Fake Window Blinds Light

Does your room have a small window and is lacking light?  Is the lack of light depressing you?  How about this awesome fake window with blinds light to brighten up your room and put in you a better mood?

The Fake Window Blinds Light looks, at least in the pictures, almost lifelike.  It looks as though it’s a beautiful sunny day outside and the blinds are closed.  And with the dark-gloomy winter coming, the fake window blinds light should easily bring much needed light into your room or cubicle and warmth into your heart.

The Bright Blind is designed by Makoto Hirahara and made out of wood, plastic, and electroluminescent (EL) paper and measures 39.25” high x 23.5” wide x 1.25” deep.  The light can be turned on and off and light adjusted with the twist of the plastic stick, just like on real blinds.  Prices are available on request and there is free shipping for US and Canadian residents.

Bright BlindsBlinds with LightBlinds with built in light




5 comments on “Fake Window Blinds Light”

  1. Cool idea, I have the same type of real blinds in my room. Might be fun to pull a prank on someone. However would be disconcerting not being able to open it (or just see bare wall) after a while, though.

  2. Nice idea, but I am not sure it would help a depressingly dark room as you suggested. I always founds that painting a fake window down in the cellar just made it more depressing. Half Baked Potatoes


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