How to Put Together a Geek Chic Wardrobe

The Geek Chic look is about embracing your inner geek by wearing classically nerdy clothes and accessories such as glasses, blazers, ties, and collared shirts – all put together in a fashionable manner. Here are some tips on how to put together a geek chic wardrobe.

Make a Spectacle of Yourself

A pair of glasses is an essential item in a geek chic wardrobe. Even if you have perfect eyesight, look at some fake options.

When buying glasses, try a few on and ensure that you find a style that suits your face shape. If you have a round face, balance out the curves with square-rimmed spectacles, a pair with a thick brow line will balance a long chin, teacup frames suit heart-shaped faces, and oval faces can carry off most frame shapes.

The right pair of glasses should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and not touch your cheeks or forehead. If you have a wider nose, opt for keyhole glasses, which distribute the weight of the glasses on the side of the nose rather than on the top.

Male Geek

If you are a male and looking to put together a geeky style, think collared shirts buttoned right up and worn underneath cable knitted pullovers of cardigans. Cord or plaid trousers are a staple item in the nerdy wardrobe. Geeks will usually add a zany tie to their outfit – perhaps with an amusing pattern on it or even a bow-tie.

Computer nerds often like to wear slogan T-shirts with intellectual jokes, scientific facts, or comic book heroes’ pictures. Team the T-shirt up with slim jeans, cords, and some Converse trainers. Geek chic often uses layering, so wear a plaid shirt over the T-shirt or wear a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath the short-sleeved one.

For some nerdy formal wear, look for pale blue or brown three-piece suits worn with a black velvet bow tie and, of course, a pair of Converse – or a pair of brown brogues. To complete a geeky outfit, sling a leather satchel across your body.

Female Geek

When putting together a lady geek style, think Thelma from Scooby-Doo with her thick glasses, turtle neck knitted sweater, and mini skirt.

Much like male nerds, females wear collared shirts beneath cardigans or sweaters. To give the look a sexier edge, opt for tight sweaters and super short flared skirts or corduroy pinafores. Team with ankle socks or over-the-knee socks and footwear such as Mary Jane shoes, brogues, or sneakers. Hold up the skirt with a pair of suspenders for the ultimate in geek chic.

Hair is usually tied back in a high ponytail or left down and messy with the fringe clipped severely to the side. Makeup should be kept natural with subtly defined eye makeup to make your eyes pop from beneath the glasses.

Always carry a satchel or a tote bag with a geeky slogan or print and fill the bag with a stack of hard-backed books.




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