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Have an Idea for a Mobile App? Here’s How to Build One

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Mobile applications consume most of the time that individuals spend on their phones. TechCrunch recently reported that consumers spend up to five hours per day on their mobile devices, and more than half of that time is spent on apps used for online banking, checking social media, playing games, tracking their nutrition, monitoring their health, and so much more.

The app marketplace is overcrowded, but there’s still room for a few great ideas if you’re willing to put in the work to build one. If you have a dynamite idea for an app, here’s how you can go about building it.

Identify a Need

Every app builder should start with a product that the world actually needs. The app market is already overcrowded, and early market research will determine whether or not your idea can last.

As you research the need for your app, outline who your target audience is and how this app might solve a problem for them. Choose something that hasn’t been done before or for which little competition exists. This will naturally give your app forward momentum with little resistance.

Use a Trusted Platform

It’s so much faster and easier to build an app than you might think, thanks to modern app development techniques. You can create a custom app using a trusted platform with no coding knowledge required.

Custom app design is a complex business that involves a team of designers and developers who will listen to you and work within your budget. They’ll cover the legal parameters of app creation and provide maintenance and analytics reports after it’s finished. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg or take months to build an app, so choose a platform that works within your budget and time frame.

Learn Coding Basics

If you have a trusted mobile app creation platform, you shouldn’t need a thorough coding knowledge. However, it helps to know a few basics. This knowledge will help guide you through the design process so that you can keep up with every step. It will also help you recognize problems and identify what the solution might be.

It’s pretty simple to learn coding basics in the digital age. You can follow tutorials on YouTube if you’re an organized self-starter. If you need a little more guidance, enroll in an online course.

Don’t spend too much time on this. You have plenty of responsibilities as an entrepreneur, so once you’ve learned the basics, let the masters handle the rest. 

Outline a Plan

Don’t go into the design of an app without outlining how it will flow and the features you’d like to include. It’s much easier to include special details and abilities in your app during the planning stages than it is to introduce them later.

Work with a qualified developer to hash out every detail. Your plan will help your developer understand your expectations, so you’re satisfied with the result. If you want your app to provide a certain service, don’t assume it can’t be done. Technology has come a long way, and you’d be surprised at its capabilities. 

That being said, don’t overdo it. A bulky app with too many features will be difficult to navigate. It will operate slowly with a poor workflow. Once you’ve listed all the features you want, identify the priorities. You might be surprised how much more effective your app is when you strip it down to the basics. 

Focus on Design

Functionality seems to be the most important factor in your app, and it does play a key role. However, good design is key. First impressions mean a great deal in successful app development, after all. Consumers often report abandoning an app or deleting it because it was unsightly. It gives consumers the impression that you don’t take pride in your company.

Your design should boast a color scheme that matches your current brand. Use high-quality images and graphics, and design a clean, easy-to-follow layout.

Know Your Competition

Your app can’t thrive if your competition outwits you. As you perform market research, watch every move of your biggest competitors. Learn from what they’re doing right and wrong. Although you don’t want to copy them completely, you can take a leaf out of their book to employ a successful app.

Additionally, do some spying to help establish your unique value proposition. What features can you offer that are missing in a competitor’s app? You can’t ignore the competition, so you might as well use them to launch a successful app.

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