APP Powered TankBot From Desk Pets

TankBot toys controlled by iPhone & Android devices

A while back, we brought you an APP Powered Helicopter by Griffin Helo TC. Using only your iPhone, you are able to patrol the skies. What about any miscreants that may be on the ground and cannot be seen from the air?

This is where the TankBot from DeskPets comes into play. The TankBot can be controlled using an APP via the iPhone or an Android device. The toy has three modes which include navigating mazes, free roaming, and lastly – fully controlling the device via your handheld device thanks to the APP.

The TankBot can be charged using the USB port on your computer. The device makes various sounds and each color has its own frequency of operation allowing for the use of several all at once. The TankBot is available for purchase at Radio Shack and Toys R’ Us for $24.99. Enjoy the Demo Video below!





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