How to Check Price History on AliExpress

One of the many frustrating things in online shopping is missing out on a sale and a chance to purchase your desired item at a more affordable price. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s almost impossible for customers to monitor products’ prices constantly. Good thing, special price checking tools got you covered.

For example, Alitools is a price tracker extension dedicated to AliExpress. With this, you would never miss out on huge discounts and great deals, making the most out of every purchase.

Checking Price History in AliExpress

Price history can tell your money’s worth before you purchase. It refers to the previous prices set on products within a given period of time. Price history charts show the timeline of the rise and decline of prices on certain items.

AliExpress has a built-in function of showing one-time discount rates of products. But having a dedicated price tracker lets you optimize your purchases and give you insights as to when the product can be at its lowest price.

Price Tracker for Buyers and Sellers Alike

Most price tracker tools are often advertised to buyers alone, so that they may increase their purchasing power by knowing when their desired items would be sold off with greater discounts. But these intuitive tools can be helpful for sellers in tracking competitors as well.

For buyers, they can predict when the highest discount on certain items would be as foreshadowed by the price history chart of the item. For sellers, they can track the pricing of top competitors and know when to set attractive discounts to sway customers.

What Price Checking Tools Do

Price tracker add-ons are available on both personal computers and mobile devices. They readily provide advantageous functions you could ask for an internet shopping assistant, such as price monitoring, seller trust verification, customer review listing, and parcel tracking.

How to Check Product Price History With Price Checking Tool

Apps and browser extensions are a great key in addressing your online shopping needs, especially in terms of tracking prices and maximizing what your money can buy. Make use of this powerful tool in three easy steps:

  1. Install Alitools. Go to to install the extension. Provide it access to your browser. Upon completion, you will be able to see its iconic logo on your toolbar. It only takes a matter of seconds, and no sweat to install this add-on and ace your online shopping skills.
  2. Pick a Product. Head on to AliExpress and click on your desired item.
  3. Capitalize on Tools’ Magic. On the product page, you should be able to see the extension and its corresponding functions. Make sure to view each feature to gain more knowledge on the item you want to purchase.

Alongside its impressive functionality, Alitools is also renowned for its accessibility. You can easily check the price history of products in its extension toolbar. Click on Price; then, you should be able to see the price chart of the item at hand.

This chart monitors the prices of the item on a daily basis! Other add-ons take a long while in updating their price charts, but Alitools easily updates theirs on regular programming. This way, you are guaranteed of optimizing your purchases and getting the most out of your money.

Benefits of Price Tracking

Is it really a big deal to have an extension that tracks prices and product price history? Definitely, if you want to be more aware of how you spend your money and what benefits you get in return.

  1. Shopping large discounts and fantastic deals — With a price tracker, you can know the lowest price the product has been sold. Thus, you can time your purchases once they are at their lowest guaranteed prices.
  2. Spotting artificial prices — Some stores do tactics to make it seem like they offered a very generous discount. But what they actually do is that they give the highest rates of products a day before sale events so that the discount would seem big on the sale day itself. One of the major sales days of AliExpress is 11.11. Most stores raise their prices beforehand to make big discounts on 11.11. Having a record of the prices helps you identify artificial discounts and leads you to buy products at a much lower rate.
  3. Tracking price changes in real-time — Alitools outpace other price tracker add-ons from its daily tracking algorithms to precisely monitor prices.

Powerful Price History Tracker at the End of Your Fingertips

Download Alitools browser extension now to receive major discounts! You can also keep the top-of-the-line functionalities of Alitools in your pocket with its mobile app, both available for Android and iOS users. Do not miss out on amazing deals in your AliExpress mobile app with Alitools.

Buy products at the right time and at the right price with your special price-tracking tools!




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