22 Exciting Things To Do When Bored on the Internet: Never Yawn Again

Feeling bored on the internet is common. Our list provides 22 fun activities to try. These include watching moviesplaying games, and learning something new.

Keep reading to banish boredom forever.

Key Takeaways

You can watch movies and TV shows on sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ to have fun. Live streams on Twitch and YouTube let you chat with others while watching.

Play games in your web browser for free, such as “The Wiki Game” or “GeoGuessr,” which don’t need any downloads. Also, explore random websites with The Useless Web for laughs.

Learn new things by visiting The Internet Archive to see old web pages and play classic games. Make music easily with Chrome Music Lab, or create art using DALL-E.

Join online adventures by listening to podcasts about topics from space exploration to hacker stories. Try playing Find the Invisible Cow using sound cues for a quick game.

Connect with others through social mediawatch live animal cams from around the world, discover music from different eras online, or follow tagged animals like sharks in real-time.

Online Fun: Movies, Archives, and Creativity

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Get ready for a blast—online fun brings movies, old web pages, and cool art to your screen. Catch up on favorite films, explore history with The Internet Archive, or get artsy with Chrome Music Lab.

Streaming Favorites: Movies and TV Shows

Streaming movies and TV shows is a sure way to beat boredom. Sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ offer endless options. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming comedies, there’s something for everyone.

And yes, sometimes when I’m home alone, I like to watch content on the best premium porn sites. It’s just another kind of entertainment available out there.

YouTube player

Live streams add real-time excitement. Twitch and YouTube allow viewers to engage with streamers live. Whether it’s gaming battles or creative arts, live videos bring fans closer to the action.

This interaction makes each moment unique.

With so many streaming options today, from blockbuster movies to engaging live streams, entertainment is always at our fingertips.

Digital Time Capsules: The Internet Archive

After watching movies and TV shows, dive into the past with the Internet Archive. It’s a real treasure chest on your computer or phone. You can explore old web pages, games, books, and videos.

Think of it as a giant library that never closes.

I once spent an afternoon browsing old video games there. It was like stepping into a time machine. The Wayback Machine let me see websites from 20 years ago! Plus, I found classic arcade games to play for free.

They also have lots of old computer magazines and stories – all right there for you to read online or download. This place makes learning fun because you discover things you never knew existed.

Comic Discoveries: New Webcomics

Discovering new webcomics is a fun way to pass the time. Sites like xkcd and Cyanide & Happiness offer endless comic strips on your phone or computer. These comics cover everything from funny daily incidents to deep scientific concepts, all through engaging drawings and stories.

You can find hundreds of stories online that match your interests, whether you’re into fantasy, humor, or adventure.

Next, tune in for audio adventures with fresh podcasts that keep boredom at bay.

Audio Adventures: New Podcasts

Shifting from the visual fun of webcomics, dive into the world of audio with new podcasts. These shows are a gold mine for stories, facts, and mysteries. With genres ranging from tech talks to fantasy tales, there’s a podcast out there for every geek.

I found myself lost in episodes about space exploration one minute and hacker stories the next. It’s easy: just pick a topic you love and hit play.

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Podcasts turn dull moments into adventures. They make learning cool stuff like coding or science fun. And here’s a secret – some shows even let you explore historical events as if you were there! The best part? You can listen while doing other things.

So cook, clean, or game away with podcasts in your ears. Trust me; boredom doesn’t stand a chance against these audio adventures.

Musical Creativity: Chrome Music Lab

From exploring new podcasts, let’s shift gears to getting hands-on with music. Chrome Music Lab makes it easy and fun for anyone to create music right in their browser. You don’t need any musical experience—just jump in and start making sounds! This platform is a playground where you can experiment with rhythm, melodies, and more through various interactive tools.

Chrome Music Lab is not just about playing around; it’s a place where you can learn music theory basics too. With different modules like Song Maker, Rhythm Composer, and Sound Waves Visualizer, you get to see and hear how music comes together.

Chrome Music Lab: Where every click brings a new sound to life.

It’s perfect for quick learning or just spending time making your own tunes.

Browser-Based Games for Endless Entertainment

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Jump into a world where games load right in your web browser. No downloads, just instant fun and challenges waiting for you to click “Start”.

Free Gaming: Web Browser Experiences

Web browser games offer endless fun without costing a dime. Many of these games, like “The Wiki Game” or “GeoGuessr,” let you dive into unique adventures with just a click. You can race against time to connect different Wikipedia articles in creative ways, or guess locations around the world based on random street view images.

These games require no downloads, and you can start playing immediately.

YouTube player

I spent hours exploring “GeoGuessr” and was amazed at how it sharpened my geography skills while entertaining me. It’s proof that free web browser experiences are not only about killing time but can also be educational.

With countless options available, boredom is no longer an excuse. Whether you enjoy puzzles, strategy games, or something quirky, there’s always something new to discover online.

The Eccentric Web: The Useless Web

The Useless Web takes you on a fun journey to the most random corners of the internet. Click a button and get sent to sites that do everything from making you laugh with endless GIFs of bread cats, to letting you virtually scream into the void.

It’s perfect for times when your brain needs a break from the usual.

Sites like Zoom Quilt and Radio Garden are just two examples of where The Useless Web might take you. These pages offer unique experiences—travel through an infinite zooming image or listen to live radio from around the globe.

It shows how vast and varied the internet can be, all while keeping boredom at bay. Now, onto finding invisible cows!

Auditory Hide and Seek: Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow is a browser game that turns boredom into fun. You use sound cues to locate an invisible cow on your screen. It’s perfect for quick entertainment and proves you can have a great time without visuals.

I played it myself and couldn’t stop until I found that cow—multiple times.

This game shows us how just sounds can lead to endless amusement online. As the noise gets louder, you know you’re getting closer to your goal. For anyone looking for something simple yet engaging, this is it.

Trust me, finding that cow feels like a victory every single time.

Pretend Hacking: Hacker Typer

Feel like a hacker without breaking any rules with Hacker Typer. This site lets you type at your keyboard and makes it look like you’re coding like a pro. It’s perfect for tricking friends or just having fun pretending to be in a high-tech movie scene.

Every keystroke displays code on your screen, making it seem like you’re hacking into a top-secret database.

Hacker Typer offers various settings to customize your experience. Choose the speed of your “hacking” and even activate special effects to make the illusion more real. Whether you’re bored in class or looking for an interesting way to pass time, this website provides endless entertainment by letting you simulate being a hacker genius, all with simple taps on your keyboard.

Virtual Exploration: MapCrunch

MapCrunch takes you on a surprise journey to random places around the globe. It drops you into unexplored landscapes and city scenes with just a click. I found myself standing in front of the Eiffel Tower one minute, then lost in a small village in Japan the next.

This game is more than just looking at pictures; it’s about discovering hidden gems without leaving your room.

Users get the thrill of exploration every time they hit “Go”. My adventures included wandering through Norway’s mountains, exploring quiet streets in Brazil, and guessing my way out of the Australian outbacks.

MapCrunch turns your screen into a window to the world, making each click an exciting opportunity to unveil new locations and cultures.

Educational Escapades on the Internet

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4. Educational Escapades on the Internet: The web is a huge school. You can learn art with AI, find places without a map, play word games daily, and pick up a new language—all from your seat.

Artistic Innovation: AI Art with DALL-E

Creating art with DALL-E changes the game for everyone who loves to make things. This tool lets you turn ideas into pictures. Just type what you’re thinking, and DALL-E makes it real.

It’s not magic, but it feels like it. You can design anything from fantastical creatures to futuristic cities.

YouTube player

Steve Jobs said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” With DALL-E, that connection turns your thoughts into art without needing a paintbrush or canvas. Explore websites related to AI art and see how broad your creativity can spread.

It’s fast and simple—type, click, and watch your imagination come alive on the screen.

Geographic Challenges: GeoGuessr

Switching gears to GeoGuessr, we plunge into virtual globe-trotting. It places you in a random spot on the planet using Google Street View, and your task is to figure out where you are.

The game tests your geographic knowledge and attention to detail by asking you to recognize landscapes, languages on signs, or even the side of the road cars drive on. You get points for how close your guess is to the actual location.

I once found myself dropped in a vast desert landscape. With no signs or buildings in sight, I had to rely on the direction of shadows and vegetation types around me. After some wandering, I guessed Central Australia—and was only a few hundred miles off.

This experience shows that GeoGuessr can sharpen your detective skills while teaching about different corners of Earth at the same time.

Daily Word Puzzles: Today’s Wordle

Today’s Wordle puzzle is a fun way to test your vocabulary. Every day, you get six tries to guess a five-letter word. It’s simple yet challenging, making it perfect for geeks who love word games.

As someone who plays daily, I can say it’s addictive. The best part? You learn new words and keep your brain sharp.

Wordle has become a big deal on the internet. Friends share their scores on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, turning it into a global competition. This game fits right into our educational escapades section by blending learning with play.

So, give today’s puzzle a go—prove how vast your vocabulary truly is.

Language Learning: Becoming Bilingual with Duolingo

Duolingo makes you bilingual fast. This app has lessons in many languages. Spanish, French, and Japanese are just a few. Each lesson feels like a game. You lose hearts for wrong answers but earn points for right ones.

I tried it. It works.

You practice reading, writing, and speaking on Duolingo. It shows your progress too. After a month, I could ask for directions in Spanish and order food! Next up is social exploration and interaction online.

Social Exploration and Interaction

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Explore new ways to connect and share through social media, watching animal live feeds, stepping back in time with music, or tracking sea creatures online. Keep exploring for new connections!

Animal Observations: Live Animal Cams

Live animal cams let you watch animals from your screen. You see them eat, play, and live their lives. Zoos and reserves around the world have these cams. They show lions, pandas, eagles, and more.

This is fun for people who love animals.

You learn a lot by watching these animals. Each cam has different animals to see. Some show oceans with fish and sharks. Others show forests with birds and monkeys. Watching helps us understand how animals act in nature.

It’s like a window into their world, where we can visit any time we want without leaving our homes.

Time-Traveling Tunes: Music from Another Era

Music from another era does more than just fill the silence. It takes us back in time, giving a taste of life from different decades. I found this out when I explored old playlists and vinyl records online.

There were tunes from the 60s that made me feel like I was at a beach party. Songs from the 80s had me imagining neon lights and big hairdos.

This journey through music is easy to start. Sites like Spotify and YouTube have countless tracks from the past. You can listen to bands like The Beatles or solo artists like Madonna.

Each song tells a story of its time, offering not just sound but a whole experience. It’s certain – diving into these tunes will make you forget you’re sitting at home in front of your computer screen.

Wildlife Tracking: Sharks and Tagged Animals

Tracking sharks and tagged animals on the internet offers a real-time window into their world. Websites and apps allow us to follow these majestic creatures as they navigate oceans and landscapes.

It’s a mix of science, adventure, and conservation at your fingertips. You can see where sharks travel, how far they go, and sometimes even get updates on their health.

I once followed a tagged great white shark across the Pacific Ocean. The journey was thrilling—each new location update felt like receiving a postcard from distant waters. This experience is not just for scientists but for anyone curious about wildlife.

Following a tagged animal feels like holding a map to hidden treasures across the globe.

Real-Time Connections: Browsing Live Streams

Browsing live streams lets you watch gamers, musicians, and creators in action. Sites like Twitch and YouTube give viewers endless live content. You can join chats to talk with others watching the stream.

This makes every viewing unique.

Live events bring people together from all over the world. Viewers share moments as they happen. From game battles on Steam to music jams on Discord, there’s a community for everyone.

Watching these, you’re part of something big.

Creative Online Ventures

Things To Do When Bored on the Internet 5

Creative Online Ventures open doors to make and share cool stuff online. They let you play with colors, beats, and words in your own webspace.

Pixel Artistry: Drawing Pixel Art

Drawing pixel art lets you make cool pictures one square at a time. It’s like building with tiny digital blocks. Many websites offer tools for this, allowing anyone to create amazing images.

I tried making an 8-bit version of my cat and found it both fun and easy.

Pixels form the smallest part of a picture on screens. With pixel art, you control each dot to shape characters, scenes, or whatever you imagine. Sites like Adobe Illustrator provide precise tools for creating detailed artwork.

By selecting colors and placing pixels carefully, your creations come alive – from simple designs to complex landscapes. This form of art is perfect for expressing creativity in a digital format, offering endless possibilities even if you’re just starting out.

Beat Making: Pattern Sketch

Moving from creating pixel art, beat making is another great way to express creativity. With Pattern Sketch, it’s easy and fun. This tool turns anyone into a music producer. You can use drum machines like the TR-909 or play with different sounds to make your own beats.

It’s simple to start but offers deep possibilities for those who dive in.

I tried it myself and made a beat in minutes. First, I chose a drum machine model, then added bass and snare sounds by clicking on the grid. Finally, I mixed in some high hats to give it life.

It felt like playing a game but ended with my own music track! Making beats this way opens up countless hours of exploration and creativity online.

Blogging Insights: Reading or Creating a Blog

Blogging is a smart choice for those feeling bored online. You can start your own blog or read others’. Explore topics like pottermore, incredibox, and more on personal webpages. Use platforms like WordPress to create a blog.

Share photos, stories, or tips. Join a community of geeks who love the same things.

Sign up for newsletters from sites like “BORED@HOME”. They send cool ideas for blogs straight to your inbox. Find inspiration in music from another era or daily word puzzles. Connect with readers through live streams or comments.

Sharing your passions online can make boredom disappear.

Digital Coloring: Online Coloring Book

Digital coloring turns dull moments into creative sessions. Sites like Coloring Pages Only and Super Coloring host free pages for all ages. They’re not just kid stuff; adults find them relaxing too.

I tried a few, mixing shades on digital canvases. It’s easy to get lost, adding colors to empty spaces, watching pictures come to life.

Online tools make this art form accessible anywhere. You don’t need pencils or paper; just log in and start creating. Whether it’s animals or abstract designs, you’ll find something that catches your eye.

This activity is sure to ease stress, giving both mind and creativity a workout with each click and color choice.

FAQs About Things To Do When Bored on the Internet

What are some fun websites to explore when bored?

Check out Sporcle for quizzes, Giphy for gifs, and Tumblr for endless scrolling. Don’t miss live-stream storm chasing or creating your personal homepage.

How can I share photos in a unique way online?

Snapchat lets you share quick pics, BeReal offers an authentic glimpse into your life, and photo sharing on Tumblr can go viral… fast.

Can I learn something new on the internet without getting bored?

Yes! Take online classes in anything from website development to quigong asanas. YouTube videos are great for learning too—pick up productivity hacks or dive into coloring books.

Are there interactive activities online that feel like real-life adventures?

Absolutely! Escape rooms online offer thrilling puzzles; pet-sitting through the web gives you a furry fix without leaving home.

What’s a quirky thing I can do on the internet that most people don’t know about?

Ever heard of finding your Patronus on Pottermore? Or how about whisper networks where secrets are shared anonymously? Dive in; it’s all there.

How can food enthusiasts kill boredom on the internet?

Explore recipes from chowders to soups, follow Garfield for lasagna jokes, or get pickled with DIY fermenting tips… Foodies have no end of content to devour.




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