7 Awesome Solar Gadgets Your Home Needs

Solar power has come a long way since the first solar panels were created decades ago. More and more people have started incorporating them into their homes so that they can save money on their electricity bills.

But just having solar panels doesn’t mean that that’s the only way to utilize the power within your home. Here are 7 of the most recommended solar gadgets you should start considering for your home.

1. Reliability of a Solar-powered Generator

It’s not very often that people get blackouts, but when they happen, they don’t have anything to keep the power running in their homes. Generators are all well and good, but they use too much gasoline or diesel.

A solar-powered generator can take care of those needs for you. They eliminate the need to store flammable fuel, they are portable and require very little maintenance. They do cost more, but they will save you a lot in the long run. Consider visiting your local solar panel company to see if they can supply you with one.

2. Solar Backpacks Are Useful

If you’re going hiking or simply walking through the city, it doesn’t hurt to have a solar backpack that can help you to keep your phone charged. You can carry it everywhere, it keeps all your belongings, and are usually pretty lightweight. And you’ll have the means to access power in the event of an emergency.

3. Solar Grills For The Summer

The only time people use their grills is during the summer, so why not put all of that solar power to good use. Solar grills would be able to store the heat they create in a sealed container for up to six hours. That’s more than enough cooking time, even if you have company over for July 4th!

4. Solar Panel Chargers

People have been investing more and more in having portable solar panels in their travel repertoire. They have USB ports that can be used to charge phones or laptops, and are pretty water-resistant too, making them perfect for any weather.

5. Solar Tents

This is the idea of a solar panel on a grander scale. Solar panels fit into the curve of the tent material, allowing for more absorption of solar energy so that it can be used to charge personal devices, provide power to lights when it gets dark, and provide power for cooking accessories.

6. Solar-powered Laptops

Leave the charging cables behind and consider getting a solar-powered laptop. They’re not in abundance in the marketplace, but there are a few choices available for you to consider. They’re a great way to get your work done and check your email while still using clean energy. These laptops aren’t completely solar-powered, but having the ability to be charged by the sun means that they’ll last a lot longer without the need to plug them into a wall socket.

7. Solar Keyboards

These wireless keyboards are a little more sustainable than a laptop. They’re pretty sleek and are portable, allowing you to work from anywhere. These can even be charged by lamplight instead of the sun, which can be beneficial for rainy days or at night.

Don’t give up on solar-powered devices just because you’re used to what you’re already using. Minimizing your carbon footprint in any way possible helps to preserve the Earth and its resources for much longer.




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