Tips for Small Businesses That Are New to Social Media

Even in 2021, some small businesses have yet to hop aboard the social media bandwagon. While being hesitant to dive into an unfamiliar avenue of promotion is certainly understandable, it can’t be denied that virtually every successful enterprise has a solid social media presence. That being the case, if your business’s social media efforts are sorely lacking, you may be missing out on huge brand-building opportunities. Furthermore, expanding your reach via the web’s most popular social platforms is much easier than you may think. So, if you’re ready to kick your business’s social media efforts into overdrive, put the following pointers into practice.

Regularly Post New Content 

In the absence of regular updates to your various social media accounts, your followers are likely to lose interest. Furthermore, a lack of updates will also inhibit your ability to attract new followers. With this in mind, make a point of updating your business’s social media accounts on a daily basis. Additionally, make an effort to create engaging, informative posts that encourage audience engagement. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should go overboard with regard to updates. Updating your accounts too frequently is liable to annoy followers and prompt them to mute you or simply unfollow altogether. As you’ll find, the minimum and maximum number of updates you should post per day varies from platform to platform. Additionally, you’ll need to space these updates out to ensure maximum exposure and prevent people from becoming overwhelmed.  

Work with an Internet Marketing Company 

If social media promotion and/or digital marketing as a whole are basically foreign concepts to your business, you’d do well to enlist the aid of a highly-rated internet marketing company in Denver. Experienced digital marketers will be able to teach you how to craft engaging posts, help you determine the most opportune times of day to post updates and advise you on which platforms can prove most beneficial to your business.     

In addition to social media endeavors, the right internet marketing company will be able to assist you in a variety of different areas. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and link building are just a few of the effective marketing strategies a dependable company can school you in. 

Be Responsive 

Many people are understandably frustrated by unanswered social media replies. For example, if one of your followers takes the time to pose a question or express concerns regarding your enterprise, the least you can do is provide them with a response. That being the case, make a point of responding to thoughtful comments, queries and concerns in a timely and professional manner. This will show your followers that their input is truly valued and make them more apt to share your posts, become actual patrons and recommend your services to others. 

This level of responsiveness will also help followers feel more personally invested in the success of your enterprise. Unsurprisingly, the more invested they feel, the more apt they’ll be to offer their patronage in the future. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid engaging with people who only seek to create conflict. So, if a certain follower – or non-follower – appears intent on drawing you into an argument, it’s in your best interest to abstain from taking the bait.   

Hire a Social Media Manager 

If neither you nor any of your team members have sufficient time in which to manage your various social media accounts, you may be well-served by adding a dedicated social media manager to your staff. As the job title implies, this person will be entrusted with creating updates, determining the most opportune times to post them and interacting with followers. Furthermore, their job duties also entail proposing and implementing new avenues of social media promotion. 

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It isn’t hard to see why so many businesses have made social media promotion a prominent part of their overall marketing strategies. After all, the web’s most popular social platforms can be used free of charge, are extremely user-friendly and have the power to bring your business to the attention of thousands of prospective patrons. So, if your enterprise has yet to utilize social media to the fullest advantage, now would be a good time to nip this in the bud.




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