Kingii Wearable – Tiny Life Preserver

I’m a pretty terrible swimmer although I do enjoy being in the water occasionally (usually in the shallow areas when possible).  As an adult, having a couple of inflatable arm bands like little kids might work but will look super ridiculous. The best way going about it is to have something that works like an inflatable arm band but is totally discreet. The Kingii Wearable is just the device for those that are adventurous in the water or for those who are weak swimmers.

The Kingii Wearable is worn around your wrist if a life jacket is something that’s too bulky and gets in the way of a water activity you are taking part in. Without deploying the Kingii, you can move around the water just like any other day in the pool, lake, or ocean. But in an emergency situation, if you find yourself too deep underwater without any scuba gear, you simply pull the lever on your wrist and a balloon from the Kingii Wearable will deploy. The balloon will be deployed within a second and take you to the surface of the water.


The Kingii can pull a body weighing up to 285 pounds back up to the surface of the water and keep them afloat. The device features a CO2 cylinder which is how the balloon inflates. The CO2 cylinders are replaceable so you can use the device as many times as you want. The balloon itself is a bright orange color so you will be easy to spot for any search and rescue crews. You also have access to a compass so you always know which direction to head in if needed and there is also an emergency whistle to help with locating.

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The Kingii Wearable looks like a pretty useful device for emergencies. The only issue I see is if for some unfortunate reason, a person wearing the Kingii Wearable was not able to pull the lever in time becasue they hit their head against something underwater and are unable to deploy it. Hopefully you don’t have to use the device but it’s always good to have for emergency situations. The Kingii Wearable is available for $89.99 but if you buy bulk packs, there are different price points. Check out the Kingii website for more details.




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