What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer: 25+ Fun and Productive Activities

Locking eyes with your computer screen during an online class can easily slip into tedium territory. Trust me, I get the struggle—did you hear that students typically lose focus around five times in a single 40-minute lecture? But hold up, because I’ve done some digital legwork and discovered a slew of boredom-busting gems that are equal parts entertaining and enriching.

Let’s embark on a quest through the virtual landscape where dull moments morph into exhilarating quests of discovery and creativity. Gear up to flip boredom on its head!

Key Takeaways

Turn boredom into productivity by organizing your computer files, like creating specific folders for documents and pictures.

Use your laptop to learn new skills such as shorthand, calligraphy, or even a new language with apps like Duolingo.

Dive into creativity by drawing doodles, writing short stories, or blogging about your day during slow class times.

Make some extra cash through freelance work using skills you already have or filling out paid surveys online.

Explore the world without leaving your seat by taking virtual tours of museums and watching live animal cams.

Understanding Boredom in Class

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 2

Sometimes, my mind just checks out during class. I’m sitting there with my laptop open, ready to learn, but suddenly, everything the teacher says sounds like blah blah blah. This isn’t just me being lazy.

Science says our brains need variety and challenge to stay alert. If a lecture is too easy or doesn’t grab my interest, it’s hard for me to focus.

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I know staying engaged is important for doing well in college. Teachers work hard to make lessons interesting and interactive. But even with the best teaching methods, boredom can sneak in.

It’s normal and happens to everyone once in a while.

Beneficial Activities When Bored in Class

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 3

When the classroom drone becomes a lulling white noise, it’s prime time to upgrade your skills or unleash that inner artist. I’ll show ya some slick moves for turning yawn-filled lectures into your personal playground of productivity and imagination—no snoozefest can tame this beast.

Learn shorthand or calligraphy

Learning shorthand is like unlocking a secret code. It lets you write superfast, perfect for when professors talk like they’re trying to break a speed record. You could be jotting down every word and still keep up! Plus, it’s pretty cool to have your own special way of writing that not everyone can read.

Switching gears, calligraphy turns your notes into works of art. Imagine the oohs and ahhs when friends see your lecture notes looking all fancy. It adds an artistic touch that can make even the dullest subjects a bit more exciting.

And hey, you get to improve your handwriting while creating something beautiful – double win!

Transcribe the lesson

I’m tapping away on my laptop, but here’s the twist: I’m actually transcribing the words flowing out of my professor’s mouth. It sounds like an old-school task, right? But it keeps me super focused.

Plus, later when everyone else is freaking out about notes for the exam, guess who has a detailed manuscript? Yup, this gal! And hey, if you’re feeling tech-savvy, turn those typed notes into a blog post or add some cool visuals to them – multitasking at its finest.

Now that I’ve nailed down every word from today’s lecture in text form (go me!), it’s time to switch gears. How about we whip up some creative visuals for these notes?

Illustrate or write notes creatively

Got a computer in class and feeling the snooze? Time to get those creative juices flowing. Try this: grab your digital pen or mouse and start sketching illustrations next to your notes.

Think of doodles that capture the essence of what’s being taught. Maybe it’s a funny cartoon about historical events or flowcharts making sense of math formulas—you’ll remember stuff better, trust me.

Not into drawing? No worries! Try writing your notes in a different style, like calligraphy or even backward! It may sound weird, but flipping those letters around makes you focus more on what you write.

Before you know it, boredom has left the chat, and you’ve mastered a cool new skill along with today’s lesson. Plus, imagine showing off those stylish notes—talk about classroom swag!

Play a memory game or word association

So, I’m sitting there in class, my mind wandering more than a lost puppy. Out comes the laptop and bam! It’s time for a quick memory game. These aren’t just any games—they’re the ninja kind that sharpen your brain while Professor Monotone drones on about quadratic equations.

Word association is another secret weapon in my boredom-busting arsenal. I start with “textbook” and suddenly, I’m linking words like “nap,” “dust,” and “ancient.” Before you know it, I’ve crafted an epic tale of mummies waking up from a thousand-year snooze—a story even the pharaohs would crack a smile at.

Who knew words could be such wild companions?

Channeling Creativity

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 4

When boredom rears its uneventful head, it’s time to channel your inner Picasso or Shakespeare. Let’s unleash that creative beast lurking beneath the surface of those classroom yawns and turn the blank canvas of dull moments into a masterpiece of ingenuity.

Draw or doodle

I’m sitting in class, my mind wandering more than a GPS without signal. So I pull up a blank document and start to doodle. It’s fun, relaxes me, and hey, it keeps me from falling asleep, right? Little sketches become epic dragons or funky lettering of my next meal – pizza, obviously.

Drawing taps into that creative juice like nothing else does. My laptop screen becomes my digital canvas where anything goes. One day, it’s cartoon avatars of professors; another day it’s designing the tattoo I’ll get when I finally afford something geeky but cool.

YouTube player

Digital art isn’t just scribbles; it’s painting and illustrating straight out of imagination land – pixel by pixel on my own terms.

Create a comic strip or write a short story

Let’s talk about turning boredom into art. Grab your mouse and let the creativity flow by making a comic strip. You get to be the writer, artist, and director all at once. Think of an adventure for stick figures, or sketch out a funny scene from your dorm life.

If you prefer weaving words instead of images, write a short story. Picture a character inspired by that quiet student in front who might secretly be a superhero—or imagine what the campus squirrels are plotting.

Now shift gears from visuals to lists—daydreaming time! Make that bucket list you’ve been thinking about. Jot down everything from skydiving spots to the sushi restaurants you want to try.

This isn’t just killing time; it’s planning for fun times ahead!

Daydream or make a bucket list

So, you’ve let your creativity flow with a comic strip or short story. Now shift gears and float into the clouds of your imagination. Daydream about the amazing places you could travel to or the goals you want to reach.

Ever thought about bungee jumping in New Zealand, or learning to make sushi from a master chef? Jot those down! Start crafting that ultimate bucket list on your computer. It’s not just daydreaming; it’s planning for an awesome future.

You’re visualizing what’s next and that can spark serious motivation – who knows, maybe one of these dreams will lead to a real plan after class!

Making Money

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 5

Now, if your wallet’s feeling lighter than you’d like, why not turn boredom into bank? Listen up because I’m about to spill the secret sauce on how to stack those digital dollars right from your classroom chair.

Online gambling

So you’re thinking about hitting up some online gambling to pass the time. Hold on there! I’ve got to break it to you—online gambling is a no-go during class. It isn’t just unproductive; it’s also not cool with the school rules.

Trust me, looking for quick payout casinos platforms or trying to make a deposit between lectures can end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

Instead of risking your cash, focus on ways to buff up your bank account that don’t involve betting. There are smarter moves you can make, like freelancing or selling digital art. You want activities that add skills and dollars without crossing into iffy territory.

Let’s keep our money-making college student strategies legit and leave the gambling for another day, yeah?

Participate in paid surveys or sign up for market research

I found this cool way to make some extra cash while I’m sitting in class. Paid surveys and market research tasks fit perfectly into those gaps when the lecture goes over stuff I already know.

I simply hop onto a survey site, share my thoughts, and bam—my bank account gets a little boost. It feels like getting paid for being opinionated, which is kind of awesome.

Doing these surveys doesn’t just help with my funds; it keeps my brain ticking too. Plus, it’s all on my laptop! No need to sneak around with a phone or tablet. But I always make sure I’m slick about it and not breaking any school rules.

After all, making money should never cost me my education or get me in trouble.

Freelance on a skill

So, you’ve got this killer skill that’s gathering dust while you’re stuck in class. Why not turn it into cash? Freelancing online means I can use my graphic design prowess or writing wizardry to pick up gigs on platforms like Etsy or Upwork.

It beats twiddling thumbs, and the extra pocket money could go towards something cool, like a geeky tattoo or next semester’s books.

While some are busy dreaming about making bank, others play the long game by investing time in stocks and cryptocurrency. Getting into trading isn’t just for Wall Street types; us college kids can get a slice of that pie too.

Just do your homework first – no pun intended! Now let’s talk “Buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrency“.

Buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrency

I admit, playing with my money sounds risky. But hear me out! Buying and selling stocks or cryptocurrency can be thrilling. It’s like a game where I strategize to grow my cash from the comfort of class.

I use apps to track market trends and make moves when the time is right.

Sure, it takes some learning, but plenty of free resources help beginners. I watch tutorials between lectures and follow finance forums for tips. Investing small amounts means low risk for me as a student, yet it could pay off big later on! And who knows, maybe this side hustle can fund that geeky tattoo I’ve been eyeing.

Create and sell digital art

Flipping stocks and crypto can be a thrill, but let’s not forget the quieter hustle of making digital art. Picture this: crafting stunning visual pieces right from your laptop while zoning out in Econ 101.

Paintings and illustrations come to life with clicks and drags, tapping into those artistic skills you’ve been dying to use. You could design posters, logos, or even start your own line of quirky t-shirts.

Selling these digital masterpieces might just fund that geeky tattoo you’ve had your eye on. Take advantage of online marketplaces where people are always looking for custom artwork.

It’s a smart way to turn dull moments into cash by flexing that creative muscle – all without whispering a single sales pitch under your breath during class.

Utilizing Technology

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 6

In the age of laptops and Wi-Fi, boredom in class can be an invitation to tech your way into productivity. Let’s face it, that fancy gizmo humming under your fingertips is a treasure trove for organizing chaos or feeding the brain without ever leaving your seat.

Clean and organize computer files

Dig this, my fellow screen-starers: organizing computer files is like cleaning your room but way less sweaty. You’ve got a digital mess in there. Random screenshots lurking in every corner and ancient essays from freshman year stacked like digital dust bunnies.

Get all Marie Kondo on those files—make folders your besties and label them with purpose. Documents go here, party pics go there, and voilà! Your laptop’s as neat as a pin.

Next up, let’s channel your inner wordsmith or artiste. How about we journal our epic college adventures or sketch the wildest professor hairdos? Keep reading for more on that creative twist!

Journal or blog

So you’re slumped over in class, the clock’s ticking slower than a sloth on vacation, and your brain’s about to flatline. I’ve been there. But hey, let’s turn that boredom into a content factory! Journaling or blogging can be your secret weapon to kill time and flex those creative muscles.

You pull up a doc and start typing away about anything: the dude snoring upfront, how Maria Sanchez is revolutionizing classroom engagement with Save Our Schools March blog — shout out to Maria!

I type my weirdest thoughts or funniest observations and suddenly – bam! I’ve got material for days. Blogs don’t have to be stuffy; they’re like your virtual diary without the lock.

Share your rants about why Spotify’s superior, or list reasons why games aren’t just for kids (because they definitely aren’t). Maybe even throw in some love for Kahoot! because who doesn’t get nostalgic over a good quiz game? Keep it light, punchy, and watch as those words on screen beat any classroom echo by miles.

Plus, Mark here might just feature them in his next tech-savvy article – score one for digital storytelling!

Read an eBook or online articles

Done expressing your inner Shakespeare or the next viral blogger? Great, shift gears to something else cool. Dive into an eBook or scour the web for intriguing articles. Your laptop becomes a portal to new worlds, ideas, and stories with just a few clicks.

Choose from mysteries that grab yousci-fi that challenges reality, or self-help books for personal growth.

Feeling more factual? Look up scholarly articles on topics like climate change, or explore websites like The Guardian for fresh perspectives on global events. Whether fiction tickles your fancy or non-fiction feeds your brain hunger, there’s always something online to keep you engaged and turn boredom into discovery time.

Online Activities within School Guidelines

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 8

So, while you’re sitting there pretending to listen to the nth lecture on the economic theories of who-gives-a-hoot, why not sneak in some sanctioned online shenanigans that won’t get you a one-way ticket to the principal’s office? Keep your eyes peeled for my top picks that make obedience look outrageously fun.

Take online quizzes or fill in a MadLibs

I’m all for turning boredom into brain gains. Taking online quizzes? You bet! There’s a quiz out there for everything – from which pizza topping you are, to more serious topics that actually test your knowledge.

They’re like sneaky mini-exams, but way cooler and with no pressure.

Now let’s talk MadLibs – they’re old school but gold. Fill in the blanks and create a wacky story. It’s creative writing with a twist of hilarity. Plus, crafting those absurd sentences is secretly sharpening my grammar skills — don’t tell my English prof, though; let them think I write poetry in my spare time.

Play educational online games or browse fun websites

So, my class is dragging on and I want to keep my brain buzzing. That’s when I hit up some cool educational games or check out interesting sites. There’s a ton of fun puzzles and strategy stuff that make me feel like I’m gaming, but actually, they’re sharpening my noggin.

Plus, clicking through sites like TED Ed or Crash Course can be pretty sweet for picking up new facts without snoozing.

Ever tried taking a virtual tour? It’s like teleporting straight from the classroom to some famous museum or trekking through national parks without moving an inch. Mind-blowingly cool! And hey, it counts as learning because these places are full of history and science.

No dusty textbooks needed when the internet hands you a ticket to anywhere in the blink of an eye!

Take a virtual tour or watch live animals online

After leveling up my brain with some cool online games, I switch gears to explore the world without leaving my seat. Virtual tours let me stroll through museums, historic sites, and even natural parks across the globe.

It’s like having a passport in your pocket! One minute I’m walking past the Mona Lisa with a click, and the next I’m gazing at Yellowstone’s geysers as they erupt.

Then there are live animal cams that bring wildlife straight to my screen. Ever watched pandas roll around while munching bamboo? It’s seriously calming during a mind-numbing lecture.

These live feeds from zoos and nature reserves keep me connected to the animal kingdom and sneak some learning into my day without breaking any class rules.

Constructive Tasks

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 9

When boredom strikes in class, it’s the perfect moment to switch gears and get a head start on something productive. Whether I’m plotting my next great escape on a meticulously planned dream trip or deciphering the enigmatic language of code, I dive into tasks that not only kill time but sharpen my skills for future escapades.

Do assignments for other classes

So you’re bored out of your mind in class, huh? Well, flip open that laptop and start knocking out assignments for other courses. Trust me, it feels like a secret rebellion, but hey, you’re still being super productive.

Plus, imagine the free time you’ll have later when your friends are stressing over that same homework.

Get ahead with those essays or problem sets now. Dive into online classes or look up facts for that big project in history tomorrow. Use educational websites to research topics or find answers to tricky questions.

With Khan Academy and TED Ed at your fingertips, who says multitasking isn’t a skill? You’ll be juggling tasks like a pro and laughing all the way through college admissions—because guess what? You just played the system while learning something new!

Plan your dream trip

I sit in class and sometimes my mind drifts to white sandy beaches and exotic cities. That’s when I start planning my dream trip. I pull up maps, check out cool places on travel blogs, and make a list of must-see spots.

It’s like a mini-vacation without leaving my desk.

I also look at flights, compare prices for hostels and hotels, and figure out how much money I need to save up. Dreaming about exploring new cultures keeps me pumped for the future.

And hey, it beats zoning out to another lecture! Plus, if this trip actually happens? Score one for boredom turning into an adventure!

Learn to code or a new language

Dreaming about your ideal getaway is great, but let’s switch gears to something that can shape your future. You’ve got this sleek laptop in front of you, right? Use it to dive into coding! Sites like free code camp make it easy and fun.

Picture this: crafting your own website or even making a game. Plus, programming skills can seriously boost your resume.

Or maybe words are more your thing than code? Learning a new language could be just the ticket. Apps like Duolingo turn language mastery into a game, giving you points as you go. Chat in Spanish, bargain in Mandarin, or enjoy anime without subtitles – talk about leveling up! And hey, being bilingual might just pay off with better job prospects after you toss that graduation cap.

Shop online or explore music

Hey, sometimes a shopping spree or a new playlist can totally switch up the mood. I grab my laptop and dive into the sea of online retailers to hunt for deals that scream ‘steal’. Maybe it’s time to snag those noise-canceling headphones for better focus during Zoom classes! Or perhaps cozy up with a new e-book on Amazon Kindle.

If scrolling through virtual aisles isn’t your jam right now, consider shifting gears to music.

Exploring tunes on platforms like Apple Music or SoundCloud lights up my day. I create playlists that match every mood swing – from study vibes to chill tunes that ease the stress of looming deadlines.

Sharing music feels like an escape; it’s how I connect with friends, even when we’re stuck in separate corners of campus. The next hit song could be just a click away, waiting for you to discover it and blast through your next break!

Socializing Digitally

What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer 7

In the digital realm, where ‘slide into the DMs’ is a classier move than passing notes, I find cozying up with my laptop opens doors to new chats and networks that keep the yawns at bay—stay tuned for how this transforms your “bored-in-class” saga.

Send emails or text messages

Reach out to friends or classmates with a quick email. Share a joke, ask about their day, or plan your next group study session. It keeps you socially active and strengthens relationships.

Texting can also be great for networking. Maybe drop a message to someone in that online community you’ve joined. Discuss class materials, share notes, and make virtual learning more interactive.

Start a conversation over social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. You could find someone who shares your love for true-crime podcasts or an expert who offers mentorship in areas you’re passionate about.

Socializing digitally breaks up the monotony of lectures and boosts mental health by keeping connections strong even when face-to-face interactions aren’t possible.

Connect with classmates online

Chat with friends from your class during a dull lecture. You can share notes, make jokes, or plan a group study session. It helps you feel less alone and more connected to others who are also trying to stay awake.

Use school-friendly apps or platforms that teachers approve of.

Set up virtual hangouts where you talk about the latest TV shows, music, or your plans after graduation. This way, you take a break and get back to work refreshed. Team up on projects using online tools like Google Docs or Slack for real-time collaboration.

It’s like doing homework together in a library but from the comfort of your own homes!

Join virtual study groups or online communities

I just stumbled upon the coolest way to make those endless lectures fly by. Get this – I joined a virtual study group. It’s like having your own brain trust right at your fingertips! We bounce ideas off each other, solve problems together, and even share notes.

It’s all about that teamwork making the dream work!

And it doesn’t stop with just school stuff, either. I found this online community packed with people who love the same weird things I do. We talk about everything from green brothers’ videos to which music streaming service drops the sickest beats.

Sure beats staring at a blank screen waiting for class to end!

FAQs About What to Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer

Can I learn something new on my computer when bored in class?

Yes, you can use online learning platforms like Codecademy or watch educational videos on YouTube to pick up a new skill.

What are some fun things I can do online that aren’t just games?

You could explore virtual museums, solve jigsaw puzzles, or dive into interactive games that boost your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How can I make money as a student during my free time in class?

Look into opportunities to make money online, like selling items on eBay, starting your own YouTube channel, or taking surveys.

Are there any creative activities I can do on my laptop?

Absolutely! Express yourself through artistic expression by writing verse, brainstorming ideas for stories, or practicing visual communication with design software.

Is it okay to shop online while in class if I’m bored?

It’s better to focus on schoolwork while in class; save personal tasks like online shopping for groceries or looking for nerdy tattoos for your own time.

If games aren’t a waste of time, what’s good about them?

Games can be gamified learning tools where you learn through play; they often include challenges that improve your learning process and mindset.

Additional Things To Do When Bored in Class on Your Computer
  1. Explore Google Sky and learn about different constellations.
  2. Start a virtual book club with friends.
  3. Create a personalized workout routine on a fitness app.
  4. Create and design your own digital magazine.
  5. Learn magic tricks through free online tutorials.
  6. Join a worldwide online chess competition.
  7. Learn virtual gardening and landscaping.
  8. Explore augmented reality apps.
  9. Listen to historical speeches from famous figures.
  10. Dive into botany through a virtual tour of botanical gardens.
  11. Use a digital painting app, like Procreate, to unleash your creativity.
  12. Learn a rare language like Latvian or Welsh on an app like Duolingo.
  13. Start making your own podcast.
  14. Learn digital 3D modeling.
  15. Polish your video editing skills.
  16. Try live-streaming you playing your favorite video games.
  17. Learn to read hieroglyphs in Egyptology resources.
  18. Create an impressive digital portfolio.
  19. Learn to write cryptically, using codes and ciphers.
  20. Join international webinars on topics of interest.
  21. Learn how to do data visualization.
  22. Discover the basics of forensic science with online courses.
  23. Use apps like NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanet to explore the universe.
  24. Learn sign language from online tutorials.
  25. Explore a software like SketchUp to create 3D models.
  26. Discover the world of AI programming.
  27. Start a film review blog.
  28. Conduct climate change research with online resources.
  29. Learn about quantum computing on IBM Q.
  30. Venture into the world of graphic design.
  31. Research and create your family tree.
  32. Learn the art of digital marketing.
  33. Create your own music with GarageBand.
  34. Join a group to read and discuss scientific papers.
  35. Listen to TED talks on subjects that interest you.
  36. Brush up on trivia for your favorite subjects.
  37. Learn to make computer generated art.
  38. Venture into the world of sustainable fashion.
  39. Learn to play a virtual musical instrument.
  40. Create infographics about subjects you love.
  41. Listen to online audiobooks.
  42. Learn to compose a song.
  43. Explore megatrends through interactive visualizations.
  44. Discover sound engineering.
  45. Conduct your own webinar on a topic you’re passionate about.
  46. Study cinematography.
  47. Build a virtual city using city-planning app.
  48. Create prototype designs for inventions you’ve conceptualized.
  49. Delve into interactive coding or VR storytelling.
  50. Learn financial planning skills online.
  51. Take a cooking class online and make a virtual cookbook.
  52. Teach yourself the basics of robotics.
  53. Initiate an online fundraiser for a cause you support.
  54. Learn professional photography skills through tutorials.
  55. Explore artwork from the greatest museums around the world.
  56. Write a script for a short film.
  57. Explore and document bird species through virtual birdwatching.
  58. Delve into the world of interior design.
  59. Learn how to remix music tracks.
  60. Join an online astronomy society.
  61. Create wired jewelry designs digitally to realize them later.
  62. Write and illustrate a children’s book.
  63. Learn statistical analysis and train to be a data scientist.
  64. Discover animation and create your own animated character.
  65. Join a virtual choir.
  66. Design a logo for a fictitious company.
  67. Learn about planets through interactive space simulators.
  68. Dabble in portrait or fashion sketching.
  69. Read collected works of famous philosophers.
  70. Improve your critical thinking skills with online puzzles.
  71. Learn jewelry design techniques on a digital platform.
  72. Conduct in-depth research on your favorite historical figure.
  73. Learn forensic psychology.
  74. Write a business plan for a startup concept.
  75. Explore world cuisines and try out virtual cooking classes.
  76. Learn about humanitarian aid work through free courses.
  77. Learn body language analysis from online resources.
  78. Start your own online radio station.
  79. Make a digital collage with your pictures.
  80. Learn crystallogy and the lore behind different gems.
  81. Create and solve your own crossword puzzles.
  82. Build and design a website.
  83. Create stop-motion films on your laptop.
  84. Design your dream home with a home designing app.
  85. Start a small online business selling digital products.
  86. Learn about the functions of your brain with interactive diagrams.
  87. Organize your own virtual art gallery.
  88. Delve into the world of environmental science.
  89. Develop a basic android app.
  90. Create animated greeting cards for friends and family.
  91. Learn origami and share your creations virtually.
  92. Start an online lifestyle e-zine.
  93. Conduct virtual history tours of your city.
  94. Join online debates on subjects of interest.
  95. Learn about wine making or tasting.
  96. Write and develop a video game storyline.
  97. Explore virtual archaeology.
  98. Create a cloud-based digital mood board for daily inspirations.
  99. Compose digital poetry and share it with friends.
  100. Learn digital caricature sketching.




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