The Truth About Facebook: Reasons to Why Facebook Sucks

Why Facebook sucks for your mental and physical health is a question that no one can answer. Some people say that Facebook is a platform that helps unfit people learn how to kill each other through their tongues. At the same time, others argue that it’s a tool that allows for the spread of peaceful protests.

There are many reasons why Facebook is wicked, but one of the most important is it makes it easy for people to share information or pictures that will hurt other people. It’s also known to be dangerous when it comes to criticizing others, as well as being a place where you can’t or don’t want to be heard.

You might hate me, but today I will share all the reasons why Facebook sucks and how you can change your situations in the worst-case scenario. Let’s check out why Facebook actually sucks!

Is Facebook Dangerous For Us?

Facebook is dangerous because it is a platform that is easy for people to share information or pictures that will hurt other people. Additionally, Facebook is scary when you criticize someone and don’t want people to see your message. When you are looking to leave a review or post about a product or service, you should be aware of the risks involved in doing so.

For example, in 2016, Pew Research found that 71 percent of American adults reported being happy with the Facebook platform, up from 57 percent a year earlier. The study also found that people who use Facebook are more likely to feel safe and comfortable online activities. But the fact is people pretend to be happy in virtual life while the real-life scenario is quite the opposite.

The bottom line is that Facebook is an easy platform for people to share information or pictures that they might not like with other people. Plus, Facebook is known to be dangerous when critiquing others. It can be difficult to take people understandingly of the uses of Facebook, which can lead to negative consequences.

Why Facebook Sucks For Your Mental Health

Facebook can be bad for your mental health in many cases.

One of the main reasons Facebook is bad for your mental health is that it’s an accessible platform for people to share information or pictures that will upset other people.

Facebook also allows for the spread of information or photos that are difficult to share without using Facebook. The reason is that people can quickly post pictures of what they’re seeing on Facebook, which then becomes public.

Also, Facebook is bad for your mental health because it is a widespread platform everyone uses. Anyone could contact whoever they wanted, and the chances are you would get the person you don’t want to talk to anyway.

Furthermore, people can post pictures of things that show other people bullying on Facebook. They can post photos of how mean, rude or violent others are to them or others.

For example, I saw someone post a picture on Facebook of a girl getting beaten up by her boyfriend at the mall. The boyfriend was pushing the girl against the wall, and she was crying hard and holding her head in pain.

The friend that posted the photo said: “This is what happens when you don’t pick up your phone every day.”

What this person has posted shows how bad someone being bullied acts horribly to another person because if he had picked up his phone every day, he would have seen this caption.

Another time, I saw someone post a video on Facebook of a total stranger beating up at his school. The guy in question said to the person beating him up – “What do you want from me?” And there was no response after he asked him why he beat him up at school.

It also shows how someone being bullied acts horribly to another person because if he had picked up his phone every day, he would have seen this video and why the attacker did it.  

The only way to stop this would be to stay off of Facebook entirely. Although it’s a good thing to use social media, it can be bad for your mental health if you’re constantly on there and being contacted by random people you don’t want to talk to.

  • The Dangers Of Sharing Information On Facebook

The dangers of sharing information on Facebook include the fact that you’re vulnerable to being hurt. Your picture is being shared without your consent, and people can see what other people are thinking and how they feel.

If you’re important to someone and want to keep things private, you could be at risk for sharing happening. If you’re not sure whether or not Facebook is safe for sharing information, you can try to stay hidden online and use secure online platforms like Google or Reddit.

Another reason is that you can share information on Facebook without getting caught. For example, you could share a picture of your dog while you’re out at the grocery store. After that, you can meet with a warrant for your arrest when you get home.

The following reason is that it’s known as a “red flag” when you share information on Facebook. It is not safe for people to share it, and it’s also possible to cause harm.

For example, when you share an article about a product, you can be in danger of being banned from sharing products that are review-approved. People can share reviews on Facebook, but only if they’re written constructively.

Facebook Sucks When It Comes To People

Who doesn’t want to be heard in the first place? But the Facebook platform is also dangerous for people who don’t want to be heard.

For example, you can see pictures that have been banned from Facebook because they’re found to be insulting or hateful content. Additionally, Facebook isn’t enough of a place for people to be alone, which we need to work on.

Our generation is in our houses, computer-generated worlds, and we don’t have to rely on the real world to communicate with others.

These days, it’s nearly impossible not to socialize online with other people, and most people have a set time for their day of interaction with others through the internet.

If you don’t want to socialize online, you shouldn’t use it. The problem is now we’re more reliant on the internet than ever before because we can get information instantly.

Websites are so simple to use, and you can find the information you want in no time at all!

The downside is that if someone actually makes a video about your status, it will most likely be posted public which thousands of people can view. You have to make sure that you aren’t posting anything that could shame yourself or your family.

Being familiar with these rules will help when going about your day-to-day life without any issues coming up. We need to understand this thoroughly to remain safe.

Facebook Sucks When It Comes To Critical Information

Facebook also sucks when it comes to critical information. For example, if you have an account on Facebook and then close it, you no longer have access to the content that was uploaded to your account in the first place.

It means that if you want to review a book, you must first obtain the author or title provider’s written permission and then write a review. And if you don’t have this permission, your review will be limited to members of the public who cannot see your original post.
If the book provides a link to a social media platform, you can probably find your information there. It will be much harder to review the books when you see the author at MySpace or other online non-social networking sites.

Another example of why Facebook sucks is when someone lodges a dispute on your post so that they can interact with you. It also means that they could have access to all of your personal details, including posts and contact information, if they are deleting the contents of your Facebook account.

It is not uncommon for an author or publisher to lodge disputes with another author accused of plagiarism. There are many reasons why someone wishes to lodge claims that you have plagiarized their work.

However, most people do not like when you have done so and would like to explore legal avenues available under law. It also includes litigation against you and defaming your reputation if it should come to this point.

How To Avoid Being Hurt On Facebook

Facebook is an excellent platform for getting information or pictures that offend other people. It’s also known to be dangerous when it comes to criticizing others and being a place where you don’t see. So, how do you avoid getting hurt on Facebook?

When you are on Facebook, make sure to have a safe area for yourself that people don’t want to see. There are many ways to protect yourself from being hurt on Facebook.

One way is to ensure that your information is private and not public knowledge. Another way is to use a situation to explain that you’re not in the mood for a chat.

For example, post pictures that are not sensitive or picture’s that are never meant to be used. Additionally, use quick and easy ways to protect yourself when you’re online. Another example is using a feel-good app such as Streak to help you sleep at night.

When you’re not online, make sure your computer is turned off, and your phone is in your pocket. Finally, try to avoid looking at pictures of people you’re mad about or chatting about things that you don’t know.

Stop Using Facebook And Go Back To Your Life

When I first joined Facebook, it was a dead show, so people added people daily. After 10-15mins, the twitter feed would be full of updates, so I’d instead prefer that than the slow old Facebook feed.

When my first friend added me on Facebook, I was scared to death because he was a bad guy and used drugs.

So Just make sure you add only good people you know and go back to everyday life.

In Conclusion, Facebook sucks but rests assured as there are many alternatives to Facebook nowadays. You can try WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc., whatever you want. Till then…Stay home, stay safe!




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