Anker PowerHouse – Compact 400Wh Backup Power

I’ve spent months in developing countries and let me tell you when it comes to electricity, people here in the US and Canada should consider themselves pretty lucky. In some parts of the developing world where they do have electricity, it’s never consistent and they have something called load shedding which is kind of like controlled power outages to keep the entire grid stable. Where I was, there would be electricity for a few hours and then no power for a few. And this would be constant, every single day of the year but at least the people were prepared and lived their lives according to this pattern. Now, if the people have something like the Anker PowerHouse, I’m guessing their quality of life would improve quite a bit.

For people living here in the developed nations, the Anker PowerHouse is more of an emergency backup power supply to hold you over until power is back up. Or the Anker Powerhouse can be used when you go out for a camping trip, the cabin, or perhaps when in need of power when working out in the field. Or if you happen to have a large property and need to use some power tools but are quite a ways from a power source.


The Anker PowerHouse can be used to power lamps, televisions, and even mini fridges. This device is not to be used as your main source of power but for those emergency situations. The device is the smallest and lightest 400Wh power supply on the market place featuring a high-density lithium-ion battery which allows for a very compact build compared to the lead-acid power packs. It had enough power to fully charge a laptop up to 15 times!

To charge the device, you would initially need a power source like an electrical outlet but you can also purchase an optional compatible solar charger and recharge the Anker PowerHouse anytime the sun is shining. The PowerHouse offers you a number of varied modes of power delivery like a 12V socket, an AC outlet, and four fast-charging USB ports. You will also get a 10-ft AC adapter cable, and a 2-ft micro USB charging cable, and even an 18-month warranty! In terms of safety, the Battery Management System is able to undertake voltage control, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and other advanced safety procedures. And battery life is extended thanks to its active cell balancing.

The Anker PowerHouse is available on Amazon for $499 but if you purchase from the Anker website using the code ‘ANKPower’, you will receive an additional $100 off!




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