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Life insurance is an important part of coverage for every individual, but how do you know that you are getting the right package for your money? At Pinnacle Life, they can assist you in getting it right the first time, with their state of the art technology for buying insurance coverage. Read More →

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Many of the budget airlines are now encouraging travellers to pack light by charging for checked hold luggage. However, not all travellers are able to apply this minimalist approach to their baggage needs. Read More →

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There is a long-standing debate among mobile developers. Some consider native apps to be the best choice, for their better use of local resources and decreased reliance on internet access. Others prefer web apps, as they are cross-platform and don’t need to be downloaded and installed from an app store. Whichever was the preference of Royal Vegas’ developer, he had to go with the second variant due to some restrictions in the Play Store. This is why the Royal Vegas app is only accessible through a mobile browser. Read More →

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While Montreal may be known for hockey, croissants, and bilingualism, many within the technology community know it as a hotbed for a specific technology industry. The video game industry is alive and well in the province of Quebec, with many leading studios calling the city of Montreal home to one or more studios. For an explanation of why the city has taken off as a gaming hotspot I spoke with the Founder of Momentum Ventures, Matt Keezer. Keezer has been a part of the technology community in Montreal since he launched his first company in 2007. But first, let’s cover some history. Read More →

Konami Slots, Tips and Tricks

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With the use of Konami slots, you’re able to play the games that you want, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Choose the right top slot app to start playing some of the best games out there. You should make sure to play some of the top slot apps out there, and always make the most use out of them when you’re trying to get rewards. However, what are some of the ways that you can make sure to win when it comes down to using the apps? This is where some of the expert players make sure to give you their insight on what can be done, and how you might be able to win those jackpots. Read More →

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Canada is full of nerds. With many films, television shows, and documentaries filmed across Canada thanks to lower filming costs and generous government tax credits, it potentially makes it a bit easier for the stars of the greater nerd genre to come out for Canadian conventions and events. While there are dozens of conventions across Canada, I was looking for a definitive list of the best ones in the country. To get this list I spoke with JustFly, an online travel company. They dug deep and picked three of their best reviewed conventions in the Great White North and gave a quick look at what to expect this year in terms of high profile guests. Read More →

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Women have a variety to choose from when it comes to buying underwear as they are in different colors, designs, materials shapes. Women will buy lingerie every day as they love the feeling that comes with having sexy underwear beneath their clothes or even when they are going to bed. There are different types of lingerie in the market nowadays having different themes. Men are fascinated with women who wear crazy lingerie. Read More →

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Manchester United stand head and shoulders above their rivals when it comes to Premier League matches played under floodlights, research by the UK’s leading online LED lighting retailer, LED Hut revealed today. Read More →