Gabe From The Office: The Best Dressed Man in Scranton

Gabe Lewis from The Office is probably one of the most stylish and fashionable characters on the show. From his dapper suits to his trendy eyeglasses, Gabe always manages to look truly dapper. I’m here to say that Gabe Lewis is the best dressed man in Scranton and he should be an inspiration to us all. So, let’s get into the details of why Gabe is the most fashionable man in all of Scranton.

Gabe’s Unique Style

I have always been interested in fashion and creating unique individual style. I consider myself blessed with the ability to take any kind of garment or accessory and make it my own. My vision is to be the best dressed man in Scranton; a goal that I strive to achieve each day.

My style is typically divided into two main areas, professional look and casual look. On a typical workday, I always aim for a classic yet modern approach: tailored suit (various shades of grey), properly fitted dress shirt, plain or patterned tie and polished dress shoe (Oxford or Monkstrap). Accessorizing these high-style pieces can make an outfit even more sophisticated, such as pocket squares; braces/suspenders; vests; lapel pins; cufflinks; hats; ties etcetera.

For casual outings (especially fun nights out), my wardrobe looks completely different than if I’m attending an office event. For example, vintage rock band shirts are paired uniquely with on-trend accessories like snapback hats, statement necklaces or asymmetrical blazers. It’s nice to have fun experimenting with unique items – why only wear a standard T-shirt when you can create an interesting ensemble?

Why I Love His Style

Gabe From The Office The Best Dressed Man in Scranton 2

Whenever I think of great style, one person always comes to mind – Gabe from The Office. Known for his unique and bold sense of fashion, he is the epitome of an individual whose wardrobe choices exude personality and flair. People who know me know that I often take style tips from him, so in this article, I’d like to discuss why I love Gabe’s style so much.

First of all, it’s obvious that Gabe expresses himself through his clothing. Whether it’s bright colors, graphic tees, or tailored suits – he wears what makes him feel good and represents who he is as a person. His confidence allows him to carry even the most daring looks very smoothly and helps us break down perceived rules in fashion which can be creatively liberating for a lot of people – myself included.

Gabe’s overall look has an eclectic mix of high end suits paired with comfortable sneakers or t-shirts paired with a crisp pair of trousers. No matter the element he chooses to layer together from his wardrobe – whether it’s pairing a sleek blazer with distressed jeans or wearing dress pants with a golf shirt – It all works together perfectly to provide us with inspiration on how we can rework our wardrobes into new statements every season without completely breaking the bank on luxury labels every time we go shopping.

At the end of the day, anyone can take sartorial dialling up their style without compromising comfort by learning how to create attire fits around your own personal needs and taste just like Gabe and Michael Scott do on The Office! Both characters are known for their fashionable choices and have managed to put together outfits that reflect their personal style and taste.

Outfit Breakdown

Gabe has always been the best dressed person in the office, and I’m here to prove it! Throughout the show, he has managed to remain true to his style, which is a perfect balance between quirkiness and sophistication.

Let me break down some of his most iconic looks and show you why they are so stylish:


My go-to when it comes to suits is the charcoal gray slim cut. As Gabe (of The Office), I don’t wear too many varied pieces. I stick with the basics like a crisp white dress shirt, a medium red tie, black belt and shoes.

In my opinion, very small details like cufflinks will set you apart from being just average and make your overall outfit look sharper. Even though a typical suit does not come with them, always try to incorporate them. Look for different shapes that you think would go best with this look, or opt for something that has personal meaning to you – those details mean more since they fit your unique style!


When it comes to shirts, Gabe picks something comfortable but stylish. He’s often seen wearing a simple collared shirt in a range of neutral colors such as blue, white and gray. He likes to keep his look classic by pairing them with chinos or khakis and dress shoes. He may also wear button-down oxfords when the occasion calls for a more formal look.

For example, in season 3, episode 18 of The Office, when he goes on a date with Erin, Gabe wears an open-collar navy blue dress shirt paired with trousers and dress shoes to add just the right amount of sophistication to the look.


When it comes to something as simple, easily forgettable, and expensive as shoes, Gabe is a true master. He pays attention to small details and his shoes are always perfectly polished. From loafers to wingtips, he never fails to make sure they look their absolute best. His go-to shoes are Cole Haan Zerogrand Oxfords and Allen Edmonds Park Avenues – but if those seem too expensive for you, then here is a list of the key points that Gabe follows when finding the right pair of dress shoes:

  • Check the finish – shiny leather with little or no texture will always look more formal than suede or nubuck
  • The color should fit within your palette but they do not have to match your other pieces
  • Make sure they fit properly – no one wants their feet slipping around in dress shoes!
  • A low profile crepe sole is less formal than leather
  • Wingtip oxfords are more versatile than brogues or derbies
  • You can’t go wrong with black lace ups for a classic look


Accessories play an important role in completing a look and adding personal flair. In terms of accessories, Gabe really prefers to keep it simple – with a few stylish touches that never fail to elevate the look.

The watch and belt are staples that I’ve noticed Gabe wearing almost daily. The watch is a classic silver-toned stainless steel bracelet with a black dial. He complements his wardrobe with the brown leather belt I always see him wearing with his different outfits – it’s just enough to give an added touch of sophistication.

His glasses are sort of like his signature mark – he wears black frames that can be dressed up or down depending on what he’s wearing, which is quite handy. I also frequently see him wearing different types of scarves – usually a neutral tone like navy or grey – but sometimes sporting some fun colors for extra pizazz!

Finally, Gabe’s hair is always prepped, styled and looking sharp – though often accompanied by subtle product and styling efforts! All these details add up to create Gabe’s iconic looks from The Office!

Impact of His Style

Gabe From The Office The Best Dressed Man in Scranton 6

As one of the most popular characters on The Office, Gabe was known for his unique style choices. His eclectic clothing combinations often left his colleagues confused and amazed at the same time. His unique look made him stand out from the rest of the characters and I became more and more intrigued as the show went on.

We will explore the impact of his fashion choices and how they made a lasting impression on the audience:

On His Co-Workers

As I watched the show and my beloved Gabe, the best dressed man in Scranton, it was impossible for me to go unnoticed. Seeing how he always dressed to impress made me want to take more care in my own personal style. His ensembles were always sharp and well put together, but also had a certain quirk that made him stand out as an individual.

My co-workers started picking up on what I was doing, too; some came up to me and asked where I got my clothes or inspiration. The lazy Tuesday look that most of them wore slowly turned into something tailored with a pinch of personality, all thanks to Gabe. He inspired many people in our workplace either knowingly or unknowingly—our workplace became a lot more fashionable with his presence on the show!

On His Personal Life

Gabe From The Office The Best Dressed Man in Scranton 3

Gabe Lewis was the best dressed man at Dunder Mifflin Scranton and his impeccable style made a noticeable impact on his personal life. Friends and colleagues alike looked to Gabe for fashion advice and he enjoyed sharing his knowledge. He was often seen sporting a tailored suit or two, usually with a bright pocket square.

His wardrobe choices enabled Gabe to stand out in the office and even among complete strangers who asked him where they could purchase his unique threads.

Regularly dressed sharply, Gabe was often taken more seriously due to this image he projected. He wore clothing that made him feel confident and he exuded an air of sophistication no matter what the occasion or situation called for. He might not have loved all aspects of working in the office but he certainly excelled at making an impression with his wardrobe choices.

Gabe demonstrated that anyone can make an impressive statement with clothing if they take into account personal preference and do some research on fabrics, patterns, and cuts which flatter all body types. His style enabled him to present himself in a professional yet stylish manner that inspired many people around him every day.


When it comes to fashion, I have to give it to Gabe Lewis. From his amazing plaid blazers to his fuchsia bow ties, he always manages to stay ahead of the trend. His style never fails to make a statement, and his ability to take a risk and make it look cool is inspiring. It’s clear why he has been voted the best dressed man in Scranton.

This was my conclusion on the subject of Gabe Lewis’ fashion.

Reflection on His Style

Gabe From The Office The Best Dressed Man in Scranton 4

As I look back on my time working in the office, I would be remiss not to reflect on my own fashion sense. Of course, it was often joked that I was the best-dressed man in Scranton and while I’m sure that might have been true most days, there were still many occasions where things could have been improved.

The key to good style is finding the right balance between individual looks and trends of the time. The best outfit would be one that pays respect to classic menswear while adding a personal flair. When I look back on my choices, I feel like I did a reasonably good job of blending timeless options with modern trends.

My main go-tos were usually smart casual items like textured blazers, Oxford shirts, chinos and boat shoes. But from time to time, I also liked to inject more personality into my outfits by adding bold colors and patterns like floral prints or stripes. Accessories were another important aspect for me; an outfit isn’t complete without a hat and stylish sunglasses!

Whenever possible, I always made sure to buy quality over quantity when it comes to clothing as well; investing in high-quality pieces that can last a long time has paid off for me more often than not. Ultimately, no matter what you wear – from head-to-toe designer looks or just a simple t-shirt – it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own clothes and having confidence in your own style!

Final Thoughts

Gabe From The Office The Best Dressed Man in Scranton 1

In conclusion, it is easy to see why Gabe from The Office is considered the best dressed man in Scranton. He always looks sharp and exudes professionalism without taking himself too seriously. His style is timeless and he can easily pull off any look, no matter the occasion. He consistently brings an added level of style, flair, and sophistication to his workplace attire – something that other characters on the show can’t claim to do. Gabe has set a standard for fashion that will live on for years thanks to reruns of The Office.

Gabe has earned his title as the best dressed man in Scranton through dedication to his looks as well as his unwavering sense of confidence. This helped him create an approachable yet professional look that has continued to inspire viewers of The Office since its creation back in 2005.

If you find yourself making fashion decisions with any consistency, ask yourself how Gabe would handle every ensemble or role-specific situation – chances are you’ll be happy with your decision.




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