Positioning Is Everything: 5 Strategies for Establishing a Credible and Trustworthy Brand

If there’s a word that has been kicked around as the marketing buzzword of the last few decades, it’s branding. With as much confusion and misunderstandings as that word has caused, it is an important concept to implement to make people become loyal customers of a business.

But what is branding? According to the Association for Consumer Research, branding is defined as “The ability of product information that requires consumers to perceive the brand to have the ability (expertise) and willingness (trustworthiness) to deliver what has been promised.” Said another way, does your business name deliver on what its reputation promises? This is what agencies like Appiloque are all about. Articles like this are how they accomplish it.

Provide Proof

Everyone loves a winner. Everyone knows that. The trouble with many businesses is that they don’t present themselves as winners. As a result, who would want to follow them?

Building a credible brand is not something a business does only from time to time. It’s something the company does every day. If you want to run a business with a winning brand, back up that attitude with actions every minute of every day. People will follow.

Associate with Influencers

Hitch a wagon to a winner and follow them. That’s a clear idea. Fortunately, it’s also an excellent way to build a brand. Find influencers, those who have a strong level of credibility and a strong social following, and collaborate with them.

Influencers don’t necessarily have to be celebrities. They can be social media superstars or bloggers. The effect is the same.

Be Yourself

This is one piece of advice that has gotten to be old hat but continues to be true. Being authentic, as a person and as a business, gives transparency that is good for a reputation and will hold everything together.

Why do you think businesses like Pepsi like to work with Kendall Jenner to promote their brand? It’s because Jenner has an enormous following over an audience Pepsi wants to take advantage of. Even a small business can accomplish this.

Fortunately, a business doesn’t have to be Pepsi or get an endorsement from Kendall Jenner to benefit from a reputable brand. All that must be accomplished is to be yourself and let people know it.

Admit Your Mistakes

Several years ago, Wendy’s location in the South put together what many people would consider being an offensive sign. Instead of hiding the incident and backtracking, they told the truth, corrected the mistake, and moved forward. The mistake was quickly forgotten. It’s when mistakes are made and denied that denial becomes the story.

Tell Your Story

If you want people to believe in a brand, you must tell them your story. This means connecting with an audience in any and every way that can be imagined. Tell about yourself at club meetings, in media presentations, in the newspapers, and anywhere else you can get attention. Doing so will pay returns many-fold.

Establishing a brand that is credible and trustworthy is simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple. Whether a business is building a brand or correcting a problem, a customer’s experience can be positive with a little planning. Keep all these ideas in mind, and business will be well on the way to building a brand people will trust.




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