5 Top Website Checker Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Marketing today depends on technology. You can’t do an exceptional job without marketing tools. Statistics show that an average marketer uses 12 different tools and some of them use as much as 31 tools. Using tools isn’t a challenge, however, finding the right ones that will do what you want them to do is a hard task.

When it comes to website checker tools for marketers, you have a lot of options to choose from. If you are struggling to find the right website checker tool that will give you a complete overview of the website, issues, opportunities, traffic statistics, and provides you authentic data on the important metrics, you need to check out the following list.

Here is a list of the best website checker and audit tools:

1. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest’s SEO analyzer is a multi-purpose SEO tool owned by the famous Neil Patel. It offers a lot of exciting features to marketers such as ranking tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor spying, and more. It has a website checker tool called Site Audit that lets you check any website including your own and competitors.

The site checker tool gives you a complete overview of the website with a focus on SEO (especially on-page SEO). Here is what you can check with Ubersuggest’s website audit tool:

  • On-page SEO score
  • Organic traffic
  • Organic keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Health check
  • Errors, warnings, and recommendations
  • Website speed for desktop and mobile
  • Top SEO issues
site audit

You can get a detailed overview of each section. For instance, click on the organic keywords to see all the keywords the website is ranking for including search estimates, position, difficulty, links, social shares, and more:

site audit 2

Here is the best part: You can use Ubersuggest’s site checker tool for free. Sign up with your Google account and you’ll be able to use it. You’ll, however, have to switch to a premium plan to get more details and data. The premium plans are pocket-friendly and cheaper than most of the other website checker tools in the market.

2. SEMrush

SEM Rush

SEMrush is a marketing platform that offers multiple marketing tools including a powerful site audit tool. You can check the overall website health and inspect the technical SEO of any website you want. Here is an overview of what you can inspect with the SEMrush website checker tool:

  • Website health
  • Errors, warnings, and notices
  • Crawled pages and crawl issues
  • Internal linking status
  • Site performance and speed
  • Top issues
SEM Rush page analysis

It doesn’t check on-page SEO like Ubersuggest. If you want to check the on-page SEO of the website, you’ll have to switch to an on-page SEO checker that gives you ideas to optimize your pages.

Overall SEMrush website checker tool doesn’t provide you with in-depth data as Ubersuggest does. You’ll have to run the website through multiple tools to get insights on backlinks, traffic, on-page SEO, technical issues, etc., and this makes it a bit complicated.

SEMrush offers you a free account with limited access to features. You won’t be able to fully check a website with the free plan. The premium plans are expensive.

3. RankWatch

Rank Watch

RankWatch is a multi-purpose SEO tool that comes with an SEO checker and SEO analyzer tool that makes it easy for marketers to check websites. It checks the website for SEO, mobile, social, speed, website traffic, and technology. Here is an overview of the major metrics that it checks:

  • Site health
  • Google search preview
  • Mobile rendering
  • Social activity including recent tweets
  • Website speed analysis
  • Basic traffic statistics
Rank Watch page analysis

RankWatch gives you a simple overview of the website details and isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other website checker tools like Ubersuggest. Since it is completely free, you can use it to check the basic information, but you can’t rely on it as most of the data isn’t accurate and dated.

4. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a leading SEO tool that lets you check websites with its site explorer and site audit features. However, the site audit is a feature that scans and audits your own website while site explorer is used for inspecting any website. You can inspect backlinks, organic traffic, and paid search with the site explorer, and here are other specific metrics that you can check:

  • Organic traffic and keywords
  • Traffic value
  • Top competitors
  • Keywords with their estimated traffic
  • Historical data of backlinks and referring domains
  • Full details of backlink portfolio
  • Paid search ads the website is running with target keywords and estimated traffic.
Ahrefs page analysis

Ahrefs website checker tool provides you SEO-specific details mostly related to off-page. It doesn’t focus on on-page SEO so will not see anything related to website speed, crawl errors, etc.

Ahrefs major drawback is its high price and unavailability of a free plan. The premium plans come with a 7 days free trial but once your trial expires, you won’t be able to log in to your account. This isn’t the case with Ubersuggest or even SEMrush.

5. Sitechecker.pro

site checker pro

Sitechecker.pro is an SEO platform that lets you inspect and check websites instantly without creating an account. There are multiple website checker tools including website health checker, on-page SEO checker, and website traffic checker. You’ll have to run the analysis separately and multiple times to check different variables.

Here is an overview of what you’ll be able to check with its website health checker tool that seems to be the best tool to check any website:

  • Website health score
  • Crawling stats including indexed pages
  • Critical errors, warnings, and notices
  • Instructions on how to fix errors and warnings
site checker pro page analysis

The website checker tool is very basic and helps you find and fix crawl related issues. You can use other website checker tools to get more details about a website, but they too provide basic information.


What website checker tool you’ll choose as a marketer? It depends on your preferences, budget, and what exactly you want to check with the tool.

If you are interested in getting detailed insights at potentially no cost, go for Ubersuggest as it provides you in-depth on-page and technical SEO details of any website you want. The premium plans are cheaper than most of the other tools in the market.

When choosing a website checker tool, data accuracy and recency are essential. Ubersuggest, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are best at data accuracy and recency as they have their own crawlers that collect and update data regularly.

Choose the website checker tool that’s right for you and get started today.




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