How To Make A Fitness App

Sports activities have become a part of everyday life for many people. The relationship between health and fitness is evident, making regular visits to the gym or exercising at home a must for good health.

Of course, in the absence of experience, It is difficult to calculate the optimal load or master the correct technique. So a mobile fitness app has become a valuable aid for many amateur athletes. Given the current trend, the demand for such programs for smartphones is growing. It is because so many fitness center owners create them for their clients.

Why Invest in Creating Such an App?

  1. It’s a massive plus for a fitness center’s reputation.
  2. The app is easy to monetize.
  3. It can be an effective marketing tool to increase customer engagement through promotions, motivational content, and exciting terms and conditions.
  4. It is like having a coach on the phone. So, the audience of potential users is enormous.
  5. It will reduce their churn.
  6. When developing a mobile workout app with our company, customers can count on continuous service support.

Possible Functionality

Special programs for weight loss must have the function of counting calories according to a person’s age, sex, height, weight, and the construction of graphs of weight changes. In addition, you can constantly monitor apps for rehabilitation after an injury or illness throughout the day. 

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Mobile development usually includes options such as:

  • registration, authorization;
  • availability of a user profile and a personal account
  • tracking of sports activity (by day, time of exercise);
  • third-party device integration (fitness bracelets, for example);
  • notifications and thematic reminders;
  • goal setting;
  • geolocation.

When creating all-in-one fitness apps, exercises of all kinds are added to the database: stretching, cardio, circuit training, Pilates, yoga, and classes with additional equipment (weights, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, etc.). You can also provide users with the function of adding any exercise.

Stages of Development

Experts divided the creation of fitness apps for sports clients into several main stages.

Definition of the Terms of Reference

The choice of platforms (iOS, Android) or the creation of TOR for the development of a cross-platform solution (more preferable and cheap)


Specialists investigate the market structure, competitor offers, and target audience needs. There is also the gathering of information about the product and the creation of the concept. Finally, it is the stage of analytical work to determine the promotion methods after the release of the finished project.

The Development and Carrying out of Tests

Developers created the software design for the fitness club (UX/UI design), taking into account the user experience and user-friendly interfaces. It is followed by creating a prototype and its approval by the customer. Finally, creators test this fitness app for bugs after they complement technical processes to produce a product that meets the agreed-upon plan and satisfies the customer’s needs.

Release and Service Support After the Release

The release of a mobile program that helps you exercise is done by uploading it to the marketplace (Play Market and App Store) and implementing the previously planned marketing plan. The scope of post-release service support includes:

  1. The development of updates.
  2. Fixing identified bugs.
  3. Processing user feedback.
  4. Creating improved versions of the program.

The main goal of the final stage is to improve and promote the fitness app so that people want to use it and recommend it to their friends.

The Cost of the Fitness App

The development cost in 2021 depends on many factors, including the type of platform, functionality, and the availability of more features. The primary cost measure is the amount of time it takes to develop. The preparatory phase requires 50 hours, the concept and design phase requires 100 hours, and the technical processes (writing code, testing, etc.) take more than 100 hours.

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for a detailed estimate and clarify the project implementation terms. We strive to create easy-to-use and reliable fitness apps that are user-friendly and beneficial to our customers.

Development of a Fitness App for a Fitness Club

A mobile app for a fitness center is a source of income for a sports institution and offers benefits for clients. The target audience of gyms has an average or high ability to pay. So they are ready to pay for helpful information for practical training, qualified support, and motivation. Considering the plethora of monetization options, a particular program for a fitness club will always be on the visitor’s smartphone. Therefore, it is a profitable investment in further promoting sports services.

The Advantages of Mobile Fitness Assistants

A good workout app can interest not only current but also potential customers. It is a successful solution to increase the customer base and, therefore, the profit of the fitness center. A sports program for the smartphone can well be called a marketing tool, as it allows:

I got information about the gym;

  1. View a variety of training videos.
  2. To book a subscription or extend it.
  3. To contact the administrator in the online chat or order a call.
  4. Sign up for group classes or workouts with a personal trainer.
  5. Make an online appointment for a massage or other complementary treatments.
  6. You will receive personalized information (such as a schedule of group classes, information on the qualifications and specializations of trainers, etc.).
  7. You will find direction, load, and duration training sessions in the active sports sections.
  8. Make a class schedule (either on your own or with the help of an instructor);
  9. To keep track of physical indicators, use a fitness calculator.
  10. Receive notifications about new releases, promotions, and schedule changes;
  11. With a special calorie counter, adjust your nutrition.
  12. Get discounts for active use of the fitness app and bonus points for mentions in social networks, ordering more services, etc.

Make Payments

The app serves as a natural bridge to the consumer in mobile devices, providing many benefits for the smallest amount of time. Programs that track personal progress, such as weight loss over a week or other periods when losing weight, remain in particular demand. 


Depending on the features provided, fitness club programs can be divided into categories:

Workouts and Exercises

The base of the fitness app contains workout plans, training information on proper technique, sets of exercises for muscle groups or the whole body, etc. Aims: to provide valuable sports information, track progress, and keep track of gym attendance.

Proper Nutrition and Dietetics

The program is oriented towards losing weight, gaining weight, or correcting body volume. If implemented, it adapts to a particular user for accounting and statistics of the results.

A Personal Trainer

They are the best apps for reputable fitness centers. Give access to online consultations.


Such programs often combine user and business functionality. Clients receive applicable thematic content, pay for subscriptions and personal training, control nutrition, check exercises’ effectiveness, and use built-in trackers. As for the owner, this provides more fitness club and business process management options.


A category of programs for alternative sports activities: yoga, meditation, oriental practices, etc. The main options are motivational, audio, video content, and timers.


The simplest web fitness apps count calories, measure speed, and distance, record time, etc. They use a smartphone accelerometer or third-party devices (fitness bracelets, heart rate monitors, etc.).

In recent years the market for fitness apps has expanded considerably. But this does not mean that there are no promising niches for your business development. By understanding the basic stages of developing such services and their main varieties, it will be much easier for you to explain to the developers what functional features you want to see in your app.




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