VitaSound – TV Sound Enhancer

Sometimes when I watch TV, the action scenes are always super loud when when it actually comes to the dialogue, it’s as if they are whispering. It’s actually pretty annoying because I constantly have to be on guard and joggling between increasing and decreasing the volume. One solution which I have not personally tried but available is the VitaSound TV Sound Enhancer.

The VitaSound helps in reducing background noise while at the same time boosting the audio from the television set. This is ideal for situations where you have to share TV space with other people who may be loud and not really interested in what’s happening on the screen. The VitaSound connects to the television to transmit the audio directly to this little useful gadget. This is also perfect for late night television when the rest of the family or roommates are asleep and you still need some TV time.

The user listens to the TV via headphones. The VitaSound is about the size of your average smart phone and its battery can hold enough charge to last you for eight hours. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the VitaSound. The VitaSound TV Sound Enhancer is available on Amazon for $188. This is also the perfect gift for someone who has difficulty hearing.




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