USBCell Batteries – Recharge Your Batteries With A USB Port

As a gadget geek, I don’t have much trouble spending my hard earned money on numerous gadgets but when it comes to buying batteries, I turn into a cheap-ass.  There are lots of rechargeable battery options but I especially like the USBCell Batteries.

You don’t need to worry about bulky chargers or if you travel a lot, you don’t have to worry about dealing with different electric outlets in European and Asian countries because the USBCell Batteries can be recharged using a standard USB port on your computer, laptop, or even an Xbox.

The batteries come in AA size and have a flipable top to reveal the connector.  Simply plug them into a USB port and you’re on your way to a full charge; to make things easier, there is a yellow indicator light showing charge status.  The USBCell rechargeable batteries are available at for £11.99 for two or £21.49 for four.

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries




7 comments on “USBCell Batteries – Recharge Your Batteries With A USB Port”

  1. They are a fairly new product..
    Of course they are not going to work very well Just wait for newer versions or different producers

  2. Got some of these a while back. One immediately leaked battery acid all over my laptop, and the other one corroded so quickly, I hardly used it.

  3. Yeah I was going to get one but I have heard nothing but bad things. Hopefully it won’t be long until they come out with newer versions


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