The “Super-Batman” T-Shirt of India

super-batman t-shirt india

India is an incredible place, full of rich culture, diverse foods, call center operators, and of course – distinct fashion. The people of India have a wide range of traditional clothing from Saris to Kurtus, and yes… even T-Shirts. Like all cultures, we tend to draw inspiration from other cultures, and the Indian people are no exception. You see, they seem to have a thing for super heroes. Just like us, right?

We’ve got Super Man, we’ve got Batman, and we’ve got, uh… Super-Batman? He’s a real thing, okay??! Or at least someone thinks he is, and thus we Read More →

nanolight led bulb

I recently moved into a new apartment, and as I toiled away, hour after hour… organizing hundreds and hundreds of boxes, my mind started to drift off. At first I was thinking about how much I enjoy a fine women’s posterior, and then my mind started to drift back towards more utilitarian thoughts… such as lightbulbs.

Illuminating my organizational adventure was a set of two hideous old CFL bulbs, casting a sickly yellow light on my handsome face. It was unacceptable, and so I started researching new fangled LED bulbs. What I discovered is that most of Read More →

Dead Space 3 Limited Edition “Chief” Watch

dead space 3 watch

I haven’t worn a wrist watch in a great many years now. I believe they’re an outdated piece of technology – one that my phone easily replaces. But not everyone agrees with me it seems, especially our friends from the upcoming game Dead Space 3. In celebration of their backwards, watch wearing ways, Read More →

kindle paperwhite jailbreak

Since the release of the very first Amazon Kindle so many years ago, I’ve been hooked. As an avid reader, I loved the ability to carry hundreds of books on my person in one thin, lightweight device. Never again would I have to drag along heavy books on my travels, or worry about bending and wrecking the pages. I’m fussy about these things, you know?

Since then, Kindle E-readers have only continued to improve, but they’re still plagued with one major issue that Amazon just can’t seem to wrap their head around. Google figured it out, and they prospered because of it, and others are slowly Read More →

walley iphone wallet kickstarter

There’s something I want to tell you… a secret, if you will. I really dislike Apple products. They’re the embodiment of over simplification, and I would take an Android over an Iphone any day of the week. But even as a staunch Android enthusiast, I can appreciate a neat or innovative Iphone related product when I see one. The “Wally” Iphone wallet just happens to fit the bill (pun very much intended).

You see, its not just Apple products I dislike. No, I also can’t stand thick wallets, and tend to carry ultra slim ones like this Wa-Ben Wallet. Phones are getting slimmer and slimmer, so why not wallets as well? In fact, why don’t we simply merge our wallets Read More →

The Raspberry Pi Model B

raspberry pi model b

Perhaps I’m a bit behind the times here, but for those of you who haven’t gotten your hands on a Raspberry Pi Model B, well… get on it, son. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, then read on. I’m about to tell you about a credit card sized computer that you can’t live without. If you’re living without it, you just don’t Read More →

GravityForms Discount Code (stackable)

Had to pick up a copy of this for myself and managed to find a few good discount codes — so here I share.

  • Us this link: GravityForms (opens a new window)
  • Choose Pricing and Purchase from the top menu
  • Use one or more of the following codes:

Gravity Forms Developer Support License discount code:
$50 OFF Coupon code: GFDEV50 (can be stacked with 20% off code)
20% OFF Coupon Code: SEODENVER or GFORMS20 or WOOFORM20

Gravity Forms Single Site Support License coupon code:
20% OFF Coupon Code: SEODENVER or WOOFORM20

Gravity Forms Multi Site Support License discount:
20% OFF Coupon Code: SEODENVER or WOOFORM20

StudioPress Genesis Child Themes

For all you WordPress junkies out there, one of our sister sites just released a child theme for the Genesis Theme Framework called Photo-Genic.  Check them out here or get a look at the demo here.

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