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At work, there are a lot of factors that prevent us from seeing the true colours of our employees. First of all, we just aren’t there to monitor them 24/7. We might have CCTV cameras, we might receive tidbits of information from our colleagues, and sometimes we might even speak to them. But sadly, if you have more than a handful of employees working under your brand, then you might find it difficult to get any meaningful information about them. Read More →

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We’re living through something of a startup boom right now. More startups were initiated in 2015 than in any other year before that, and the numbers for 2016 and 2017 are expected to be even bigger. Read More →

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With the summer fast approaching, now might be the perfect time to give your home a spring clean. You might have more guests over to your home when the sun is shining, and you don’t want to appear as if you neglect home maintenance. More importantly, your home exists to provide you and your family with a place to relax, but it will fail to be as comfortable as possible if dust lines all your surfaces and your air is unclean. Fortunately, though you can find many top tips online with regards to cleaning, it’s much easier to utilise the professionals who can return your home to its former glory. Read More →

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A lot of small businesses rely on factories overseas to get their work done. For years, this has been the cheapest way to get a product made. But, it’s also had a huge impact on the amount of jobs at home. With no factories for people to work in, a lot of people struggle to find work. So, as a small business, you should be doing everything that you can to stop this. Of course, your power will be limited at the moment. You don’t have to sit around and do nothing, though. Read More →

Do You Need a Tablet or Laptop?

Post image for Do You Need a Tablet or Laptop?

As a consumer, it has never been a better time to invest in portable computers. There is a vast array of tablets and laptops available for your specific needs, but what if you’re unsure of what would be best for you? Both have unique benefits and flaws, so let’s explore what you can expect from each. Read More →

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No matter what niche your business occupies, it’s going to depend on suppliers to turn a profit. Choosing and negotiating with these businesses effectively requires careful consideration of a number of different factors, weighed against each other according to your specific goals and priorities. While different businesses call for different aspects of suppliers, here are a few universal things you need to think about. Read More →

4 Mentally Rewarding Hobbies to Get Into in 2017

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Have you ever wanted to start a new hobby, but don’t know what it is? You can check out these mentally rewarding hobbies for a fun and brain-stimulating year: Read More →

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Do you want to get more out of your employees? Maybe it’s time you sent them home! Do you want to save more money for your business? Maybe it’s time you got rid of your physical office and established a virtual one. Below are some of the best advantages of embracing the digital age and adopting a virtual office. Read More →