Po’ Man Grill – Cooking In A Trashcan

I don’t wish upon anyone to be using a trashcan to cook their food outdoors. The image you are probably getting in your head is most likely straight out of a movie with homeless people gathered around a fire in a trash bin but it happens in real life all the time unfortunately. But if you’re cooking out of a trashcan by choice, then by all means go for it! The Po’ Man Grill is designed to cook up some delicious food but looks like any other trashcan. Yeah, a little strange but as long as it’s good at what it was designed to do.

Once you get over the fact that the Po’ Man Grill is a trashcan, the grill is apparently pretty great at cooking. And becasue it’s a trashcan grill that’s affordable, you don’t have to take as much care as you would with an expensive grill. And it’s true that you could use your own metal trashcan but with this one, you at least know that no garbage has even been inside the unit.


The Po’ Man Grill has huge capacity that will fit enough food to feed the entire neighborhood. The grill comes with a one round grate, a flavor lock drip plate, and two skewers. The grill comes in a matte black finish, weighs in at 23 pounds, and measures in at 21″ tall and 16″ in diameter. The grill features small holes at the bottom that draw air inside and provide the charcoals with oxygen. While in use, it’s recommended to keep the lid slightly off-kilter to allow for air flow.


The Po’ Man Grill is portable but I think I’d only want to move it around the house and probably not something for camping or really worth showing off. And although it looks like a trashcan, the grill is made using highly durable rolled steel and other stainless metals. Despite the high heats, the paint is there to last and is not galvanized. The Po’ Man Grill is available for only $99. Make sure to check out the video below.

The Po’ Man Grill in Action

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