Vape Mod, The Most Multi-Functional Vape Device

Are you a vape mod user? Are you familiar with the general functions that a vape mod has? Are you learned that how many types of vape mod are there? So much for the questions. There is nothing unusual if you do not know all those complicated knowledge about vape mod. Now let’s dive deeper to the true facts of vape mod.

What is Vape Mod?

Vape mod, don’t know what does it mean, right? Let me put it in this way, vape modification, it’s near the meaning of DIY your vaping experience. Speaking of mod, this definitely is the most complicated and various vape device, that’s to say this is a pro vape type for those advanced and experienced vapers who even should have a good understanding in electrology and strong hand-on skills.

First of all, let’s roughly catagorize the vape mods: Box Mod, Squonk Mod, Mech Mod, DNA Chip Mod, Touch Screen mod, High Power mod 150W+… The list goes on with more and more innovative technologies come into the vaping industry.

The previous paragraph merely talked about the various types of vape mods, there are different styles of vaporizers for different usages, too. Here we enter into next part.

What is RBA?

RBA namely, Re-Buildable Atomizer including: RDA(Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer), RTA(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), RTDA(Rebuildable Tank Dripping Atomizer) and TANK. Thanks to vaping360, here is the summary of differences between different RBAs.

RBA vs RDA: An RDA is a type of RBA that doesn’t come with a tank section.

RDA vs RTA: The RDA requires manually wetting the wicks and coils with e-juice instead of coming from the tank section, like in an RTA. Most RTAs hold at least a couple milliliters of e-juice, and most RDAs may only hold a small portion of that.

RDTA vs RDA: An RDTA is like an RDA that has a tank. Instead of having to drip manually on the coils and wicks like in an RDA, the RDTA has a tank section for storing extra juice.

RTA vs RDTA: An RTA and RDTA are both rebuildable tanks, but RTAs typically have a deck on the bottom of the atomizer and use a chimney and bell system. On the other hand, under the top cap, RDTAs typically have an open deck above the tank where the wicks hang.

It’s worth noting that TANK is a finished atomizer which means you do not have to do the manual works like processing the wire and cotton, you’ll just need to replace a new coil when you find that the vape juice tastes fun.

Functions That Vape Mods Have

Functions that most common vape mods share:

  1. Variable wattage; Lowest wattage from 5W up to highest 150W+, you can enjoy the delightful vaping experience that variable and high power brings.
  2. Temperature control; Temperature control (TC) in vape mods is a technological solution for dry and burnt hits. It also creates a consistent vape while taking longer drags because the temp stays the same—instead of getting hotter. The user chooses the temperature limit, typically from a range of 300°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C).
  3. Airflow control; Airflow needs to be adjusted in terms of such condition: when taking higher nicotine content vape juice airflow should be tightened, while when using lower or non-nicotine e-liquid, you can open up the airflow for a smoother DTL vaping experience.
  4. Higher wattage means lower resistance: With higher wattage, you can use a rather lower ohm coil for producing an extraordinary scene of cloud.

Functions that particular vape mods have:

  1. Squonk mod: A squonk mod is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle used to feed e-liquid to an atomizer, usually a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), up through the 510-connection. In essence, a squonk mod eliminates the need for dripping through the mouthpiece and “transforms” a bottle into a tank section for your atomizer. “Squonk” makes RDA mods convenient to use more than ever, when the coil runs out of e-juice, you just need to squeeze the bottle and wait a few minutes then you can continue enjoying your vaping journey.
squonk mod things
  1. Mech mod: Mech mod is simply a shortened term for ‘mechanical mod’. It is a type of homemade vape device that supplies pure battery power to an atomiser. A mech mod vape can seem complex and confusing at first glance, but they are actually the simplest vape mods in terms of mechanical design. Unlike normal vape mods, there is no circuit inside. Instead, the device is a circuit in itself. 
mech mod
  1. DNA mod: A DNA mod is any vape mod that includes a DNA chipset. On the outside, DNA mods look just like any other vape mod on the market, but on the inside, they feature one of the most advanced microchips on the market today. The advance chipset in the DNA mod empower its high performance in wattage control which means when using or charging, it won’t put your device in a dangerous situation. DNA mods don’t just offer performance-enhancing features. They offer safety-enhancing features as well.
dna mod
  1. Touch Screen mod: As the name implies, you can operate this device with your fingertips sliding on the touch screen, it has most functions that all mod vapes have. Equipped with chipset and advanced operating technology, I am sure you’ll enjoy the modern vaping style with a touch screen mod.
touch screen mod

The above contents are about the functions that nowadays vape mods have. Whereas as the cutting-edge technology develops, I believe that more and more surperising and priactical functions will be applied on vaping devices. By the way, what new function do you want most to apply on your mod vape?

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