3 Channel Black Hawk Military RC Helicopter

Remote Control Black Hawk helicopter chopper

The Geek Extreme team has a new found appreciation for helicopters and we recently brought you guys the Silverlit Spy Camera Helicopter and the Griffin App Helicopter. And today, we’ll have a closer look at the Black Hawk Military Full Function 3 Channel RC Helicopter.

This RC helicopter features great flight functionality and comes equipped with a new gyroscope system for a very stable flight and easy to use controls. The Black Hawk RC comes with a transmitter, battery, and a charger. With the simplified controls, the helicopter can easily move forward, backwards, right, and left. The Black Hawk also comes with flashing multi-color LED lights as well as two action figures to give it that final touch. For greater stability, the Black Hawk features co-axial rotors that counter-rotate which is something the real Black Hawk helicopter does not have. See, this one is better than the real one! 😉

Each charge will get you about 10 minutes of flight time. The Black Hawk Military Full Function 3 Channel RC Helicopter can be yours for $59.99.

RC Black Hawk with co-axial counter rotating rotors




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