks, and others not considered among the most competent in social situations. But, now that there is a wider selection of drastically better games available across many platforms, more people interact with the entertainment medium, with the increasingly important social factors proving to be one of the main reasons why some people game, according to a Social Media Week post.

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All You Need To Know About VR Gambling

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VR gambling or Virtual Reality Gambling is the latest growing trend in the world of gambling. VR Gambling goes way beyond live dealer and casinos online. It is a whole lot better. Don’t believe us, read on to find out what is cool about VR gambling.

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How is AI Faring Against Us Today?

Post image for How is AI Faring Against Us Today?

We simply can’t ignore the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is and has been all around us for the past decade, with huge tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and even Facebook all using the advanced AI technology ‘to go where no (AI) machine has gone before…’

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Post image for Surprising Reasons to Get a Home Security System You Might Not Have Thought of

Most homeowners install home security systems as a way to thwart burglars and keep their family and possessions safe. In many cases, though, alarms, cameras and other security devices aren’t purchased until after something has happened, such as a neighbor being robbed. It makes sense, given that it’s statistically proven that having an alarm system makes your home a less attractive target to thieves. According to the American Electronics Association, nine out of 10 burglars will skip a home if its equipped with a security system. And your security system can help protect your neighbors as well since robbers will generally avoid whole neighborhoods if multiple homes have alarm systems.

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Music: How to Create a Hit Song

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The writer may not be a musician, but trust us, they do know a bit about writing and creating content. It’s really not that hard.  Just read on to find out how you can create a hit song.

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