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What gives with online gambling?

Research just published in the po-faced (not poker faced!) Journal of Gaming Studies shows key differences in men and women’s online gambling. The research found that women tend to have shorter online gambling careers than men, enjoy shorter gambling sessions and, most significantly, feel guiltier about it. Read More →

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All business owners will tell you the same thing – a business never sleeps. If a company of any size starts to rest on its laurels, thinking that they’re successful and no longer need to put in the hard yards, they’ll soon find that competitors that may never have even heard of have evolved and blown them out of the water. Read More →

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If you’re enough of a geek to sweat the detail in the stats and analysis of your chosen sport, then you may well be able to profit through the big betting exchanges. This is because the ability to profit over a long period of time takes patience, perseverance, and analysis. And all this comes easier to those of a generally geekish nature. Oh yes and it also needs the right software. Read More →

The Best Budget Tablet PCs On The Market

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There has been a huge surge in the popularity of tablet PCs over the last year, especially with businesses, those that commute and home workers. Tablets are powerful gadgets that are slim, fast, and built for multitasking. They are perfect for individuals who want to be productive if they are always on the go. If you need to be able to work and play whilst out and about then a tablet PC is the way to go. Read More →

Post image for Need a new TV to Watch the World Cup? Finding The Best Budget LCD TV Deals

The summer has finally arrived, bringing with it warm weather, outdoor activities and whole host of sport. Although we are midway through the World Cup, there is plenty more on offer to enjoy such as Wimbledon and with garden parties and gatherings likely, it is crucial you pick out the best TV for the occasion should you not have one already. Read More →

The Oppo N1: CyanogenMod Edition

oppo n1 cyanogenmod edition

New phones are being released all the time, and though I love tweaking and updating my Android phone, I really don’t need a new one all the time. Read More →

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I’ve always loved watching and participating in sports but, after a visit to Las Vegas a few years ago, I became passionate about sports. The teams I’m watching are my teams and, in a way that’s impossible to describe to someone who doesn’t love sports, when my team wins, I feel great! Read More →

A Geek Visiting London

trocadero center

London is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless its attractions don’t have to be boring or dull. So don’t be afraid geeks, London also has many “geeky” type attractions from game centers to architectural wonders. Whether you are a video game fanatic, a history buff or a comic book fan; London will surely please any visiting geeks who want to experience the city their way. So geeks everywhere, Read More →