Check Out this Drone Footage of an SUV Crossing a Rickety Bridge in Siberia

Crossing bridges can trigger fear in many people, no matter how sturdy they are they can still stir up anxiety in the braves of us. This video footage captured by a drone would terrify anyone, though, because it’s footage of a big old car crossing a bridge over 1,500 feet long that looks so unstable it’s ridiculous!
This Siberian bridge is build across the Vitim River, and was originally used by trains. Because it was used by trains, it has no safety barriers, making this video even more frightening to watch. Even though the bridge was replaced by a more stable structure that is not a death-trap, this bridge was never destroyed. Instead of being destroyed, it was incorporated into the Baikal Amur Mainline road, attracting the bravest and most foolish people to cross the bridge.
Footage like this would have been nearly impossible to capture without a drone, and allows people to experience the Baikal Amur Mainline road without risking their lives to do so. Videos like these allow viewers to experience new things, and drones can capture things that people have never seen before through the use of amazing camera angles and aerial views.
Via: YouTube




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