Why The Geek Chic Look is Making a Comeback

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Yes, the geek look is making a comeback and here’s why. Geek chic is comfortable, flexible, classic, and downright fun! If you are trying to find the best way to wear preppy designs, here are a few ways to make the clothes work for you. From chinos and polo shirts, to cardigans and horn-rims, combine the right pieces to get great geek style. Read More →

3d printer example

Within 10 years, the 3D printer will have become a common household commodity in the UK according to technology research firm Gartner. Read More →

samsung gear vr headset

You know what’s exciting about Virtual Reality? It’s almost here, and it’s going to be absolutely amazing! No, really… it’s almost here. Read More →

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Mobile casinos are hugely popular. The burgeoning popularity of Smartphones has paid dividends for online casinos. Whereas land-based casinos have to rely on traditional clientele, mobile casinos are enticing customers from much further afield. So why are people choosing to play at online casinos? Read More →

slow internet speeds

Less than two decades ago few had heard of the internet, let alone phrases such as ‘broadband’ and ‘fibre optics’ which are now etched into our everyday lives. Such is our reliance on high speed internet that it is a feature of our home and work lives that we have come to expect and, when from time to time the transition between web pages is slow or films and music seem to take an age to download, we pour scorn on the quality of our computer or connection. If your broadband connection is sluggish, there are several quick-fixes you can try before you call your Internet Service Provider for support. Read More →

Using Technology to Make Finances Easier

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Technology and modern advancement exist to make life easier in all facets, including your finances. Using the right tools can make your financial goals easier to visualize, stick to, and obtain. Read More →

backyard office space

In the corporate world, remote access has long made business sense. However, with an average of 5 connected devices in each household, personal and home users are also increasingly demanding a sound solution for accessing information remotely. Whether it’s a question of locating a work document from home or viewing a movie you downloaded on a different device, having control over your PC from afar is becoming ever more important to the user experience. Read More →

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Playing in a casino or bingo hall continues to be valued as a wonderful occasion by millions of people across the world that enjoys their favorite games in the hope of winning considerable prizes. Land-based gambling houses remain the traditional option for punters who not only enjoy the sensation of dressing up and being social with friends, work colleagues and other players, but also play in a luxurious setting that is primed for Read More →