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If you know an accomplished scholar who is about to graduate from college or received their degree recently, peruse these perfect holiday gifts that will help them start the next chapter of their lives and congratulate them on their achievement. Whether they’re foodies, music lovers, or travelers in training, you can find the right gift idea this Christmas. Read More →

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The motion detection technology is beginning to be heavily integrated into gaming systems, where it is called a motion-controlled gaming system. These systems allow players to play the games using their body movements, which are usually real actions and gestures that you would use to perform them in your real life. This kind of technology is being developed and perfected with each year passing and it has been incorporated into some gaming consoles, for example, Nintendo Wii, which is best known exactly for its motion-controlled system. Read More →

The Power of Leo Privacy Guard

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The world around technology continues to change and offer users the comfort and privacy they need. The internet and the use of smartphones in the current society have become almost a necessity that most people must have. With the internet in our hands, the world is quickly accessed, and privacy almost gone. Technology has almost taken our privacy, and if one has personal data that they want to keep as secrets, they have to use the new apps in the market. There are many apps in the market offering different services to clients. The new Leo Privacy Guard App is an application that everyone who loves keeping their private life secret should have. Let’s review Leo Privacy Guard and look at what it offers to clients. Read More →

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Lately, it seems as if mobile devices are taking over the online gaming industry. And why not? Playing on tablet allows you play no matter you roam, be it on the train, bus, or while in the car. Read More →

How to Start a Blog Like Geek Extreme

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One of the biggest changes in society over the past few decades has been the emergence of the modern Internet. The Internet has changed the way millions of people go about their daily lives. In the world today the Internet has become the hub for an array of professional and personal activities that people do on a daily basis. Read More →

The Geeky Joys of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the vibrant capital city of the Netherlands. It’s also a very popular tourist destination with people from all around the world. If you’re looking for things to do in this “Venice of the North,” Amsterdam has plenty of exciting choices available to you. The city is home to many high-quality bars, for example. Whether you’re staying in holiday accommodation in Amsterdam proper or you’re resting with a friend on the city’s outskirts, planning a visit to an excellent bar shouldn’t be hard at all. It actually should be a piece of cake. Read More →

6 Most Popular Types of Marvel Games

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A bastion of male-oriented fantasy since the late thirties, Marvel has come a long way since the days of Biblical story adaptations and Casper the Ghost. As the owner and publisher of some of the most well-recognized action hero archetypes in the entire world, Marvel has been particularly strong in lending out its IP to the gamer sector. Here’s what’s hot in the definitive brand for superheroes as of 2015! Read More →

7 Must Do’s When Running a Modern SEO Business

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As a modern SEO business, there are many strategies that can be adopted to achieve high ranking for your clients and help them attract new business. We spoke with Charlie from Kalexiko an SEO agency in Birmingham about top strategies and concepts that should be at the heart of the business model. Understanding how to reach new heights in your business and implementing these concepts will guarantee success. We take a look at them below. Read More →