How to Level Up Faster in The Division 2: Top Tips

You will find all the information you need to quickly level up in The Division 2. One of the most important parts of The Division 2 is leveling up since the game truly opens up after you reach level 30 with all the beautiful endgame content. Everything you need to know about the farming experience and leveling up quickly in The Division 2 is right here.

Top 5 Tips You Need To Know

These tips below and also using a Division 2 boost will surely get you to our next rank faster than expected.

Choose Bonuses to Level up More Quickly

In The Division 2, you’ll meet the White House Quartermaster early. He’s a friend because he’s the one you can rely on to grant you new skills and perks. Accolade is a set of benefits you should get to level up as quickly as possible. Like the other available perks, Accolade can be purchased with one SHD tech point and leveled up. However, rather than providing an attachment to your weapon or boosting inventory spaces, it will increase the experience gained from specific acts.

Don’t Forget To Switch On UBI Game Challenges

Underneath the Progression menu, you’ll find Ubi Club Challenges. To access the Club Challenges area of the advancement menu, press the right bumper until you see the small Ubisoft logo. Some examples of these tasks include “Eliminate Enemies While They Are On Fire” and “Eliminate True Sons,” if you can finish them all within the 20-hour time restriction, you’ll earn rising experience prizes. You can engage all six challenges simultaneously, and their experience builds up, even though it’s not enough for each task initially. Gain as much experience as you can because you won’t be able to earn it otherwise.

Avoid Dark Zone Pvp for the Time Being

While I get that competing in the Dark Zone is an enjoyable way to hone your abilities, I don’t see how it ties into the overall game advancement. So, your main game progress will not be affected by how much time you spend in the Dark Zone or how far you progress there. To speed up leveling and reach the level cap as soon as possible—and enjoy that wonderful end game—it’s recommended to stay away from the Dark Zone for a little.

Get the Most Out of Your Experience Points by Completing Tasks as Soon as You Reach the Suggested Level

Completing the main plot missions and side tasks is the best way to level up in The Division 2. Though they don’t pay as much experience as primary objectives, each goes, the cumulative experience increase from completing all of the side missions makes them worthwhile, making them the best overall payout for value for money.

Obviously, the primary missions will provide the highest single XP rewards, but you must time them perfectly; if you do them too soon when you are too low in level, it will be an arduous grind. Unfortunately, this won’t help until you’re at a significantly higher level, at which point you’ll find it easier, but the experience payout will seem less fulfilling than your present level. The key is to complete the main missions and any optional ones at the same time you reach the level requirement. Although returning when you’re powerful will be easier, you’ll earn a greater boost to your experience.

Play With A Team

The number of players on a mission determines how the Division 2 scales up. More adversaries imply more experience points (XP) to level up, thanks to your team’s ability to gain XP for every kill. Simply forming alliances with friends or randomly matching with random people can grant you free experience without requiring any effort.

Try To Unlock Everything On A Map Before Moving On

Unlocked non-mission chores on the map can yield a plethora of modest experience bonuses, as previously stated. That can only occur once you unlock safe houses and explore new locations. As a result, you can access more missions, tasks, and beneficial items like perk-buying SHD caches, greatly enhancing your experience gains. Your AI companion, ISAC, can alert you to nearby Comm devices and echoes so you can keep an ear out for messages as you explore. Collecting just one of these won’t get you anything, but they add up.

Complete Projects In Any Settlements

At settlements, there are several projects that, once finished, will greatly improve the lives of the survivors residing there. Mostly, these call for either resources you’ve gathered or tasks you’ve accomplished in the real world. Most of it is something you can do or pick as you go, so remembering to report in and accept them is really the only thing you need to do to receive some extra experience rightfully yours.


Mastering The Division 2 and advancing through the levels more quickly requires a blend of strategic thinking and fluid gameplay. These expert suggestions will give you the upper hand whether you’re maximizing your gear, exploring the diverse culture of Washington, D.C., or taking on missions with pals. Prepare yourself, form a squad, and jump into the action; the road to success awaits you.




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