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Post image for LG’s Next Generation Gadget – Pod based Ice Cream Gadget

LG is a world known brand which has proved itself in all electronic domain possible. But now LG has released a prototype of a gadget which makes that has made us question ourselves. Is it even true? Yes, it is. LG has designed a pod-based ice cream making gadget known as the “Snow White” which can be utilized to make tasty ice creams at the leisure of your home. The best part of this product is that it employs the latest technologies to get things done. A modern ice cream maker at your home to get your dessert done in 5 – 10 minutes is a breakthrough towards making lives better and it will for sure.

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Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

Post image for Tanita Handheld Body Smell Checker

With the increase in temperature and humidity, one is bound to have a sweaty body; however, sweat is not as much embarrassing as the odour is. The worst part here is, you won’t even know when your body starts generating unpleasant smell, though it’s right under your nose. It’s mostly your friends, colleagues or people you travel with, who can smell it easily yet cannot tell you directly.

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Post image for Awesome Geeky Gifts For Your Valentine

Awesome Geeky Gifts For Your Valentine

A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s day. We all grow out of the generic flowers, chocolates and wine pairings because we grow jaded from the commercialisation of this Hallmark holiday, and do not wish to take advice from corporations on what we should do in our relationships to be a good partner. However, Valentine’s day can be whatever you want it to be. You need not spend money on generic trinkets if that is not what you or your partner like, but it can be a nice excuse to do something special for your partner.

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I’m a Wanker; You’re a Wanker.

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Male masturbation is something that’s so quickly made fun of. It’s even the source of a well-known British insult: wanker. Read More →

USB-Cushion-Cooler-For-ChairsWith summer upon us, unlike most people, we still like to spend hours in front of our computers sitting on chairs of all sorts.  While sitting around is fine, nothing is more annoying than a hot sweaty ass! Read More →

WTF Candles – Great Way To Prank Someone

Post image for WTF Candles – Great Way To Prank Someone

April Fools Day may have come and gone but a good prank can be pulled any day of the year. Sometimes when you pull a prank, you still need to be considerate. Not all pranks are mean for the general masses but I feel that the WTF Candles can be used against anyone of any age. So you may be asking WTF is a WTF Candle? The WTF Candle is the perfect way to prank an unsuspecting friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, client, boss, etc. These WTF Candles start off with a pleasant scent but after a few uses take a serious turn for the worst! Read More →

Animated Gifs by Artist Paolo Ceric

Animated gif of a blob by Paolo Ceric

The animated gif is one of the most popular items searched on the internet, only pictures of cats and babies are more popular (I’m just making that up, but it seems true enough).  The word “gif” has been so popular that it received the Oxford Dictionary’s “word of the year” honors.  As a matter of fact, two of the most popular posts on Geek Extreme are the animated fruit gifs and the queen’s middle finger gif.

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Video: Hot Nickel Ball Melting Through Ice Block

hot nickel ball through ice block

Here’s a cool video of a red-hot ball of nickel, melting through a big block of ice, like it was butter.  I’m sure the science minded geeks would appreciate this video, heck, I think if you’re a guy (and the odd girl), you’d probably like it and watch it over and over again- like I’ve done.  Hit the jump to see the video… Read More →