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Exciting news has recently hit the gaming world. Blizzard has released an exhilarating trailer for the new World of Warcraft Movie. Based on the MMORPG World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced this movie more than 10 years ago, so it is about time that they finally get the ball rolling on it. Personally, I think that the decision to create the movie is another attempt to get more people to subscribe to their video game. For a while now, the game has been losing steam, which is to be expected when you are a 10 year old video game. Creating a movie could grow the fan base. If nothing else, a lot of retired World of Warcraft players will watch the movie because they want to see the lore, and that could bring them back to the game. Read More →

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Parents want to homeschool their children for many reasons. Some families move a lot. Some parents want to homeschool for religious reasons. No matter what the reason, a big concern for parents is how much homeschooling costs. Read More →

The Bright Future of Mobile Games

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It almost seems like yesterday when we are all still using flip phones. Mobile technology has certainly taken the world by storm and that’s nowhere more apparent than the ever growing mobile gaming industry. Over the years, we’ve seen a ton of great innovation and extremely fun mobile games become available. There are plenty of extremely talented individuals pumping out some of the most interesting and complex mobile games imaginable. How much longer can this trend of innovation continue? Many people have begun wondering what the future of the gaming landscape looks like when it comes to our mobile devices, so let’s take a closer look at the field and see what lies on the horizon for us mobile gamers. Read More →

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The goal of any developer of free mobile apps is to make money from their product. In order to earn revenue – no matter what kind of app it is – you need to know the most effective ways to monetize the app. When you apply the right monetization methods, success is all but guaranteed. Read More →

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No new Doctor Who episodes until 2018? Dang… this will leave me with nothing but playing at the on the evenings traditionally spent in front of the telly. But there might be something good coming out of the hiatus the BBC series takes. The last time the Doctor took a long pause it returned to the screen more glorious than ever. Let’s hope it can repeat this performance, and regenerate into the exciting and bold series it was in the last 10 years. Read More →

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We do so much digitally these days that it is hard to imagine a time when you would want to use sheets of paper, but the truth is that there are a lot of occasions when printing things out comes in handy – printing paper boarding passes, maps, driving directions and EventBrite tickets is handy, even if you would normally use apps on your iOS or Android phone for that sort of thing. Read More →

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Geek culture gets more and more popular recently. All sorts of fun gizmos are invented daily to prize the hobbies of these crazy people. Each of us has at least one friend addicted to online games, comics and cosplay. If you do not have any, maybe you are the geeky face of the party? There are several main streams, which cause big interest of players. Giant corporations that invent new crazy items to make geeks spend more and more cash to support each of them. What is hot today? Let us see the list below. Read More →

Tips To Avoid Getting Viruses And Malware

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A study was run to assess the amount of malware being released on the Internet and the numbers were staggering. For the past five years, there has been an upwards trend of malware that is present. 600,000,000 different types of malware have been seen in this year, and it is not even over yet. Read More →