103 Nerdy Tattoo Ideas for the Ultimate Pop Culture Fan

Ever get that itch for a tattoo that’s more than just ink—it’s a piece of your passion etched into your skin? You’re not alone. As someone who has rummaged through the vast universe of geekdom in search of the perfect symbol, I completely understand.

Let me guide you to this collection of 103 nerdy tattoo ideas that are handpicked for those who live and breathe pop culture. Each concept is designed to add an electrifying chapter to your body’s narrative.

And let’s face it, tattoos are pretty permanent—the indelible mark of our times, much like timeless jewels or that one meme you can’t help but share with every group chat.

Key Takeaways

Star Trek and Star Wars tattoos are popular choices for fans, with options like the Starship Enterprise knuckles or a “Han Shot First” scene.

Tattoos of characters like Deadpool, Princess Leia, or Doc Brown show off personal fandom and can be detailed pieces of art.

Math and science-themed tattoos appeal to those who want their geekiness on display in a more intellectual style, with designs like Pi or Schrödinger’s Cat.

Classic game characters such as Mario, Pacman, Bowser, and Sonic make for nostalgic tattoos that pay tribute to childhood memories.

Geeky and Nerdy Tattoo Ideas

Geeky and Nerdy Tattoo Ideas

Alright, fellow nerds and connoisseurs of all things pop culture – if you’re ready to wear your geeky heart on your sleeve (quite literally), then buckle up! We’re diving into a treasure trove of ink-spiration that’ll have you itching for some new body art faster than you can say “Engage!”.

From pixelated throwbacks to quantum quandaries, brace yourself: we’ve got ideas that’ll make even the most Stoic Vulcan raise an eyebrow.

Star Trek Tattoos

So you’re ready to show your dedication to the galaxy? Star Trek tattoos are a surefire way to let everyone know that you take your space adventures seriously. Picture this: the Starship Enterprise, right on your knuckles.

Yup, that’s what Jason Criss did – pretty bold move, huh? And why not? It’s iconic, it’s classic, and it screams, “I’m a superfan.”.

Let me tell ya, whether you want Spock giving his famous Vulcan salute or the emblem of the Federation boldly going where no ink has gone before – these designs can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Imagine catching glances at comic cons with those bad boys. They’re conversation starters and – who knows – might even beam up some fellow Trekkie friendships along the way!

Starship Enterprise Knuckle Tattoo

I’ve got to tell you about Jason Criss and his love for Star Trek. He’s got this amazing tattoo of the Starship Enterprise right across his knuckles! It shows off his superfan status and pays homage to “Into Darkness,” the new movie that had us all gripping our seats.

You see, geeky tattoos like this one aren’t just ink on skin—they’re a shoutout to our favorite stories zooming through space or the magic in books we can’t put down.

Imagine flexing your fingers and having the Enterprise fly with them; it’s like being part of every epic space battle or peaceful exploration mission. Fans might stop you on the street for a high-five, just to feel closer to those starry adventures themselves.

Now, let’s cruise past these starlit knuckles into a wonderland scene…

Alice in Wonderland Hitchhiking Scene

So, I got this wacky Alice in Wonderland hitchhiking tattoo, and let me tell you, it’s a real conversation starter. Picture this: Alice thumbing for a ride next to that famous “We’re all mad here” grin of the Cheshire Cat.

It screams adventure and a touch of madness—perfect for anyone who loves falling down rabbit holes into other worlds.

Now imagine rocking that scene on your arm or back! That’s what Rachel Newbury did. She inked her skin with scenes from her favorite nerdy hobbies after nailing her grad studies in Library Science.

Talk about wearing your passions on your sleeve—literally! If quirky and iconic is your thing, then why not add some fantastical flair to show off your superfan culture?

Robot Candy Skull

Got a buddy, Nathan? He went all out with this epic sci-fi sleeve and got himself a Robot Candy Skull tattoo. Picture this: It’s like someone took the coolest parts of robots and candy, smashed ’em together into a skull shape, and bam – that’s what’s rocking on his arm now.

John Anderton at Nemesis Tattoo Studio hooked him up with this wicked ink. It’s not just some doodle; it’s art that screams, “I love sci-fi” every time he flexes.

Now let me tell you, getting inked with something as unique as a Robot Candy Skull is not for the faint-hearted or the flavor-of-the-month fan. This is for those who eat, sleep, and breathe geeky hobbies – it shows you’ve got style and aren’t afraid to show off your nerd pride.

Geek Virus Design

So, you want to show the world just how much of a nerd you are? Get this: Eric Johnson did exactly that with his “Geek Virus” tattoo. Picture a computer virus, but make it all about geek life.

It’s like your skin is saying, “Yep, I’ve been infected with endless love for all things nerdy.”.

Imagine mixing symbols from your favorite video games or throwing in some math equations – because why not? This tattoo shouts out to those small tattoos for men and says geek chic louder than any inbox full of spam ever could.

It’s quirky, personal, and totally unique—just like every proud nerd out there.

Mario Tattoos

Alright, fellow nerds, let’s talk about getting inked with our favorite plumber. I’ve seen some super cool Mario tattoos that just scream “I grew up with a Nintendo 64 controller in hand.” Imagine showing off an epic scene from the Mushroom Kingdom on your arm! Nathan did just that – he got himself a rad Mario tattoo as part of a sci-fi sleeve.

It’s like wearing your childhood memories on your skin.

Guess what? If you’re thinking about adding some Mario magic to your own collection of tattoos, there are tons of ideas out there.

Whether it’s Yoshi tossing eggs or Luigi giving the stink eye, these tats bring back all the good feels from those marathon gaming sessions and saved princesses. Plus, they’re perfect conversation starters at any comic con or game night!

Tron ISO Tattoo

Hey, fellow nerds! Let’s talk about showing off our love for the digital world with a killer Tron ISO tattoo. Picture glowing lines and shapes right on your skin—a snapshot of that sleek, neon grid from the movie.

It’s like carrying a piece of The Grid with you everywhere.

And hey, if you’ve got one yourself, share it there! You could inspire someone else to join the Tron tattoo club—how awesome would that be? Now let’s shift gears and check out some curious ink inspired by Schrödinger’s’ Cat Art.

Schrödinger’s’ Cat Art

Got a thing for physics and mysterious felines? Schrödinger’s Cat art tattoo is like the ultimate nerd badge of honor. I saw this on Google, and let me tell ya – it’s the perfect mix of brainy and cool.

It’s that famous thought experiment where the cat is both alive and dead until you look. Spooky, right?

Imagine explaining your ink to someone; you’ll sound super smart and maybe just a tad creepy (but in a good way). The tattoo can be as simple or complex as you want – throw in some quantum mechanics symbols, or keep it minimal with a silhouette of the cat.

Either way, when people see it they’ll know you’re not just about mainstream media – you’ve got depth… and possibly a pet cat in two places at once!

Triple Triforce Tuesday Tattoo

So, you’ve got love for Zelda? Let me tell you about the Triple Triforce Tuesday Tattoo. It’s like a secret handshake for the ultimate fans—except it’s on your skin, and it doesn’t get more hardcore than that.

Picture this: three golden triangles interlocked on your arm, maybe with a Master Sword thrown in there because why not?

World of Warcraft Tattoo

Oh boy, if you’re a fan of PC gaming and ready to show off your alliance or horde pride, then get excited! A World of Warcraft tattoo might just be the perfect fit for you. Imagine an epic scene from Azeroth inked right on your skin – talk about making a statement.

These tattoos are more than just art; they’re your battle cry and a badge of honor.

Now, I’ve seen some pretty amazing tattoos out there, but those inspired by World of Warcraft? They’re in a league of their own. From intricate tribal designs that represent the Tauren race to fierce portraits of Sylvanas Windrunner – let’s not forget those detailed class symbols either.

It’s like carrying around a piece from the game everywhere you go. And guess what? Our collection of killer World of Warcraft themed tats will have you booking an appointment with a tattoo artist faster than you can say “For the Horde!”.

Final Fantasy Tattoos

Jumping from one epic fantasy to another, you can’t talk about gaming ink without bowing down to the legend of Final Fantasy. These tattoos are a tribute to the hours we’ve poured into exploring every nook and cranny of its vast worlds.

Picture this: a colorful chocobo on your calf or maybe even Cloud’s Buster Sword along your arm—talk about making a statement! Each character, from Tifa to Sephiroth, carries their own weight in memories and makes for some kick-ass body art that speaks volumes.

Now you might think, “Just one more tattoo can’t hurt,” and with Final Fantasy, the possibilities are endless. You could go for an intricate summon spell design or keep it simple with the iconic FF logo.

Either way, these tattoos are like wearing your gamer heart on your sleeve—or wherever you decide to place them. Just remember, choosing a skilled artist is as important as picking out which game scene stays with you forever because let’s face it—a blobby Moogle is nobody’s Final Fantasy.

Bowser Tattoos

So, you’re thinking about a Bowser tattoo, huh? You’ve got great taste! Bowser is one of the coolest video game bad guys out there. If you’re a fan of the Mario series like Rachel Newbury, who’s rocking that fierce Bowser ink, then it’s a perfect choice.

Whether you’ve battled him on your old-school Nintendo or chased him down in Mario Kart on your Switch — this big boss has been making gamers sweat for years.

Just imagine having an epic showdown scene with Mario and Bowser etched into your skin. Guess what? Nathan did just that as part of his sci-fi themed sleeve – talk about dedication to the fandom! Listen, I get it—Bowser might seem intimidating at first glance, but he’s just misunderstood (aren’t we all?).

Getting his spiky shell on your arm could be just the way to show off your love for all things nerdy and nostalgic!

Math Tattoos

Oh, math tattoos! These are not just numbers and symbols slapped onto skin. They’re like a secret handshake for us nerds. Picture this: Pi spiraling out into an infinite galaxy on your arm or maybe the Fibonacci sequence curling up your leg.

These aren’t just cool designs; they tell the world you love the logic and beauty of mathematics.

Imagine bumping into someone with a math tattoo – boom, instant connection! You’ve found a buddy who probably gets why Euler’s Identity is so elegant it hurts. I saw one person rock a tattoo blending tech, pop culture, and good old nerdiness that made my geeky heart skip a beat.

It was mathematical constants arranged to look like an iconic space station – how clever is that? Whether it’s for the love of calculus or binary code patterns from classic games consoles stirring up nostalgia, these tattoos are puzzles waiting to be solved by fellow enthusiasts who speak our language.

Pac-man Tattoos

So, you love old-school games? Let’s talk about Pac-Man tattoos. Picture this: You’re walking down the street, sleeves rolled up, and bam – there’s Pac-Man chomping its way around your arm.

Pure retro coolness! Jason Criss rocks a set of these on his knuckles and, let me tell ya, they scream geek pride.

Rachel Newbury has her own spin on a Pac-Man tattoo. It’s like a blast from the past, but with style that turns heads now.

They remind us of the good ol’ days when all you needed was a joystick and some quick reflexes to have fun. But hey—these inked-up tributes aren’t just for looking back; they’re perfect for showing off your nerd cred today!

Pop Culture-Influenced Tattoos

Pop Culture Influenced Tattoos

Oh, get ready to beam up your fandom cred with some pop culture ink that’ll have you humming theme songs every time you flash a bit of skin. We’re not just talking about any old tattoos—nah, these are the badges of honor for those who live and breathe their favorite sagas, from the whimsical worlds of Marvel to the far-off galaxies of Star Wars.

(And if anyone asks why you’ve got Baby Groot dancing on your forearm? Just say ‘I am Groot’ and wink.).

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Mini Groot Tattoo

I totally get why someone would ink a Mini Groot tattoo on their skin. It’s not just because I adore those sci-fi and superhero flicks, but come on, who can resist that tiny dancing tree? Jason Criss showed off his own little Groot tattoo from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and it absolutely nailed that pop culture vibe we nerds dig.

And guess what? He’s not alone; there are tons of fans out there making this adorable character a permanent part of their story.

You know, these Mini Groot tattoos have popped up all over the web. It seems like they’re becoming almost as iconic as Buzz Lightyear or Squirtle in our world of geeky skin art.

Rocking one is like telling everyone you meet, “Hey, I’ve got epic taste in movies—and yes, my coolness level is over 9000.” So before we bust out the proton packs for our next design idea…

Ghostbusters Sticker Design

So, you’ve seen the adorable Mini Groot tattoo. Now, let’s chat about something with a bit more… ectoplasm? Yeah! How about slapping on a Ghostbusters sticker design that screams, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Picture it: the classic logo from our favorite ghost-catching crew inked right there on your skin.

It’s got all the cool vibes of those slap-on stickers from way back when, but this one won’t peel off.

Let me tell y’all—artists like Luke Cormier and Chris Morris are crafting these bad boys to perfection. They’re nailing that blend of nostalgia and geek chic so well, even Egon would approve.

Han Shot First Scene

Guess what? I met someone with the coolest Star Wars tattoo ever – it’s the iconic “Han Shot First” scene. You know, from that cantina on Tatooine where Han Solo blasts Greedo? Yeah, that one.

This ink shows Han just as he’s firing his blaster, looking all kinds of awesome. The guy told me it’s like a tribute to the original version of the movie before they changed it.

He said every time he glances at his arm, he’s reminded of how much he loves those classic Star Wars moments.

Now picture this – you’re showing off your own Han Solo tattoo and getting nods from fellow fans who get it, who remember that scene just like you do. It’s not about being cool; it’s about loving something so much you want to carry it with you forever.

And come on, having a piece of geek history inked on your skin? That’s pretty epic if you ask me!

Princess Leia Portrait

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler, the Princess Leia portrait tattoo steps up to the plate. This isn’t your average ink; we’re talking about an homage to one of the most iconic ladies in pop culture.

Picture this: a stunningly detailed and impressive piece featuring Leia herself, with that hairstyle we all know and love. It’s like every time I catch a glimpse of someone’s Leia art on their skin, I can almost hear her sassy comebacks and feel her fearless spirit.

Leia fans out there – you know who you are – imagine carrying a piece of Star Wars legacy wherever you go! Getting such an epic portrayal means not only showing off your nerdiness but also paying tribute to a character that stands for strength and gutsiness.

And let’s be honest, doesn’t it just sound awesome to say you’ve got royalty etched onto your very own skin?

Sonic the Hedgehog Art

Hey, check this out – Sonic the Hedgehog tattoos are zooming onto the scene faster than you can say “Gotta go fast!” If you’re a fan of the blue blur from the Dreamcast days or love chasing rings on your PlayStation 2, then inking this speedy icon is a no-brainer.

Got your own spin dash masterpiece? That website wants to see it! Just tag your tattoo with ‘Sonic’ when you submit it. Imagine joining ranks with other fans who wear their hedgehog pride right on their sleeve – literally.

So cool! Whether he’s collecting Chaos Emeralds or just kicking it with Tails and Knuckles, Sonic is all about that wild ride – kind of like deciding on your next tattoo. Trust me; a Sonic tat might just be that perfect conversation starter at conventions or game nights!

Doc Brown Character Tattoo

Zipping from the high-speed action of Sonic, let’s hit 88 miles per hour and talk about a Doc Brown character tattoo. Now that would be like having your own time machine! Imagine showing off the wild-haired genius from “Back to the Future” on your arm.

You’d feel like you could invent anything—or at least look super cool trying.

Think about it—Doc Brown is not just any old character; he’s an icon for all of us who love science and adventure. Decked out in his lab coat, with goggles perched on his head, he’s ready to experiment with time itself.

Slap that image on yourself, and boom—you’re carrying around a piece of movie history. It tells everyone you meet: “I’m into epic tales where brains beat brawn every time.” Plus, it’s a funny way to say you’ve got a little mad scientist in you, too!

Matrix Theme Design

So, let’s talk about the Matrix theme tattoo. Picture this: a mix of green code streaming down your arm – yeah, just like in the movie. Nathan went all out with his sci-fi sleeve, making the Matrix a star on his skin.

It’s not just him, though; people are crazy about slapping that digital rain on their bodies.

And hey, if you decide to join the party with some cool Matrix art of your own, toss it up there! You could be the next one showing off how deep your nerd love goes.

Deadpool Character Art

Moving from the digital world of The Matrix to the comic panels where everyone’s favorite wise-cracking mercenary lives, let’s talk about Deadpool character art tattoos. Oh boy, they are a scream! Picture this: you’ve got Wade Wilson in all his red and black glory right on your skin.

It’s like having a tiny Ryan Reynolds whispering jokes on you 24/7—how cool is that?

Some folks went full-on action pose; others chose those hilarious “chimichanga” moments. Makes me think about getting one myself. Maybe with a speech bubble that says, “We’re all mad here,” because isn’t that the truth?

Scott Pilgrim Tattoos

So, we’ve talked about Deadpool, right? Awesome. Now let’s switch gears to something a bit more indie but just as epic: Scott Pilgrim tattoos. Picture this – you’re walking down the street with Ramona Flowers inked on your arm.

Cool, huh? And guess what? Rachel Newbury got herself one, inspired by “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” Talk about dedication!

Plus, they tell the world that yeah – I’m into all things awesome and nerdy!

Tattoo Design and Placement Tips

Tattoo Design and Placement Tips

Oh, the conundrum of where to etch your nerdy soul onto your skin canvas! It ain’t just a game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe”—picking the perfect spot for that geeky ink requires some serious noodle scratching.

And let’s not even get started on choosing an artist who gets your quirky aesthetic… because trust me, you don’t want Bowser looking more like a grumpy turtle than the King Koopa he is supposed to be.

(You hear me? *King* Koopa!) Before you take the plunge into permanent fandom homage, I’ve got some tips—real talk—that’ll help you avoid tattoo regret and instead rock that pop culture masterpiece with pride.

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Consider size, visibility, pain tolerance

So you want a tattoo that shouts out your nerd love to the world, huh? Let’s talk about size first. Big tattoos make a statement, sure, but they also take more time in the chair—and buddy, that means more pain.

Smaller might be better if you’re not up for that. Now think about where on your body this epic ink will go. Some spots show off your geeky pride all day every day, while others let you hide it away during those “serious” times.

Pain tolerance is super personal. Want to know a secret? Ribs and feet? Ouch city! But arms or calves are like a walk in the park for most people. Look, no one’s handing out medals for toughing it out—pick a place that won’t have you chewing through your favorite Pokémon plushie from the pain.

Alrighty then! Once you’ve hammered down these details (size check; visibility double-check; can I handle this pain—check), it’s time to find an artist who’ll bring your nerdy vision to life.

Research artist skill and specialties

Finding the right artist is like choosing your favorite Pokémon – it’s super important! You want someone who can ink that Mini Groot or Pac-Man with style and precision.

They’ve got artists who can sketch up anything from Douglas Adams to Pirates of the Caribbean.

These artists get it; they speak fluent pop culture and have the skills to show it off on your skin. Take a look at their portfolios – you’ll see tattoos of all sorts, from an intricate Matrix theme design to a perfect Princess Leia portrait.

It’s clear these folks aren’t just good; they’re wizards with a tattoo machine, making sure your geek badge is worn proudly!

Care and maintenance of new tattoos

Okay, nerds, let’s talk tattoo upkeep. You’ve just got this epic piece of pop culture on your skin—now it’s time to keep it looking sharp. First things first: listen to what your tattoo artist tells you.

They know their stuff. And trust me, a well-cared-for tattoo is like the difference between HD and a really old TV – no comparison!

Keep that new bad boy clean and slap on some moisturizer as directed. It’s kinda like keeping a Gremlin away from water—you gotta follow the rules or things get messy! Steer clear of sunlight; think vampire-level avoidance here, folks.

No sunbathing for your fresh ink! Also dodge harsh chemicals because they’re like kryptonite to tattoos—they’ll fade that Bowser faster than Mario on a star power-up! Stick with these tips, and you won’t have to fear your awesome design turning into something loathsome instead of loathing in Las Vegas coolness.

Inked with Passion: Wear Your Fandom Loud and Proud

So, you’ve got a galaxy of ideas now, right? Picking your fave might be tough with all these epic options. Just remember to have fun and choose something that screams “you.” Whether it’s a tiny Groot or an entire Mario level on your arm, your nerdy ink will tell the world what you love—loud and proud.

Go forth and wear your geeky heart on your sleeve… or wherever you decide to get inked!

FAQs About Nerdy Tattoo Ideas

What’s a cool tattoo idea for fans of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”?

Hey, so if you’re a mega-fan of Hunter S. Thompson’s wild ride, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, why not ink an image of that iconic Raoul Duke with his shades and cigarette holder? Talk about capturing the spirit!

Are there any tattoos for Pokémon lovers out there?

Absolutely! Get your favorite Pokémon etched on you… like Pikachu or Charmander? They’d look epic as a tattoo—just imagine showing off your own personal pocket monster.

Can I get a Disney-themed tattoo, even if it’s not from a movie?

For sure – think outside the film reel! If you’ve got love for Disneyland, why not flaunt some ink inspired by Splash Mountain? It’s like taking home a piece of the magic right on your skin.

Is getting pop culture tattoos just for super fans, or can anyone get them?

Anyone can rock a pop culture tattoo! You don’t have to be the ultimate fan – maybe you just think Darth Vader looks cool or love the vibe of arcade games from back in the day. It’s all about what makes YOU smile when you look at it.

Additional Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

Here are 100 Alice in Wonderland tattoo idea sentences:

  1. Alice falling down the rabbit hole with books and clocks floating around her.
  2. The Cheshire Cat’s giant grin with the words “We’re all mad here” underneath.
  3. Alice and the caterpillar sitting on a mushroom with smoke letters spelling out “Who are you?”
  4. The White Rabbit checking his pocket watch and running late.
  5. The Mad Hatter having a manic tea party with the March Hare and Dormouse.
  6. Alice playing croquet with flamingos for mallets and hedgehogs for balls.
  7. The blue caterpillar perched on a mushroom and smoking a hookah pipe.
  8. Alice growing tall then shrinking small next to a “Drink me” bottle.
  9. The Queen of Hearts yelling “Off with their heads!” at card soldier servants.
  10. Alice in a garden of talking flowers that argue with each other.
  11. The Cheshire Cat fading away except for his mischievous grin.
  12. Alice chasing the White Rabbit into his rabbit hole.
  13. The Mad Hatter with 10/6 written across his top hat.
  14. Alice and the key characters falling down a spiral rabbit hole together.
  15. Alice peering curiously at a small door behind a curtain.
  16. The White Rabbit looking at his pocket watch and floating over an eye.
  17. Alice holding a “Drink me” bottle under the caterpillar’s mushroom.
  18. The Cheshire Cat’s striped tail curled into a question mark.
  19. Alice and the Mad Hatter having a silly tea party with the March Hare.
  20. The Queen of Hearts holding up a “Off with their heads!” sign.
  21. Alice curiously inspecting the White Rabbit’s house.
  22. The Caterpillar blowing lettered smoke circles spelling “Who R U?”
  23. Alice nervously facing playing card soldiers in a maze hedge.
  24. The Mad Hatter making crazy faces under his top hat brim.
  25. Alice sprouting up giant-sized, towering over trees.
  26. The White Rabbit hurriedly consulting his pocket watch.
  27. Alice peering at a tiny door behind a large curtain.
  28. The Cheshire Cat’s toothy grin floating mysteriously.
  29. Alice chasing the White Rabbit into his rabbit hole.
  30. The Mad Hatter having a silly tea party with crazy characters.
  31. Alice nervously playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs.
  32. The blue caterpillar asking “Who are YOU?” from his mushroom.
  33. Alice uncertainly reaching for a “Drink Me” bottle on a table.
  34. The frantic White Rabbit obsessing over his ticking pocket watch.
  35. Alice’s dress puffing out as she magically grows giant-sized.
  36. The disappearing Cheshire Cat with only his smile remaining.
  37. Alice indignantly facing the furious Queen of Hearts.
  38. The Mad Hatter making silly faces at his chaotic tea party.
  39. Alice curiously following the White Rabbit into his hole.
  40. The blue caterpillar smoking a hookah on top of a mushroom.
  41. Alice sprouting up tall while holding a “Drink Me” bottle.
  42. The Cheshire Cat’s striped tail playfully curled into a question mark.
  43. Alice nervously playing croquet with card soldiers.
  44. The Mad Hatter having tea time with the March Hare and Dormouse.
  45. Alice uncertainly reaching to open a tiny door with a giant key.
  46. The frantic White Rabbit pulling out his pocket watch.
  47. Alice indignantly yelling as the furious Queen points her scepter.
  48. The blue caterpillar blowing smoky letters that spell “Who R U?”
  49. Alice sprouting up tall with floating books and furniture around her.
  50. The Cheshire Cat’s giant grin with “We’re All Mad Here” words.
  51. Alice curiously following a hurried White Rabbit.
  52. The Mad Hatter making silly faces while having tea.
  53. Alice nervously facing card soldiers in a hedge maze.
  54. The blue caterpillar smoking a hookah atop a mushroom.
  55. Alice sprouting up giant-sized with floating objects around her.
  56. The Cheshire Cat fading away except for his mischievous grin.
  57. Alice indignantly yelling at the furious Queen of Hearts.
  58. The White Rabbit frantically consulting his ticking pocket watch.
  59. Alice sprouting up tall while holding a “Drink Me” bottle.
  60. The Mad Hatter making silly faces under his top hat brim.
  61. Alice playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs.
  62. The blue caterpillar asking “Who are YOU?” from his mushroom.
  63. Alice uncertainly reaching for a “Drink Me” bottle on a table.
  64. The frantic White Rabbit obsessing over his ticking pocket watch.
  65. Alice’s dress puffing out as she magically grows giant-sized.
  66. The disappearing Cheshire Cat with only his smile remaining.
  67. Alice indignantly yelling at the furious Queen of Hearts.
  68. The Mad Hatter making crazy faces at his chaotic tea party.
  69. Alice sprouting up tall while holding a “Drink Me” bottle.
  70. The White Rabbit hurriedly checking his pocket watch.
  71. Alice peering curiously at a tiny door behind a curtain.
  72. The Cheshire Cat’s striped tail playfully curled into a question mark.
  73. Alice nervously playing croquet with card soldiers.
  74. The Mad Hatter hosting a silly tea party with wacky characters.
  75. Alice uncertainly reaching to open a tiny door with a giant key.
  76. The frantic White Rabbit pulling out his pocket watch.
  77. Alice indignantly yelling as the Queen points her scepter.
  78. The caterpillar blowing smoky letters spelling “Who R U?”
  79. Alice sprouting up with floating books and objects around her.
  80. The Cheshire Cat’s giant grin with “We’re All Mad Here” words.
  81. Alice curiously following the hurried White Rabbit.
  82. The Mad Hatter making silly faces while having tea.
  83. Alice facing card soldiers in a hedge maze.
  84. The caterpillar smoking a hookah atop a mushroom.
  85. Alice toweringly giant-sized with floating objects around her.
  86. The Cheshire Cat fading away except for his mischievous grin.
  87. Alice yelling at the furious Queen of Hearts.
  88. The frantic White Rabbit consulting his ticking watch.
  89. Alice sprouting up tall while holding a “Drink Me” bottle.
  90. The Mad Hatter making silly faces under his top hat.
  91. Alice playing croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs.
  92. The caterpillar asking “Who are YOU?” from his mushroom.
  93. Alice reaching for a “Drink Me” bottle on a table.
  94. The White Rabbit obsessing over his ticking watch.
  95. Alice’s dress puffing out as she grows giant-sized.
  96. The disappearing Cheshire Cat with only his smile left.
  97. Alice indignantly yelling at the furious Queen.
  98. The Mad Hatter making crazy faces at his tea party.
  99. Alice sprouting up while holding a “Drink Me” bottle.
  100. The White Rabbit checking his watch and running late.




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