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Look around any modern business and you’ll see a variety of different I.T. equipment in use. We have PCs, whether they’re traditional desktops to mobile devices, servers to support the backend, and this doesn’t even begin to factor in the range of cloud-based services being used. Not every business will have the same needs, though, so here’s a guide on choosing the right products for yours. Read More →

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When vaping was introduced to the mainstream market in 2006, it came without a safety instruction guide. Hon Lik, a medical researcher from China who forgot to take his nicotine patch off his skin one night, invented the first e-cigarette. This smoking alternative was released to the public much trial and error, and wound up containing a plastic cartridge with the propylene glycerol suspending the nicotine solution, a battery and an ultrasonic atomizer. Most e-cigs now utilize a cartomizer instead of an ultrasonic atomizer, which is more user-friendly and work in a more efficient way compared to cartridge/traditional atomizer combo. Read More →

Innovations to Expand Business

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You’ve got a building which requires roughly 10,000 square feet for proper operations. In that building are roughly 200 employees from day to day. Each employee gets a computer, a keyboard, a mouse, a headset, a chair, a desk, and partitions for a cubicle. That’s $1,000 per employee, at minimum. Rent on the facility is $3,000 a month, for this scenario. So establishment of the facility costs you $210,000, roughly, before operations begin. (Included is the first month’s rent plus deposit and an additional $4,000 for service fees or other unpredictable exigencies.) From that point, monthly operations of that facility–excluding employee pay–are going to be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month–you’ll have maintenance, electricity, plumbing, heating, security, etc. So you’re spending $60-120,000 a year, plus $210,000 establishing cost. Read More →

What is Animé?

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Animé has become a worldwide phenomenon. The medium once nicknamed as Japanimation has crossed cultures and become one of the world’s most popular forms of entrainment. Whether it’s the films with amazing animation, the twenty-six episode character and plot driven series or the shows that go one for hundreds of episodes full of popular characters, animé has been pleasing people all over the world for over twenty years and shows no signs of stopping. Read More →

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Do you dream of being a ruthless Viking, raiding, pillaging and killing your enemies? Or maybe you prefer the mighty general in a deadly Spartan army, building battle strategies, outmaneuvering your foes and reigning supreme on the battlefield. Perhaps it’s the open seas you long for and wish to be feared alongside names such as Blackbeard and Davey Jones in your quest for golden treasure. Read More →

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If you are ever in any doubt concerning the popularity of a specific market or trend, you would do well to consult with investors. After all, members of this demographic has their fingers on the pulse of social, economic and technological innovations, while they are also keen to back those that have the most potential and potential growth. Read More →

10 Biggest Data Breaches and Their Causes

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In today’s technological age, there are no two words that make people’s blood run cold faster than “data breach.” While 90% of large organizations in the UK experienced a data breach in 2015, they aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable. Hackers targeted small businesses that year, as well, sending 74% of them scrambling to secure their data. From financial information to personal information and passwords, it seems that everything is up for grabs by hackers. Read More →

What’s the Deal With the E111?

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When applying for a European Health Insurance Card many people will still remember the old E111 form. But what is, or should we say ‘was’, the E111? Read More →