Osaka Features First Drone Museum in Japan

Drone technology is quickly becoming a global staple for both recreation and futuristic delivery methods. Osaka, Japan for instance recently featured their country’s first drone museum. This state-of-the-art display where they showcase a variety of drones to the public audience is expected to be the first of many drone-centric events in Japan. Featuring collected and catalogued drones from all over the world, the museum is a must-see for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Equipped with a number of the world’s most advanced feats in drone technology, the museum offered both a display as well as purchasing options for the drones they have been showcasing. Museum visitors get a chance to see these drones in action, and they may also test out these drones first-hand. The officials of Skyasky Co., the drone school that runs the museum, hope to promote the use of drones in the Kansai region. They also hoped that this showcase would entice interest among the common populace with both the recreational use as well as practical use of drones.
The museum itself has a two-story ceiling measured at around 10 meters, leaving a lot of room for the indoor drones to take flight at the delight of a spectating audience. People can learn about the basics of controlling a drone as well as the laws and regulations that apply when flying drones in public spaces.

Located in Osaka’s Minamihorie district, the drone exhibit features 16 types of drones that hail both from Japan as well as abroad. Visitors of the museum can learn about the history and evolution of drones through the past few years. The drones on display range from an 18-gram miniature indoor recreational drone, to more professional-grade working drones equipped with 10-liter tanks and are used for crop-spraying in the fields. A highlight of this museum is a drone that can be controlled solely with hand gestures and movements. Visitors who come to the display may get the chance to control this amazingly built interactive drone with their own hands.

Mei Watanabe, the head of the drone museum, had this to say when asked about what this display and lecture would bring to the table in the region: “I hope people will stop by freely since it is located in Minamihorie — a hub of fancy cafes and boutiques — and become more familiar with drones.”




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