Post image for How Animation Movies Became the New Geek Chic

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that kids’ films and adult films were two separate genres; however, the success of witty, knowing features such as Despicable Me, The Lorax, Frozen and Megamind has changed the movie landscape entirely. Family-friendly films have always been popular with Hollywood because their target demographic is so vast, but with their filmic references, dry humor and quick delivery, the new breed of animated features appeal to the geek in us all more than ever. Read More →

Post image for Are Video Games Really More Controversial These Days?

I recently read this great little article about controversy in video games. I’ve been a gamer for about as long as I can remember, so I have a pretty good idea what the last few decades of games have been like. The worlds have grown from simple 8 bit landscapes to sprawling, detailed, living cities and even countries, with no sign of Read More →

Gaming’s Power Over Entertainment

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Video games are the newest, most popular form of entertainment in the digital world. Although they’ve been around for over half a century now, only recently have the once-bleeping formations of pixels forced their way in to the mainstream consciousness, collecting stars and fragging noobs to their hearts’ content. The gaming industry isn’t just a producer of video games these days however; it’s a tastemaker, an investor, an actor with the potential and the will to exert influence over comparatively dissimilar forms of entertainment. Today we live in the age of the game! Read More →

What Cigar Does Big Boss Smoke?

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You want to mold your mercenary lifestyle in the image of your Big Boss, and you can use cigars to take the next step in remaking your image. The cigar culture goes far beyond lighting up in your office or bunk on Mother Base. You can get completely engrossed in cigars in a way that will impress your fellow Diamond Dogs and their superiors. Read More →

Post image for Smartphone Psychology 101: What Your Cell Says About You

In the modern professional world, your image speaks volumes. What you wear, what you eat and what you buy add up to a composite of who you are. And this includes your smartphone. Particularly in the business world, your smartphone can speak volumes about your personality to your employers and co-workers. So, what does your smartphone say about you? Demographic research on three of the most popular mobile phone choices among young people suggests that it could say quite a bit. Read More →

Woax Wearable Artificial Intelligence

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Computing power continues to increase at an ever growing rate, and with that expanding “horsepower,” we’re seeing major advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Read More →

Post image for Becoming an SEO is a Great Job for Geeks…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving activity that requires a wide range of skills, talents, and a knack for engaging in highly disciplined activities in order to be successful. It’s challenging, but can be extremely rewarding for the right type of person. Read More →

Pinch! An Awesome Titanium Multi-Tool

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I’m a real sucker for every day carry, or EDC for short. I’ve got a few little gadgets that I like to carry around to make my life easier. That’s the main thing I’m looking for, utility. Read More →