Intelligent Totem Kitchen Bin – Built-In Organization

More and more North American cities are getting strict on garbage. Garbage that goes into the land fills that is. Where I live, not everything is allowed in the garbage cans and the trucks have cameras so they can see exactly what’s being emptied into the disposal trucks. If you live in a place where everything has to be separated, you might want to consider the Joseph Joseph Intelligent Totem Kitchen Bin.

By investing in the Totem Kitchen Bin, you will be able to get rid of clutter in the house or outside the house depending on where you keep your rubbish. The Totem Kitchen Bin features three separate storage areas for items such as recycling, compost, and regular trash.

The device also features an odor filter so the smell of the food items stays in the trash and not in the kitchen area. If you don’t like clutter, this is one great space saving option which will keep your kitchen more neat and encourage everyone in the family to do their part and dispose of waste the proper way. The part that sucks is that you’ll have to purchase more rubbish bags since there are more compartments but at least you can get biodegradable trash bags.

The Totem Kitchen Bin is available for $239 on Amazon.




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