Post image for Focus After the Fact: Why the HTC One M8 Has a Dual Camera

When phone manufacturers first started putting cameras into their phones, many thought of it as nothing more than a gimmick that would fade over time. Obviously this wasn’t the case. It is safe to say that there isn’t a current smartphone on the market without at least one camera, and most usually have two so you can take selfies or video chat. Read More →

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Slowly but surely, smartphones are becoming the “universal” device, to do everything from storing music to tracking workouts. Here we take a look at some of the most popular apps for tracking day to day activity, including a few that’ll be a source of software envy as they’re locked to one platform. Read More →

The Highest Paying Programming Languages

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Computer programming is one of the most lucrative fields. It requires a lot of forethought, and with it, it contains a lot of power in the programs and things it operates. Programming is a flexible field, and it provides diverse applications in the Read More →

7 Uses for iTunes U in a Post Grad World

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When Apple launched its iTunes U app in 2012, it no doubt had dollar signs in mind. Though the app is free to download, it changes the limits of learning online. Teachers can benefit from functionality that makes it easy to create and edit courses from mobile devices like the iPad. Students benefit as well, especially postgraduate students. Read More →

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Computer aided design (CAD) software assists users in relation to modifying, analyzing or creating a design. As the name suggests, CAD relies on computer software to increase the efficiency, productivity and design capabilities of those that use it and allows relatively inexperienced professionals to carry out design tasks to a very high standard. Read More →

Post image for Playing Cards – Game of Thrones and Homeland

With American television series dominating all the awards ceremonies, there is no surprise that more and more viewers are tuning into them. In recent times, the likes of Breaking Bad have ruled the airwaves, but shows from by-gone eras like Twin Peaks and M*A*S*H have blazed the trail for the great American drama. Some of them, like the just mentioned Twink Peaks, will actually be returning to television! Read More →

Green Gadgets That Don’t Suck

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At least once a year – usually around Earth Day – the Internet is flooded with articles about going green with technology. And although those articles come from a good, green place, they’re usually filled with items you’re never going to use. Most people want convenience, style, and affordability. If a product requires you to skip a car payment or to work harder, the likelihood of you using it is very low. Read More →

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A few years ago, I spent a little over a week in Europe. I flew into Amsterdam, spent a few days there drinking beer and cycling around the city, and then proceeded to travel all over the place. I traversed the beautiful Swiss Alps, and enjoyed the food, drink, and edgy bars of Berlin. It was a fantastic experience. Read More →