Highly Detailed Predator Action Figures

Deluxe-Predator-Action-FigureYou don’t need to destroy planets while hunting and battling aliens, with these awesome 18” Deluxe Predator Action Figures, your bedroom becomes the battlefield.  The Predator figures are incredibly detailed and will probably end up killing all the other action figures you have in your collection.

Standing 18 – 19” tall, the action figures come with 20 articulation points, tribal necklaces, removable backpacks, and separate body suit nettings.  The Predator action figures come in three varieties: Helmeted Predator, Closed Mouth Predator, and Open Mouth Predator.  I personally never liked the Predators’ ugly faces and would probably opt for the helmeted figure but sometimes you just have to have the complete set.  Decisions…decisions…

But it: $69.99 each





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