A Geek Visiting London

trocadero center

London is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless its attractions don’t have to be boring or dull. So don’t be afraid geeks, London also has many “geeky” type attractions from game centers to architectural wonders. Whether you are a video game fanatic, a history buff or a comic book fan; London will surely please any visiting geeks who want to experience the city their way. So geeks everywhere, Read More →

Bitcoin – Fad or Long-Term?

bitcoin future of money

It has been a turbulent 12 months for bitcoin. Since its inception in 2009, thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, it has seen exponential growth. The rapid rise of the bitcoin was countered by a so-called digital recession though in the later stages of 2013.

October 2013 saw the FBI make its move on the Silk Road, an online black market mainly used for illicit drug and firearm trades centred around the bitcoin currency. The arrest of “Dread Pirate Roberts”, aka Ross Ulbricht, sent the currency into disarray. The final months of 2013 saw bitcoins value peak at $1135 before falling to $693 three days later. Read More →

The Best Tablets on the Market

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Tablets have exploded in popularity in recent years. Being virtually unknown a decade ago the humble tablet has fast become the most desirable piece of techie kit on the market. These days tablets are commonly seen in every family home, being lightweight, portable and easy to handle in comparison to bulkier laptops. Every year, new model are launched that promise to be sleeker, lighter and more Read More →

Why YOU Should Make Free Mobile Apps

trials frontier

You’re probably wondering what the most frequently downloaded apps are these days, so we checked into the latest statistics on your behalf. Those of you who develop mobile apps know there’s big money to be made (read below–who’d believe how much money an independent developer, @SimonFilip, can make!) as the mobile web continues to expand in flat design glory. Read More →

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Businesses are increasingly dependent on information, and that information has to be stored somewhere. Archiving and retrieving data is a critical business function, since every user depends on storage to get their work done – even if they rarely think about the consequences if the storage were to fail.

Cloud computing has changed the way we access and store data. While data was once stored locally or on a networked server, it could now be stored Read More →

Online Gambling Tips – Things You Need to Know

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Physical casino hotel locations will always remain busy with customers, but online game rooms continue to grow. They offer clients plenty of convenience and bonuses, which physical locations do not. Sign up bonuses are one of the top reasons I join sites such as 888poker, because I get free money just for joining the site, while other offers include things such as matching what you deposit up to a certain amount. If you plan on gambling online anyway, why not get a bit of free cash flow while you’re at it?

Once you get into the world of online poker and online casinos, it can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know which site to use or even which game to play? It’s important to educate yourself and learn the rules of the Read More →

pokemon cards

As a young nerd I grew up as most of our kind do. I had a room filled with books, knew way too much about spiders, and played Poke’mon TCG. As such I was subject to a fair amount of teasing, as one would expect, and a bit of isolation. The isolation didn’t come in the normal “No one would play” with me sort. I mean, yea, no one would play with me, but I also grew up in an incredibly small town. The town is so small that today, some 20 odd years later, we only have 5 traffic lights. Small towns, well they don’t have Read More →

gigabot 3d printer

Since I first heard of 3D printing some years ago, I’ve been following the technology like a hawk. I believe it’s one of those technologies that’s going to change our world for the better. I think that in about a decade, every home will have their own 3D printer for printing out gadgets and gear. But I’m getting ahead of myself…  Read More →